Let’s Play With Fate Solo

Confession time. I have never played Fate. At all. I picked up the Accelerated version for dirt cheap (compared to other RPGs) and I was interested in playing it. But, it never came. Then, the Solo Roleplayer came out and with it, Fate Solo. Now, I can play Fate and have an Engine built exclusively for the system.

The thing is, which setting to play in. For those not in the know, Fate is a universal RPG, meaning that it can be applied to any kind of genre, story, and what have you. Fortunately, Evil Hat has provided several settings for me to play in. Enter Save Game, the closest thing we’re getting to Wreck-It-Ralph: The RPG. While it has a nice campaign story, I have been meaning to play out my own little scenario that for some reason my brain dreamed up, in which I get into a theatre to watch Wreck-It Ralph, only to find this plot instead of the movie’s actual plot.

The basic gist? Disney vs. Warner Brothers. It goes on to be a bit more complex than this, but basically either Daisy or Peach from Super Mario Bros. gives birth to Mickey Mouse, who, because Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney film, is essentially Jesus Christ. Everyone’s rejoicing and being happy, then Bugs Bunny steps in, and since he’s Warner Brothers’ main mascot/JC, he declares war on the Nintendo/Disney characters because of blaspheme.

Yes. My subconscious thought of this. And I can never understand why. The only thing I can do is try to bring closure to the dream, as the dream ended with me actually reading someone’s actual play of this exact setting. I figured I might as well invoke a self-fulfilling prophecy and do it myself. So, let’s play a game in which the plot seems to feel more like a Robot Chicken sketch than an actual Disney Movie.

But first, I need to create my character. My idea is that he’s a hapless video game character who, by the end of this session, will decide whether to side with Nintendo/Disney or Sony/Warner Brothers. I’m going to follow the creation rules of Fate Solo, which is basically “beef up your character like no tomorrow”, so I will put up his Sheet for those interested. First, we do Aspects.

After looking through the examples, I figured out what High Concept I’d want: Cyborg Soldier, a sort of mesh between the Space Soldiers of Halo and the Tech-based Soldiers of Titanfall. His Trouble is that he’s not a playable character, but rather an NPC with a set AI personality (“kill the player”) that he’s trying to override but still succumbs to from time to time. In short: AI Is A Crapshoot. Next are my skills. His Goal Aspect will be related to this: A Whole New Paige. His fourth and fifth Aspects are as follows: Between Two Worlds (Reflecting his stance in the Disney/WB Conflict) and Fugitive from Haloid (reflective of his backstory). I will also add Advanced Heart-Rate Seeking AI for my sixth Aspect, since it reflects Paige’s backstory as well.

I guess I’ll do the Phase Trio.

Haloid is the newest FPS game from Funco Industries. The game boasted to have intelligent AI that senses the player’s heart rate to gauge adrenaline, fear, and even health. The game got major controversy when it’s revealed that the AI was stolen from the National Institute of Mental Health and modified to identify heart rates instead of brainwaves. Funco was shut down, but not before Haloid got a cult following.

Aspect Gained from this: Advanced Heart-Rate Seeking AI.

In it, players play a gunner that they can name themselves and even assign gender to. They are assigned to infiltrate the HQ of Zaplas Corporation headed by an alien race whose leader is played by famed celebrity Sean Bean. No need to guess what happens to said alien leader. However, Zaplas is protected by mooks from both human and alien origins. Paige was just one of the countless members to confront the gunner. However, he was the only one to be spared, as the person playing the Gunner at the time was rushing it. He wound up escaping the world of Haloid, but now the Gunner is turning their guns to him as the last surviving member of Zaplas.

Aspect Gained from this: Fugitive from Haloid.

Out of the game, Paige wandered the worlds looking for a job. However, this was not long after Mickey Mouse’s birth and the declaration of war from Bugs Bunny. As such, he fell into a war Between Two Worlds. Paige just wants to be left alone. He doesn’t wish to be in any such war. But, he must run. Run for the rest of his life.

Aspect Gained from this: Stuck in a War Between Two Worlds.

