Kan Colle Knights

Guys. I don’t know what to say for this.

Do I start with a history lesson on Imperial Japan’s warships before I segue into wacky high-school hijinx? Do I just lay out the premise of this sensation? Or do I just go ahead and play the game? I guess I’ll do all of the above.

The Pacific War has been seen as the final stages to the turning point of war as it introduced the very weapon that will forever define war: the atom bomb. Of course, the war was also known for the theatre of war being dominated in the seas and the skies. Japan’s warships are no exception, as they were fierce, mighty, powerful, adorable, titanic… wait, what? Yeah. Adorable. As in someone had the idea to take the warships and turn them into human girls. Okay, I know I can just end it with “Oh, Japan”, but to be frank, that’s an overdone joke.

The Kantai Collection, or Kancolle for short, is a game where you play as the admiral of a fleet of girls reincarnated from the very warships that served Japan’s army during the Second World War as you take on a monstrous army of ships and aircraft called the Abyssal Fleet. Of course, hardships are common as you will have ships sink, tears shed, and blood spilled. It’s a pretty popular franchise and it has even been given a tabletop RPG adaptation.

But what makes this featured on this blog site is that it is able to do solo. Yes. Solo Ship Girls. So, for those keeping track, I did a World War I RPG so now it’d make sense for me to do a World War II RPG. Which would also mean I’ll do a Cold War RPG at some point in the near future. Wonder what theme what would entail…

The game begins by picking out our ships. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to provide character creation rules. I’m trying my hardest to do research, but I’m ending up with nothing. The closest thing I got is this post detailing a bit of how it works. Though that said, the game provides tons of girls for me to use and I can choose up to three. So, let’s pick them out, shall we?

… Thirty characters and I have not the slightest of ideas who to pick. My gut instinct tells me to pick out the characters I know from the show, so Nagato, Fubuki, and Kongou (because there’s no Mutsuki or Kisaragi in the list), or pick characters with traits I can see combining well. Because of the fact that I’ve only seen about an episode of Kancolle (okay, two episodes, but I skipped a chunk of both episodes), I’ll go with option B.

We’ll be going with an all-battleship army of three, since Battleships are the best ships in the vessel, that and I get to say “you sunk my battleship!”

Yes, this anime can get emotional at times.

… Too soon? Well, as it turns out, there are three Kongou-class Battleships… One of them is named Kongou. Yes. Don’t look at me, I don’t make up the names. To be fair, this is based in Japanese history and there really was a naming scheme where a group of similar ships would be named after one of them, so you have Kongou-class ships, Nagato-class ships, Fubuki-class ships… Etc.

The way traits work in the game is pretty interesting. Instead of working off stats to do rolls, you use traits for task resolutions. How this works is that there’s a chart and your character only has up to five traits. When you’re asked to make a task resolution, it will be based off a certain trait. Your job is to find out how many spaces on the chart your closest trait is to that trait, and that will be your set DC. On top of this, there are defect traits that are bad for your character. They don’t end well. I really want to play the game just to test this out. But for now, here are the traits my group has: Continue reading