Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests

I love solo RPGs. I really do. I joined up with a Solo RPG group and got linked to a Solo RPG called Avalon Quests. This is no ordinary Solo RPG as I found out. Basically, it’s Pathfinder but made for a solo gamer. Upon reading it, I… got a little confused with some aspects. But hey, this is why I’m making an Actual Play out of this, so that people will see me struggle with Avalon Quests and tell me where I went horribly wrong. Who knows, maybe I’ll figure it all out in time.

Oh, and let’s spice this up, shall we? I have with me the Mythic GM Emulator to provide even more randomness to this Avalon Quest that I shall partake in. Now, the game advises me to make six characters, but I decided to skimp out a little. See, I made six characters, but only three of them can actually count as such. The other three are their animal companions. And no, only one of the characters’ class features allows them to have the companion. So basically I’m bending the rules a bit. Since they technically count as half the required party of six characters, I bumped their levels up by two. If I discover this unbalances the game, they’re in for a magical debuff.

So, let’s meet our players, shall we?

  • Chesnaught, the Oread Paladin
  • Delphox, the Kitsune Witch
  • Greninja, the Grippli Ninja

Yes. They are references to Pokémon. The Kalos starters do represent the fantasy RPG classes of Fighter, Mage, and Rogue. And yes, their familiars are a hedgehog, a fox, and a frog respectively. And yes, their names are what you think they are.

So, with my characters created, I am ready to begin Raiders of Fortune, the adventure that came with the Avalon Quests I bought.

[Scene Roll: 9]

We begin with someone calling for people to bring him the heads of goblins. So I naturally assume this is a quest for me. [Thread Added: Goblin Heads] I’m going to have Greninja make a perception check. [Perception Roll: 14] And he hears some people discussing about a missing messenger. Naturally, the adventuring trio decide to take the quest. [Thread Added: Missing Messenger] Marking the quest at 05,02 on the hex map (which, by the way, is the first time I ever dealt with hex-based maps), the trio set off on their first Avalon Quest.

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you. It’s only been recently that I’ve gotten into RPGs. I have not done a hexcrawl in my entire life. Reading the book, the colored lines around the hexes represent territories. I think that’s correct, since the colored lines match up with the text that says which general area they are. Right now I’m safe at Kelland. Among the rumours, my party also heard that goblins attacked the town of Vermogen, and they are sending requests for help. [Thread Added: Empty Bellies].

The area where the Messenger went and Vermogen are a sprint away from each other, so I’ll make my decision around 05, 05. I mark that as the place where wish for my party to rest and head off, making a Scene Roll for good luck (Chaos Factor hasn’t been altered, as nothing good or bad happened to the party).

[Scene Roll: 4]

Shit. Scene interrupt right as I leave town! At least I know it’s good.

[Event: 74 = PC Positive (Chesnaught), Meaning: 65, 100 = Attach Information]

So, right as the party leave the town, a member of The Imperial Guard group swings on by and informs him of some information. They say that they heard reports of some goblins carrying a person to their caves [Marked as 08, 02] and Delphox asks the guard if he wishes to join.

[Diplomacy DC = 15. Roll: 19]

The guard accepts the offer, and the level 3 fighter joins our cause, hopefully balancing out the party. We get out of that hex and bump chaos down by one, since things are looking up.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Or not. Another Scene Interrupt.

[Event: 10 = NPC Action (Townsfolk of Hob), Meaning: 1, 28 = Attainment of Pleasures]

Well, it doesn’t stretch any of the imagination that the group come across a wandering brothel. As Chesnaught is a paladin, he’s going to have to make a Will saving throw to overcome his temptations. But first, I wanna ask the Emulator a question.

[Q: Is Chesnaught a new recruit as a Paladin? (Odds: 50/50.) A: 58, No.]

So Chesnaught is a veteran Paladin, meaning that he has his inner demons easily quelled so this won’t be a hard feat.

[Will DC = 10. Roll: 13]

He succeeds the temptation, but I better mark it down on the map that there’s a brothel here. But first…

[Q: Will The Brothel be moving? (Odds: Likely) A: 46, Yes.]

[Q: Will it be going to town? (Odds: Somewhat Likely) A: 40, Yes]

[Q: Will it be Hob? (Odds: 50/50) A: 14, Yes]

The Brothel will be moving to the Hob, so if we want to find them, we’ll be able to get them there. Unfortunately, brothels take time, time we need to spend on saving the messenger and Vermogen at the same time, so I’ll break away from them for now.

Chaos Factor remains at 4, mainly because nothing bad or good happened.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Another Scene Interrupt.

