Creating An NPC using Clow Cards

So, I noticed that you can create NPCs based off Tarot Cards using the Nine Questions and I figured “Alright, time to test a new idea out.”

Instead of writing up an NPC based of Tarot Cards, I will use Clow Cards. For those who don’t know, Clow Cards are essentially fictional cards used in the Manga/Anime Card Captor Sakura which are similar to Tarot Cards from their appearance to even how they figure into the show (they could, on top of being used for magic, also be used for fortune telling). Most of the images are female characters, so chances are that our NPC will be female as well.

The way I’ll do this is that I’ll use a pretty advanced dice roller to determine what card I’ll use for which category. See, there are six domains that the cards fall in, and around eight to nine cards for each domain. Basically, I’ll first roll a D6, then a D10 + D8 for the card. So, let’s begin.

The setting I’m thinking of is an adventurous setting, full of jungles and dangers a plenty. Artifacts to be found, relics to be stolen, and rivals to beat. Sort of pulp adventure in a sense. With that in mind, let’s get to drawing. Same rules apply, draw three cards for each section.


1. What is the NPC’s role in the world?: The Shot: Our NPC is a hitman who covers as a punk rockstar. He has a cool demeanor, often the hotshot who’s too cool for school.
2. Where is the NPC’s current home or home-base?: The Mist: Our NPC lives in a very shady town covered to the brim in mist with fog horns blaring on a regular basis. It’s here that a lot of criminal activities take place without fear of getting apprehended by the police. While the Mist’s appearance bears more semblance to an Nymph, it’s noted that an alternate appearance is a green fog… that and I was reminded of the movie The Mist.
3. What is the NPC’s signature/unique talent?: The Dash: To put simply, he’s able to run really really fast. Once his mark’s taken out, he’s gone in a flash.


4. What is the NPC’s special knowledge about others?: The Cloud: Our hitman, while known for his speedy kills, is blissfully ignorant of his higher ups. Though, much like clouds in the sky, he has a bird’s eye view on his marks via drones. I decided to take two routes with this one, basing off the image and overall idea of a cloud.
5. What is the NPC’s special item/tool/useful possession?: The Move: Our hitman’s known to call in cargo from all over the world, usually in the form of small, silver canisters that parachute down for him to get. It’s good for when he needs a weapon on the fly.
6. What is the NPC’s true relationship to an ally or organization?: The Fight: He is the enforcer to his cartel. When he isn’t out killing people for money, he is the last line of his city’s defense, taking out anyone who would try to get in the way.


7. What past experience has shaped the NPC’s current self?: The Create: The hitman used to be an author who wound up publishing his book with the help of a vanity press. However, the vanity press was a front for a mafia who kidnapped him and enlisted him to be their assassin. To their amazement, he did better than their expectations, though only because he was quick to discover his book sold badly and he needed the money.
8. In what present situation is the NPC embroiled?: The Change: Right now, our hitman has been going through a bad time. He is asked to disguise himself as a close friend of his mark that had “mysteriously vanished” until now (The Change’s power is to swap people a la Freaky Friday) and he had grown closer and closer to his mark, to the point where he stresses over trying to kill him.
9. What future goal does the NPC hope to attain?: The Through: In the end, he wants out. He always wanted out, even if he didn’t get tasked to take out his latest mark. Perhaps the PCs can help by… persuading his higher ups into letting him go.

So, there we have it. A hitman who may be going under a crisis of change. Let this prove that just about any card system can be used for generating NPCs, even fictional ones.

3 thoughts on “Creating An NPC using Clow Cards

  1. I’m curious about the Clow card images. Is there like a free to use set if I wanted to create an online random dealer for them? I like making litte web toys like that and posting them on my site.



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