Greek Titan World

Alright, now I really wanna try a World RPG, like Apocalypse World or Dungeon World… but I have no idea what to play. There’s quite a few options. However, one premise separates itself from the rest of the RPGs powered by the apocalypse.

Long ago, the world belonged to humans. Those days vanished, however, when the Titans came. […] Before long, humans had been pushed to the brink of extinction. Now this world belongs to the Titans.

Why does this interest me? Well, it’s because when I think “the world belongs to Titans”, I don’t think the Anime or the Manga. Hell, I don’t think of the Titans depicted in either media. I think of the classic Titans. You know the ones I mean.

Behemoths that ate their children to ensure that an age-old prophecy was denied. Goliaths who carried the world beneath their shoulders in penance for their crimes. Fallen Gods who had given humanity their first light before being continually eaten away. A pantheon before the classic Pantheon took over. I’m of course talking about the Greek Titans.

Funny story, I first thought the show was basically “Greek Mythology + Metal Gear Rising”. So much like how I turned Kancolle into more of a crime-centric story, I’m giving Attack on Titan a bit of a mythological spin. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s play Titan World.

This leads me to a bit of a predicament of which RPG engine to use. I have decided that I will roll between the six engines I have used so far (discounting Oculus due to the unique viewpoint system) to determine what RPG engine will be used. This will be paramount to all RPGs I will do sessions on in the future save for ones where I have predetermined it or sequels to sessions I have done before.

For future reference, the chart to show which engine is used is as follows:

  • 1 = CRGE
  • 2 = Epic
  • 3 = Fate
  • 4 = Mythic
  • 5 = Poet
  • 6 = TSS

Alright, and with that, let’s rollin’!

[Roll: 3, Fate Solo]

Ah, an interesting choice. Especially since the Advantage/Disadvantage system is based somewhat on Fate’s own system. Now, let’s make our character. But first, allow me to run you through a bit of Titan World’s rules.

The rules are simple. Roll 2d6, add your attributed stat to it. You want to aim for anything over 10. Anything after 6 is good, but 10 and over gives you a nigh-crit. While most 6 and under results are bad, it’s when it comes to saving your friend from a Titan or saving yourself from a Titan that is grisly. 6 and under are pretty much instant death. Heck, scoring a 7-9 on saving your friend results in you getting killed instead.

However, this makes sense considering the deadly nature of the show. Heck, the “save your friend at the cost of your own” result is actually a scene from the show. However, you have Luck, so if you get in a real jam, you can just get out of it alive. Still, I give the guy who made this RPG props. Double props for the classes.

See, there’s a horde of classes called “The Rookie” class. They don’t start out with any neat moves or anything, but instead start out at level 0. They don’t even get a full name or a backstory. The only thing they have is one goal “survive your mission.” Which, considering the nature of Attack on Titan, is very, very unlikely. For those who have seen the show or read the manga, you know what I’m talking about. When you do survive the mission, then you get to pick out a class. Though, that is if you start out as a Rookie.

You can pick a normal class just fine, and there are five classes to go around, each filling a different role. You have the Naturals, high-flying extraordinaires that soar in the air, Warriors, high-trained killers who specialize in the murder of Titans, the Tacticians, people who think better than they fight, the Leaders, people who can rally up the weaker-willed people when shit hits the fans, and finally the Shifters.

You guys ready for what the Shifters are? Well, you know how the RPG premise was ‘The world belonged to Titans’? Well, as it turns out, a select few humans are able to be Titans at will. Kind of like a twisted version of Ultraman. This… is a very interesting premise, even if I had not watched or read AOT, but I’m not gonna use this class as my PC. Instead, I’ll use The Warrior, if only because this set up:

The war against the Titans is a business, and humanity’s primary export is murder.

Just sounds perfect for a plot hook. Let’s get the character readied.

  • Agility -1
  • Execution: +2
  • Awareness: +1
  • Discipline: 0
  • Rage: +1
  • Luck: 2

And let’s go for Leonhard Cain for the name. Now, let’s ask our first question.

