Once Upon A Mythic Time: The Knightly Tales of an Assassin

This will be a demonstration for the Once Upon A Mythic game I have created.

I’ll be using and I’ll use the Knightly Tales expansion only. With the size of the decks, I would recommend combining two decks to avoid running out of cards. I will also be using the flash version of the GME.

Let’s begin with our Ending Card: “The herald said it was the strangest joust ever seen in that land.” So a Jousting tournament is set. I will be playing the Knight. Normally you must draw five cards and pick from those five, but due to the size of the deck, I would have gone through half the deck already.

My aspect is Dishonoured, which means my character has committed a heavy sin in the past that brought shame to his reputation. My idea is that he’s an assassin. Dishonoured is an interrupt, and I’ll explain that below.

My three items are a moat, armor, and a relic. The Relic’s an interrupt, meaning if I really don’t like a scene interrupt or random event, I can, at the cost of expending the card, interrupt the interrupt.

My starting place is a tomb and the event that’s going on is a ransoming. And then we get a random event: “Something happens Elsewhere, involving the Assistance of a Stalemate.” This is a remote event, so I’ll draw that. The event is Jousting, so I can only assume that our hero, the Knight, begins here. But first, I gotta ask the GME a question.

Q: Is the Herald being ransomed?


So that determines I got the gender wrong.

Q: Is the person being ransomed a damsel?


So it’s someone else then…

Q: Is it the Knight?


Okay, this goddamned thing needs to make up its mind. I’m drawing from the Character Deck and that will be who is getting ransomed.

Oh look, it was the Herald.

Q: Are bandits holding the Herald for ransom? EXCEPTIONAL YES

E: Resolution of ‘“The herald said it was the strangest joust ever seen in that land.”’: a Delay of the Outside.

Resolving the thread means ending the story, so I’ll discard Ransom, as it’s an interrupt.

Q: Does a new event take its place?


Good. So I scare away the bandits and rescue the Herald. We leave the Tomb. I do gotta say, we did a good job with the first scene. So less chaotic for that scene. Despite the ending of the scene, me drawing the Shrine Card means a scene interrupt.

NPC Action. Persecute Riches.

Q: Is it the Herald?


So the Herald went to the Jousting tournament to rob the rich people, ripping them off of money by giving them cheap entertainment. Obviously, this won’t sit well with me.

I join the tournament and end the scene there. Things didn’t go the way I planned it, so it got more chaotic. We go to the next scene, where I was supposed to fight the Squire for the first part of the tournament, only to find that he was poisoned. Being an assassin, I ask if I recognize the poison used on him.

Q: Does the assassin know what the poison is?


It’s a special kind of poison that makes the person weaker and weaker until twenty four hours pass. Come morning, he’ll be dead.

Q: Does the squire insist they fight?


So now we gotta find out who poisoned the squire and a cure. I exit the Shrine and end the scene there. Things got more chaotic. A scene interrupt ensues as I enter the Tournament Field.

E: Setback to ‘Save the Squire!’: a Waste of Failure

So, I assume that by entering the tournament, I wasted my chance to be in it. I don’t really care. I was gonna fail anyways. But now I’m in the tournament field right now trying to find a cure. I have a really good idea who poisoned the Squire, and I have a good idea how to cure it.

Q: How do I cure the Squire?

A: Oddly Stereotypical Insight involving The Herald.

Yep, knew it. The Herald did it. I try to find him out in the field.

Q: Do I find the Herald?


Damn, he’s not here. Back to the Shrine! End scene. Things went as planned, so less chaotic. I go back in only to get interrupted by this event:

E: Setback to ‘“The herald said it was the strangest joust ever seen in that land.”’: Adversity amid Death.

I automatically figure it’s another assassin who was hired to kill the Squire.

Q: Do we recognize each other?


He’s someone far off. We fight with our swords now.

Q: Do I hit?


R: #1: 6/6

Q: Does that slash kill?


He goes down with one hit. I try to find the Herald.

Q: Do I find him here?


That leaves only one place: The booth at the top, reserved for royals. Ending the scene, I try to find the Herald.

Q: Do guards find me?


Good. I enter the booth and draw my sword. “Herald! Your tyranny ends here!”

Q: Does he flip the f out?


He is prepared for me. He throws a dagger at me.

Q: Does it hit?


R: #2: 2/4

Q: Does the knife kill?


I run up to slash him.

Q: Do I hit?


He takes this as an opportune time to stab me.

Q: Does he stab me?


He misses me. We hit each other and keep missing.

Q: Do I hit?


Q: Does he stab me?


But on that, I manage to steal his knife and stab him right in the throat.

Q: Do I hit square in the throat?


I instead manage to nick his neck, closely missing his jugular.

Q: Is everyone noticing this?


People look up and see me fighting the Herald. I confront him on the squire.

Q: Does he squeal?


And he admits that he hired the assassin to take care of the Squire. Cue a gasp followed by a strong collective boo and tomatoes being thrown at him. Demands of money being given back are made and I take this time to go up to him and tell him how messed up he is.

Q: Do I notice he has the cure?


I don’t even ask why he poisoned the Squire, I just snatched the packet containing what I believe is to be the cure (as an Assassin, I’d probably know what cures usually come in) and stab him in the heart, pushing him off and onto the field. I leave. He remarks that it was the strangest jousting he had ever seen in the land and dies.

I heal the squire and we give the people back their money.

Q: Why did the herald poison the squire?

A: Genuinely Good Grotesqueness

I guess he wanted to kill him for the lulz.

Well, that was a pretty exciting session. Bon voyage, gamers.

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