Seventh will be filled during Gameplay. Now onto Skills.

  • Superb: Shoot (He’s tasked with shooting a gun, so it’s naturally his best skill)
  • Great: Run, Jump
  • Good: Punch, Sneak, Item
  • Fair: Block, Taunt, Chat, Spot
  • Average: Fix, Wreck, Respawn, Idle, Kick

The Save Game only provides eleven skills, so the last four I had to improvise. Next are stunts. Fate Solo tells me to do two more than what Save Game is giving me.

  • Trick Shot: Unlocks “Overcome” for the Shoot Skill.
  • Suppressive Fire: Unlocks “Defend” for the Shoot Skill.
  • Run and Gun: +2 to attack with Shoot Skill if the previous success was a Run skill.
  • Fastest Gun in Space: Always take the first action in this conflict.
  • Quick Time Event: +2 to attack with Shoot Skill when involved in a one-on-one duel.

Alright, let’s put it all together into a character sheet.

And here's my character sheet!


And now, we begin… But where? First, I’m going to roll 1d100. If it’s fifty or below, I’m in a Nintendo game, but if it’s over, I’m in a Sony game. Let’s rolling.

[Roll: 80]

Alright, Sony World. Now to decide which game. I’ve compiled a chart of common Sony video games that my character would wind up in. Let’s roll it up and see where I land.

[Roll: 13]

I’m in the MediEvil World. I’ll start the game off simple.

Word has spread to the town of Guilloshire that the evil sorcerer Zarok had taken over Gallowmere. Villagers panic and worry about it, but a rooster manages to calm them down.

“Now I say, I say, Zarok’s gonna be taken care of! We just have ta band together!” Foghorn said.

[Charisma Check: 0, Mediocre]

The villagers start to mumble. Some are unconvinced at Foghorn’s support. One person walks among the crowd. A man in gray armor stood among the crowd. The gray armor stood out from the crowd in the sense that the cybernetics and high-refined steel made it more like it’d be in space than in a village.

[Question: Does someone spot him? Odds: Good. A: -2. No +]

Now, the + to that No means that the answer plays to my advantage. Of course I don’t want to be seen, I’m just traveling about and don’t want to get involved in the fight. I can stay in the crowd undetected. With that, there a new Situational Aspect: Hidden in the Crowd. I’m going to ask the oracle a random question.

[Question: Is there an assassin in the crowd? Odds: Even. A: -2. No]

Alright, it was safe to ask because I felt reminded of Assassin’s Creed. So, situation so far: not a lot of people are signing up for Foghorn’s recruitment. I’m gonna roll a Sneak check, as I can easily bypass the crowd. This will be against Foghorn Leghorn’s Spot though, and given how he has the job of being the rooster of the farm, he’s gonna have a Fair spot ranking.

[Conflict: Good Sneak vs. Fair Spot. Roll… 1 vs. 1. Tie.]

The man in armor sneaks out of the crowd, though for a split second, he could feel like Foghorn Leghorn began to look at him. However, it seemed that several people have begun to volunteer at the same time you were leaving. He’s gonna need one more sneak to get out.

[Conflict: Good Sneak vs. Fair Spot. Roll… 2 vs. 1. Success, one shift.]

He gets away just as Foghorn begins to recruit the newcomers. Now that he’s out, there was one thing Paige wants to do: get out of Guilloshire as fast as possible.

[Q: Would Foghorn Leghorn be too busy to pay attention to anyone out of the crowd? Odds: Great. A: Yes]

He gets out undetected.

And that’s the end of that scene. Now would be a good time to do some upkeep of threads and NPCs.

  • NPCs: Zarok, Foghorn Leghorn, Recruits of Foghorn Leghorn, The Gunner
  • Threads: Get out of MediEvil, A Whole New Paige

Now to do a scene roll. For those who haven’t seen my post, basically I roll 2 Fudge Dice, and if they’re the same, I get a random event.

[Result: -1, No Event]

Alright. So, I guess we’re now out in the fields.

[Question: Does Paige get ambushed by a monster? Odds: Even. A: 2. Yes]

Suddenly, zombies!