[Q: Is our hero hired for this assignment? Odds: Even. A: Yes -]

It’s dark inside the warehouse. The sound of rats and the muffled cries of a child filled the room as a cold, grizzled person with a scar running down his left eye sat on the crate, fixing a glare towards a man in a suit who held a small girl with brown hair, the same kind of brown hair that the man, Leonhard Cain, had.

“So… you called me?” Leonhard asked his employer.

“Yes. There’s someone I want you to kill.” He said.

“And what do you have to pay for it? Nothing if you’re resorting to extortion.” Leonhard could hardly keep his hands from the handle of one of his swords.

“I wish I had the money to pay, but it seemed my business is getting… reduced. Imports haven’t been coming in recently, and I suspect that someone has a hand in it.” He said.

“Then you could have asked me to whack the guy and we would have made a deal. You know what I do to men like you who tick me off?” Leon’s hands let loose and gripped the handles.

What I’m doing is technically an advanced move, a move I don’t have access to until later on when my character levels up, but I figured it’d be appropriate for this guy to use it now. It’s called Intimidate, and basically it does exactly what it says: scare a guy into helping you. Alright, let’s roll it up.

[Intimidation Check (Execution): 14]

I criticaled! So… I guess I go for the most extreme result?

The man in the suit let go of the girl and pushed her. She ran off to her father as he let go of his blades.

“I’m glad we can come to an agreement. Don’t do something that stupid again.” Leon said.

“I promise! Now, the mission…” The man got out a briefcase and opened it, revealing papers detailing the docks. “A few days ago, people have reported sightings of a giant tidal wave crashing in the middle of the night.” He showed a picture of the docks before and after the tidal wave, with various differences, the obvious being total destruction in the after shot. “A day after that, people located a shipwreck over by the west coast. My ship… I’m a fisherman who hires out others to help double the workload. Then we sell the fish at the market.” He showed the wreckage. “They say it’s the tidal wave, but I fear it’s not that…” Leon could recognize the marks where the ship was damaged. Like someone who took a sledge hammer to a tree… Leonhard knew what caused it.

“You want me to kill a Titan.” He said.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“My pay doubles with jobs like that, and like hell I’ll let you touch my daughter for a second time.” Leon said.

“O-of course! You get a cut of the profits for the next month!” The businessman said.

“These are Titans you’re asking me to kill. Let’s get that clear. A simple pay check isn’t gonna convince someone to jump off a bridge, so neither would a small cut to kill a Titan. I get a cut of the profits for the next year.” He said.

“I-I can’t afford that!!!” He said.

“Then I guess you’re gonna have to pray and hope that this Titan eats me.” Leon smirked. He took his daughter by the hand and led her away. “Come along, Lena. Daddy’s going to prepare for a trip.” He said.

End of scene… That turned out better than I thought.

  • Thread: Kill the Titan
  • NPCs: Fishy Businessman, Lena

New Scene.

[Scene Roll: +, -, no scene event]

The waves crash against the wood of the docks as Leonhard walked towards the wreckage as close as he could before he was stopped.

“And what are you doing here?” A man dressed in a brown police uniform asked Leon.

“I was just looking at the docks…” Leon said.

“Well, I don’t think it’d take a genius to know that the docks are closed! It’s not safe, y’know?” The officer said.

I’m gonna make an Awareness check to see if I can get somewhere with my gear.

[Awareness Check: 7]

Leon could see a building that’s intact, having a large sign that looks perfect for hiding behind.

“I understand sir.” He left.

Now, I’m gonna try sneaking.

[Agility Check: 8]

Okay, I’ll interpret that I managed to sneak off, but I run the risk of being spotted. I’ll roll Awareness.

[Awareness Check: 8]

[Q: Is the person who saw me a cop? Odds: Good. A: No ++]

Leon snuck behind the building, but when he turned, he saw a kid standing there, watching him.

Discipline to calm the kid and keep him from ratting me out.

[Discipline Check: 10]

“Sssssssh…” Leon said as he shot a grappling hook that landed on the edge of the building. Leon rappelled onto the building with effective speed. With another hook, he skidded across the roof…

[Stealth Check: 6]

And just as he skidded across, the police could see him.