[Event: 87: NPC Negative (The Brothel), Meaning: 58, 30 = Betrayal of Possessions]

Son of a bitch, they were thieves and they robbed us of some gold while we passed by them. I’m going to do something stupid here: I’m gonna split the party. One team will go and attack the thieves [Thread Added: Stop The Thieves], while the other will head to the assigned camping ground.

Team A will consist of Daryl (the Fighter) and Chesnaught, while Team B will consist of Delphox and Greninja. The camping site is just a skip away, so I wouldn’t be seriously screwing people over with this.

Chaos Factor is getting bumped though, since this isn’t going the heroes’ way. We’re focusing on Delphox and Greninja first.

[Scene Roll: 2]

The same number again!? This is pretty wild.

[Event: 44: Move Toward A Thread (Missing Messenger). Meaning: 97, 86 = Transform Hope]

[Q: Transform Hope into Despair? (Odds: 50/50) A: 65, No]

So, there is some hope in the form of the messenger’s horse. Delphox and Greninja found it and it knows very well where the Messenger is being held.

[Q: Will it be willing to give them a ride? (Odds: Very Likely) A: 82, Yes]

The horse complies and allows the group to ride it. And so they head off to confront whoever kidnapped the messenger. Hopefully it’s goblins.

Chaos factor decreases as we head back to Chesnaught and Daryl.

[Scene Roll: 7]

Alright, so this scene will have the group catch up to the thieves. Chesnaught finds them.

[Q: Do they consider stealth? (Odds: Very Unlikely) A: 83, No]

They decide to rush in. I’m giving them a +5 to Initiative because in the perspective of the thieves, Chesnaught running in and roaring about justice might take them by surprise… Actually…

[Q: Are they surprised by Chesnaught’s roar? (Odds: Likely) A: 46, Yes]

Yeah, they get surprised. One last question.

[Q: Is the brothel a two-man job? (Odds: Somewhat Likely) A: 30, Yes]

Alrighty then! INITIATIVE!

  • Harlot’s Husband: 21
  • Chesnaught: 17
  • Daryl: 13
  • Harlot Pickpocket: 11

So the Thug goes first.

[Q: Does the Thug go ranged for his attack? (Odds: Unlikely) A: 55, No and Random Event]

[Event: 41: Move Towards A Thread (4: Beat The Thieves). Meaning: Separate Magic]

The Thug knows that Chesnaught’s a paladin, and so he gets out a special dagger to disable it. Does Chesnaught know what it is?

[Q: Is the weapon a common one? (Odds: 50/50) A: 24, Yes]

[Knowledge (Arcana) DC: 10. Roll… 17]

Chesnaught is aware and he shows it. The Thug’s gonna have to get close and personal. He goes up to Chesnaught and tries to stab him with it.

[Attack Roll… 17, Hit]

[Damage Roll… 5]

The thug manages to cut right into Chesnaught, and now I have to see what sort of magic it disrupts.

[Q: Does Detect Evil get affected? (Odds: 50/50) A: 8, Yes]

Chesnaught can no longer see the evil aura seething from the Thug. Still, attacking a paladin and thieving does make him still evil in his eyes, so on his turn, he’s invoking Smite Evil and attacks.

[Attack Roll… 20, Hit]

[Damage Roll… 18, killed]

Chesnaught, with one swing, manages to cleave through the thug and took him down, dropping his magical dagger, which he picks up afterwards.

Daryl’s turn. He’s gonna try and knock out the Harlot.

[Attack Roll… 26, Hit.]

[Damage Roll… 8, knocked out]

And he clubbed her over the head with a sap and knocked her out. The group won the encounter and gained 300 experience points from the encounter each. They regain 7 gold from them, on top of 7 gold that the duo gained from other exploits.

[Q: Does Chesnaught leave the harlot alone? (Odds: No Way) Roll… 31, No.]

Chesnaught refuses to leave the woman though and volunteers to take her there, while bringing some more back up with him hopefully. [Thread Changed: Escort the Escort] With that, Chesnaught leaves and Daryl goes back to the group.

Pretty much in control of that situation, so I’ll give myself that chaos reduction. Back to Delphox and Greninja.

[Scene Roll: 10, Scene Interrupt]

[Event: 82, Ambitious Event. Meaning: Assist The Project]

As Delphox and Greninja arrive at their camping spot, they noticed a small pile of notes written in Goblin. However, none of them speak Goblin. Daryl is the only one who can, however, because he’d been dealing with Orcs and Goblins enough to know their language.

[Q: Does Daryl get to them now? (Odds: Very Unlikely) A: 85, Exceptionally No]

It’s going to take Daryl at least two hours for him to catch up to them at this rate. They only got so far because of the horse, however, with rest, they’ll wait it out… Or do they?