As the man got out, he breathed calmly to himself. That’s when he hears the rasping of a zombie.

This game heavily encourages scene placement, so let’s have it be in a forest (The Trees Speak For Themselves) within a stone’s throw from Guilloshire (Just By The Town). Now that we got that settled, I say initiative is in order. I’ll base this off their Run skill. These zombies don’t go by modern zombie rules so their run isn’t that good, though they can still keep up the pace, so their rank is Average. So I get the first move, since Initiative in this is comparing skills and seeing which one is better. If it didn’t, my Fastest Gun in Space Stunt would have activated.

Obviously, I’ll shoot at them. The common defend option for shooting in game is jumping, but since they’re zombies, they get disadvantage in the form of -2.

[Conflict: Superb Shooting vs. Terrible Jump. Roll… 6 vs. -1. Success, five shifts]

[Question: Are there five zombies? Odds: Even. A: 3. Yes +]

Paige fires upon the zombies and wipes them all out. Paige smirks and feels like he is just getting warmed up.

He completely killed all the zombies and gain five coins for it. For this, he gets a new Situational Aspect: Killstreak. It’s a temporary aspect and it reflects that whole multiplier thing where you do so good that the score increases tenfold. Think Devil May Cry. Basically, he can take on anyone for about five minutes. Speaking of…

[Question: Does someone approach Paige? Odds: Even. A: -1. No +]

Although, I just remembered that he’s Just By The Town, so that’ll be a compel that I will take and with it, a Fate Point. Now I get to pick which NPC notices me.

[Roll… 1]

Crap. It’s Zarok.

Suddenly, an old mage came up to Paige.

“You are not from around here, aren’t you? No matter… You will fall like the rest.” The mage waved a staff and summoned several skeletons from the grave.

The skeletons move a little faster, but because the initiative is comparing the skills instead of rolling, I still go first. Zarok, however, goes before the skeletons. I’m gonna try my Shoot at Zarok, who will use his Fantastic Magic to defend.

[Conflict: Superb Shooting vs. Fantastic Magic. Roll… 6 vs. 4. Success! Two shifts.]

I’m gonna spend my Fate Point that I got from the compel to invoke the Killstreak aspect I got so that I can add the result by 2 and deal some more damage via the rank shifts. So dealing about four damage. That’s gonna hurt for someone who has about seven hearts. Which makes me wonder…

[Q: Will Zarok concede? Odds: Good. A: No]

The gunman fired at Zarok, only for him to block the bullets with his magic. However, the bullets were launched so fast, that a few of them managed to hit him. Barely standing up, he blasts a fireball towards Paige.

Hm… I have a couple of options here… I can use shoot to do suppressive fire, but I doubt that shooting at a fireball will work that much. What I am going to do is much different: I’m going to run into town, let the people getting ready for battle know that Zarok is on his way, and then leave them to fight while I pick off Zarok from afar. But, that will require me beating his Magic with my Run, which I can’t use to defend. I’ll, instead, use Jump to get over the fireball, fight off the skeletons, then run back to town, using what resources I have to turn the town on Zarok.

[Conflict: Great Jump vs. Fantastic Magic. Roll… 4 vs. 8. Fail, four shifts]

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. So, from what I gather, the Stress boxes in Save Game work differently. I have about six hearts total (1 plus my highest ranked defend skill, in this case Shoot) and that took four from me.

[Q: Will Zarok chase me if I concede? Odds: Poor. A: No +]

The Killstreak aspect is gone and in its place is a Moderate Consequence known as Streak Killed. I’m allowed to concede without taking damage, but be forced to take the consequence. Basically until I get this fixed, I’m gonna be pretty hesitant to pick a fight. I can only hope I can turn this around.

The fireball hit just at Paige’s feet, which scared him and drove away any resolve he might have had prior to the confrontation.

“You are just a weaking. Run off with your tail between your legs.” Zarok left soon after.

Zarok freely invokes the Streak Killed consequence to discourage me from taking a clean shot. I’m still going through my plan of going back to town though. End of scene.