“H-hey! Stop right there!” They run into the building and work their way up. Leon sighed.

“An assassin’s work is never done…” He readied his swords.

End scene, since I feel like next scene will be a bit of a battle…

  • Threads: Kill the Titan, Investigate The Docks, Hold off the Cops
  • NPCs: Fishy Businessman, Lena, Police, Little Kid

[Scene Roll: Blank, +]

A minute passed as the officer entered the roof.

Alright, time to attack. I’ll do Rage to soften him up before landing the killing bow with Execution.

[Rage Check: 6]

A hook flew to him, but the officer dodged in time to grab the hook and pull Leonhard towards him.

Alright, I’m gonna use that as momentum to land the killing blow.

[Execution Check: 4]

Well shit. I critically failed and I got myself beaten by the police.

The officer clubbed Leon just as he was about to strike.

[Q: Does the cop kill me? Odds: Poor. A: No +]

Leon’s vision went black.

No. I’m knocked out and just apprehended for questioning. Next scene.

  • Threads: Kill the Titan, Investigate The Docks
  • NPCs: Fishy Businessman, Lena, Police, Little Kid

[Scene Roll: +, -. No Scene Change]

I’m gonna ask a private question before I continue.

[Q: ???. Odds: Even. A: No +]

Leonhard awoke to, not a smack to the face, but a tap on his wrist.

“Wake up.” Leon’s eyes opened to see one of the officers staring to him. “What the hell do you think you were doing?” He asked.

I’m gonna try Discipline to see if I can keep it together and not spill the beans.

[Discipline Roll: 6]

Leon tried to make an excuse, but realized that it was futile. The best way was to tell the truth.

“I’ve been hired to take out a Titan who may have been responsible for the damage done onto the docks.” He said. The officer simply smiled.

“Well, why didn’t you say so… We’ve sealed off the area because we too were suspicious of the cause of the wave.” The officer said.

[Q: Would they know about Shifters? Odds: Terrible. A: No +]

“We dismissed the cause being Titan-related given how they’re more driven to eat humans than destroy property. Why did the person you hired think a Titan did it?” The officer said. Leon noticed he’s unbound, though without his gear. He simply hands the photo he got from his employer over to the officer.

“The destruction caused onto this ship happened the same night as the tidal wave. Note the marks.” He told them.

[Q: Does the officer notice something Leon didn’t? Odds: Even. A: Yes]

“Hm… That’s interesting.” The officer looks to something on the paper. “Look on the side of the ship.” He showed the photo, showing the symbol of an anchor with a fish passing through it.

“I presume that’s the business that my employer runs.” He said.

“I presume so. We had a bit of trouble with this group and a rival business the other day. A bit of gang violence, but we handled it. The economy’s weak nowadays, and it seemed people are willing to draw blood from the competition in order to get good profits.” The officer said.

“Hm… So what you’re saying is that someone must have sabotaged their ship and make it look like a Titan did it.” Leon said.

[Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

“Yes, but I highly doubt that’s all there is to the story. Let’s approach this business’ place and do some… interrogation.” He said.

End of Scene. By the way, the private question would be if the officers were covering for the perp. If it was yes, this would have been played completely differently.

  • Threads: Kill the Titan, Investigate The Docks
  • NPCs: Fishy Businessman, Lena, Police, Little Kid, Officer Partner, Rival Business

New Scene.

[Scene Roll: – -, Scene Interrupt]

Oh SNAP! Now we get good!

A Positive PC Event, a Negative NPC Event or a Negative Thread Event happens that leads to the destruction or disadvantage of something.

Hm… I think I know what will happen. Warning, this is gonna get graphic.

As Leonhard and the officer ran forward to where the rival business would be in the market place, equipped in their gear, they are stopped by a falling object.

[Agility Roll: 10]

Leon dodged out of the way, as did the officer. They noticed, however, that what fell wasn’t an object, but a body. Rather… half of the body.

[Discipline Roll: 4]

Leon gagged and would have thrown up had he ate. He recognized the corpse as the employer who hired him.