[Q: Any Random Encounter? A: 93, Nope]

They pass through the two hours rather harmlessly as Daryl reaches them. So now they have to wait for Chesnaught. Sooo… this is gonna take a bit. Speaking of, let’s focus back on him. Chaos Factor is reduced. Oh God, if I reduce this to 1…

[Scene Roll: 5]

So Chesnaught brings the Escort into town. His intent is to bring her into the law so that they can jail her. Upon trying to read up how Hob works as a town, I came across a special quest to do if I were to return to Hob on the fifth day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping track of time spent in game. We’ll save that event for another day, say that Chesnaught has got the escort in jail, and is on his way back.

[Q: Do the guards lend him a horse for taking in a thief ? Odds: Unlikely. Modifiers: 1 Glory. Roll… 64, No]

[Q: Does Chesnaught rent out a horse? Odds: Likely. Roll… 83, No]

CONFOUND THE LOW CHAOS FACTOR! IT DRIVES ME TO DRINK! So he hoofs it to 05, 05 in his moment of stupidity. Chaos scene increases because it should always increase around 2 now… Also he’s inconveniencing the others.

[Scene Roll: 5]

Because of how long they took to get to 05, 05, I’m assuming that it is now night (about 6) and that they’re waiting for five hours.

Let’s roll up some encounters! For the first two hours…

[Q: Any Encounter? A: 77, None]

Next two hours…

[Q: Any Encounter? A: 100, None]

… Well, we’re rolling high tonight. One last hour. I’m using the Avalon tables for this one.

[Q: Have the group set up a campfire? Odds: Very Likely. A: 98, Extreme No]

They’re too busy setting up a Campfire to notice anything. The way for setting up the base for the Avalon Event system is a bit weird. First you have to add up a series of conditions (like if you’re on the road or in the wilderness) and then add in danger/alarm levels. Then you have the total and must roll under it to get an event. Granted, I can add Chaos to the number, but still…

[Event Roll: 4]

Fortunately, I found something to spice the adventure up. Now we can roll on the encounter table. While Kelland doesn’t have much in the department of danger (as indicated by the skulls), I’m gonna give it a +1 for it being at night.

[Event Roll: 16, Wilderness]

Alright, a Wilderness event ensues. Which is the animals that I’ve been wanting all this night.

[Wilderness Roll: 20, 3 Hyenas]

Hyenas! Three of them! … Oh God, what if they’re those Hyenas?

[Q: Are they THOSE Hyenas? Odds: 50/50. A: 72, No.]

Good. Alright, Initiative.

  • Daryl: Natural 20 (23)
  • Greninja: 20
  • Delphox 19
  • Hyenas: Natural 1 (3)

Well, got off lucky. So, Daryl goes first… twice. Daryl goes for one of the Hyenas and attacks.

[Attack Roll… 20. Hit!]

[Damage Roll: 10]

[Attack Roll: 24… Hit!]

[Damage Roll: 13, DEAD!]

Daryl cut one of the Hyenas down and injured another one. Greninja goes for the last uninjured one.

[Attack Roll: 21 and 8. Hit and Miss]

[Damage Roll: 4]

Injuring another one. Delphox does some fire onto the Hyenas.

[Damage Roll: 7]

[Reflex Save: 20. Made it!]

Injuring one Hyena and killing off another. Now it’s the Hyena’s turn… Or rather, it would be, but then another Hyena, a Dire One, steps in and declares his turn. He chooses Delphox.

[Attack Roll… NATURAL ONE!]

Only to be bitten by the Hyena who it interrupted, dealing 4 damage. Now it’s Daryl’s turn. He’s attacking the Dire Hyena.

[Attack Roll: 13… Miss!]

Greninja steps up to the plate.

[Attack Rolls: 7 and 4, both miss]

And Delphox tries her hand at singing… badly.

[Damage: 10]

[Reflex Save: 17… MADE IT!]

So they take half. The hyenas have their turn.

[Q: Do they attack each other? Odds: Likely. Roll… 54, Nope.]

So they decide to attack Greninja, an easy enemy.

[Attack Rolls: 8 and 8. Both miss]

So now Daryl attacks.

[Attack Roll: 17… HIT!]

[Damage Roll: 11]

So after Greninja misses, Delphox tries to bite.

[Attack Roll: 9, Miss]

The Hyenas turn.

[Attack Rolls: 10 and 22, One of them hits.]

[Damage Roll: 14]

And Daryl is bitten and tripped.

[Q: Does Chesnaught come and save the day? Chaos Factor: Very Likely. A: 90… Nope.]

So, to make a long battle short: Daryl drops one of the Hyenas and so does Greninja. By that time, Chesnaught comes in and they all begin to rest, the three of them gaining 660 Experience.

And that’s where we’re going to end this session on. Tune in next time as I discover who’s worth saving, a messenger or the town… I might lean to the latter, since the town’s close by. Chaos Factor’s now 4.

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