  • NPCs: Zarok, Foghorn Leghorn, Recruits of Foghorn Leghorn, The Gunner, Zombies, Skeletons
  • Threads: Get out of MediEvil, A Whole New Paige, Defeat Zarok

Scene Roll.

[Result: 0 (+ and -), No Result]

Paige ran out of the battle and into town. He fell over.

[Q: Have the army started to mobilize yet? Odds: Even. A: No +]

Unfortunately, he’s Hidden In The Crowd still, so I’m taking a compel/Fate Point and make the difficulty of someone finding me a Fair challenge. I’m not gonna try to stealth, since I want someone to notice me. Foghorn for starters. He’ll need to beat a mediocre.

[Spot Check: 1]

As Paige tries to get up, Foghorn Leghorn was too busy looking to his recruits]

[Q: Is he just allying the armies together to attack a Disney-or-Nintendo-related Army? Odds: Great. A: Yes –.]

Oh Crap. He’s gotten them Riled Up.

“Now I say, I say, that Zarok must have gotten magic lessons from that mouse! Our first order of business is to go strike back! We’re close by to Beast’s Castle! Mount up! We ride in five minutes!” Foghorn said. It didn’t seem to take long for him to rally up the troops.

Should have known that in this setting, they’d take any excuse they can get to scrounge armies up for their war. Well, I should interfere and tell Foghorn that I found Zarok and if they follow me now, they can come and kick his ass.

I come onto the stage.

[Q: Does Foghorn approve of this? Odds: Terrible. A: No.]

Paige gets onto the stage.

“Now, boy, you best get off this stage now, ya hear? We’re going about some important business here!” Foghorn said.

“Using obvious scapegoats isn’t what I call important business.” Paige said.

BUUUURN! Alright, alright, I gotta see if I’m winning over the crowd. I’m gonna use Chat to see if I can create an advantage. DC being Fair.

[Chat Check: 2]

The crowd began to wonder what Paige was going on about. However, some were still considering waging war against Mickey Mouse.

“I know where Zarok is! He’s not far! If we hurry, we can get to him and save Gallowmere!” Paige said.

[Chat Check: 4]

The crowd began to get Riled Up but not to fighting in the war, but towards fighting Zarok. The people began to cheer and beg Paige for Zarok’s head.

“FOR GALLOWMERE!” They roared. Paige walked off.

[Q: Does Foghorn approve of this? Odds: Terrible. A: No +.]

“Boy! You must be part of them no good Disney people, aren’t you?! You’re tryin’ to dissuade these people from fighting the true enemy!” Foghorn said to Paige.

Paige turned around and gave his rebuttal:

“I do not fight for Disney, but I will not fight for you neither. I fight for myself.”

[Conflict: Fair Chat vs. Fair Chat. Roll… 5 vs. 4. Success, one rank]

And with that, Paige leaves with his newfound army, ready to liberate Gallowmere from the harsh hold of Zarok.

And because this never happened in the entire session, let’s end it on a random event.

A negative thing happens to an NPC [which will be Foghorn Leghorn] that leads to the creation or advantage of something.

With that, Foghorn Leg sighs and laughs.

“Y’know what kid, you’re right. Let’s go save ourselves Gallowmere! I was getting’ tired of doing that propaganda anyways.” Foghorn Leghorn said. He followed Paige as well…

And we end it there. Paige’s aspect Stuck in a War Between Two Worlds is changed to I Fight For Myself, we gain new allies, and we have a clear goal for next session: kill Zarok. I kind of liked this system. It’s easy to get into and you can have lots of fun with the Aspects. The Fate Solo system was also fun, especially when I incorporate an in-my-head rule of creating an Aspect/Complication for each +/- answer I get.

Well, that’s all the time I have today. Bon voyage, gamers.

  • NPCs: Zarok, Foghorn Leghorn, Recruits of Foghorn Leghorn, The Gunner, Zombies, Skeletons
  • Threads: Get out of MediEvil, A Whole New Paige, Defeat Zarok
  • Fate Points: 6

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