“Look! Up there!” The officer pointed up. Leon could notice the monstrosity above them. A blue, fifty foot giant with gills on the sides of its neck. It bared shark-like teeth stained with the blood of its recent victim. “Think we have our answer as to who caused it.” The officer said as he rappelled off to get some distance.

Alright, so I’m giving my character the disadvantage of feeling ill from seeing someone getting eaten by a Titan. Titans need at least two successful Strike To Kills before they die for good, but in order for that to happen, we need two advantages. In short, we’ll need about four good rolls to finish this thing off, and given the nature of the game where misrolls result in death, that will set up challenge.

I guess I should also set up stats for our officer friend.

  • Agility: +2
  • Execution: 0
  • Awareness: +1
  • Discipline: +1
  • Rage: -1

He’s gonna go first.

[Get Into Position: 11]

He’s in position, now Strike To Kill.

[Strike To Kill: 9]

The officer was prepared to fight humans, not Titans. As such, he only brought guns to the battle, but they proved to be effective. He hooked onto a nearby building and rappelled towards the Titan, shooting both its eyes out. With the Titan blinded, it swatted away in pain, knocking the officer into a building and knocking him out. Now it was Leon’s turn. He leaped up and took advantage of the blind Titan.

[Strike To Kill: 5]

However, as he began to strike, the Titan’s eyes recovered and opened its jaws open.

[Escape Death: 11]

With a burst of gas from his gear, he flew up into the air. Seeing the neck, he figured this would be a good time to get into position for the killing blow.

[Get Into Position: 8]

That was all the gas he had left, so he had to make the shot count.

[Strike To Kill: 4… Expending luck to make it 12]

It was almost as if he just fell onto the Titan’s nape, piercing the Titan. He carved into the Titan’s neck as he heard a weird voice.

“You… let them… kill… ocean?” As the Titan fell over, dead. Its body begins to evaporate. Leon landed on the skull of what was the Titan. He got up and looked for the Officer. He found him, alive but unconscious. He went to the Titan. Did it… speak to him? This is something that he has to look into. Until then, he’ll just get a souvenir. He bashed one of the Titan’s teeth out and took the tooth.

Crowds of people emerged now that the threat was taken out, including members of the rival business that the officer told them about.

[Q: ??? Odds: Great. A: Yes]

They freak out, though Leon noticed it wasn’t because of their dead competitor, but because of the dead titan.

“YOU KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED OCEANUS!” The crowed screamed out. One of them tried to attack Leon.

[Hand to Hand: 11]

Leon sidestepped, tripped the person, and armbarred them.

“Who?” Leon asked.

“O…Oceanus! Our ocean’s protector!” The person said.

“You expect a Titan to look over the ocean? It’s a freaking people eater!” Leon chalked it up to the person being crazy. He knocked him out and got up. The others flee.

End of scene. That was pretty intense. The question was “were these guys associated with the Titan?”

  • Threads: Who Is Oceanus?, What did those words mean?
  • NPCs: Lena, Police, Little Kid, Officer Partner, Rival Business/Oceanus Worshippers

Scene Roll time.

[Scene Roll: Two Blanks]

Oh snap, another random event!

A Positive PC Event or a Negative NPC Event happens.

I’m gonna take Positive PC Event.

The next few days passed. Many people chalked the fight with the Titan up as a regular Titan attack and thought nothing of it. Business associates of the employer made good on his deal and for the next year, Leon would get a fifty percent cut on the profits sold from the fish.

As for the rival business, the officers apprehended them and interrogated them.

[Q: Is this information given to Leon? Odds: Terrible. A: No]

However, Leonhard wasn’t an officer, so he didn’t get details on who they were or why they consider the Titan someone to follow. At the end, Leon had more questions than answers. Questions that would one day find closure. To this day, he still takes assassination deals, but for those related to Oceanus, he takes for free. That was his goal: uncover the mystery of Oceanus.

And that’s where we’ll wrap it up. It turned out better than I expected and created a plot hook for a sequel. I will definitely return to this game at one point, especially since I could have him and the officer team up.

Well, bon voyage, gamers.

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