Let’s Finish Avalon Quests

Alright, I think it’s time for me to bring closure to one of my RPGs: Avalon Quest. When we last left our heroes, they stopped for the night at a meeting spot deciding on who to save, a messenger who might be long dead or a village that might be long raided. Either way, goblins are dying.

So, there’s something I want to be honest about, I’ve been relying on Mythic too much and not on Avalon’s own system. So, here’s what I’ll do: If Mythic has an altered scene, I will use Avalon’s event system. If Mythic reports no scene change, I will check on Avalon. Alright, lovely. We had just killed three hyenas, it is now morning, and now they will depart…

[Scene Roll: 1]

Altered scene. Alright Avalon, do your magic. I’m adding a +1 to the danger level because they’re right outside the goblin territory.

[Scene Roll: 14, Obstacle]

[Obstacle Roll: 5, Ford]

Our heroes managed to get themselves by a river that they have to ford. Most of them can easily make it, but Greninja has to swim for it.

Fortitude/Swim Check (DC 5/10):

  • Daryl: 14
  • Chesnaught: 11
  • Delphox: 14
  • Greninja: 8

So, of course, Greninja is the first to go. Screw it, Chesnaught and Daryl try to help him by throwing a rope to him, each, and hoping he pulls. Strength Check of 10.

[Roll… 23 and 14. Success]

Now Greninja has to make a strength check with +10 assistance.

[Strength Check: 11]

That… was a natural one. So the rope winds up dragging both Chesnaught and Daryl over and they all take 2 nonlethal damage.

[Q: Does the river flow upstream? Odds: 50/50. A: 67, No.]

Okay, so it flows downstream.

[Q: How many hexes? A: 1 Hex]

They only go downstream for one hex before they get up. Since Delphox is one the other side, she goes to them. Chaos Factor goes up as we end the scene.

[Scene Roll: 3]

Let’s confront Avalon again.

[Scene Roll: 6, Travelers]

[Traveler Roll: 9, 4 Labourers]

[Q: Are they labourers of the goblins? Odds: Likely. A: 71, yes.]

So we get rescued by Labourers.

[Q: Are they monitored by goblins? Odds: Very Likely. A: 87, no]

[Nobility DC: 5. Roll… 10]

One of them, a pig farmer, recognizes Chesnaught as a Paladin and starts pleading him to go save his village from goblins. Uh, yeah, that’s what we’re already doing. They offer the heroes gold for saving their village, though only if they give them food. The catch is that they’re willing to buy five times than that of the asking price, so that’s good. Alright, I’ll have Delphox ask the commoners to join us.

[Diplomacy DC: 20. Roll… 23]

The commoners join up. We march towards Vermogen with an army of villagers. We decrease Chaos Factor and make a scene roll.

[Scene Roll: 1]

[Scene Roll: 6, More Travelers]

[Traveler Roll: 18, Messenger!!!]

Oh snap! I know what this is! This is the Messenger we were supposed to rescue! No doubt he’s running away from Goblin Raiders.

How many? [Roll: 5]

Five Goblins. Four of them are normal goblins; the fifth one is a Goblin Outrider from the Monster Codex. Initiative.

  • Goblins: 23
  • Labourers: 21
  • Goblin Outrider: 17
  • Chesnaught: 14
  • Labourer Leader: 11
  • Daryl: 10
  • Greninja and Delphox: 8

The Goblins and the Labourers go first. I’ll roll out the entire battle between them and see who stands.

[Goblin Attacks: 3 hit. Each damaging the Labourers for 2 damage.]

[Labourers Attacks: 0 hit.]

[Q: Do the labourers run off? Odds: Near Sure Thing. A: 20, Yes]

The cowardly villagers run off. Now it’s the Outrider’s turn. He fires an arrow at Greninja but misses. Now it’s Chesnaught’s turn. He goes up to the Outrider and smite him some evil.

[Attack Roll: 10]

And he missed. The leader’s up next, he’s first gonna make a will saving throw because he witnessed his friends get hurt by the goblins.

[Will Save DC 10: 15]

Now he will attempt to club the Worg that the Goblin is riding on over the head with his club.

[Roll: 21, hit] [Damage: 2]

Daryl’s up next. He helps Chesnaught by making a power attack on the Goblin Outrider.

[Roll: 25, hit] [Damage: 19]

Holy crap. Just enough to kill the Goblin. So, skill challenge is in order. First, Daryl’s intimidation vs. Goblins’ will.

[Roll: 7 vs. 18]

Natural 1, so the goblins are more amped up to avenge their fallen leader. Now Leader’s Animal handling vs. Worg’s will.

[Roll: 18 vs. 10.]

The Worg is calmed and the Farmer is riding on it. Greninja’s turn. He’ll leap up and pounce on two goblins with his swords.

[Hit: 15 and -2]

So while he didn’t hit with his rapier, he managed to pierce one of them with his katana, pretty much killing that goblin. Delphox’s turn. She’s gonna use Burning Hands on the crowd of goblins.

[Reflex Save: 4]

They all get roasted. Well, battle’s over. The four each get 385 XP. The messenger thanks them and we managed to accomplish our mission of saving him. So another 100 XP. Greninja takes the time to decapitate the goblins as per Goblin Heads quest. The Messenger tells them about the situation with the goblins as he reveals their formation at Vermogen. With this, it could make taking back and freeing Vermogen all the more easier.

I’ll have the leader ride off with the villager, goblin heads in tow and send them on their way to Hob so as to get the news. We’ll wait out here for reinforcements. End scene, reduce by one, scene roll.

[Scene Roll: 2]

Scene Interrupt.

[Event Focus: 33, Introduce a new NPC]

[Is the NPC Friendly or Unfriendly? A: 23, Friendly. NPC = 2, Eleven Mercenaries]

Well, looks like we won’t have to wait after all. Let’s hire these guys. Delphox will make an offer that they can loot what they can off the corpses of the goblins.

[Q: Are the Mercs lawful? Odds: 50/50. A: 25]

… It was that close to being a no. They offer to free Vermogen… well… for free. They’ve been hired out by the Hob’s milita to take care of the problem. Well, that’s swell. Let’s go kill goblins!

So off we go, scene end, chaos reduced, move on.

[Scene Roll: 4]

Alright, now to do the Avalon Scene Roll. I’ll say this takes place at night. Given varying factors like the alarm and danger level (we’re knocking on their door) I say it’s 6.

[Avalon Scene Roll: 19]

No scene event. The Mercenaries and our party rush into the battle. While they handle a bunch of the goblins, we’re left to deal with their leader, a Grizzled Rider. Initiative.

  • Delphox: 17
  • Chesnaught and Greninja: 15
  • Grizzled Rider: 9
  • Daryl: 5

Delphox will try to do another spell, Piercing Scream.

[Fort Save: 25]

And fail. Chesnaught and Greninja attack at the same time.

[Attack: 25]

[Attack: -3 and 15]

Wow, a crit fail and a crit success. So… Greninja flopped with his katana, but manages to stab with his rapier to the neck while Chesnaught cuts through with his sword.

[Damage: 18]

Now it’s the Grizzled Rider’s turn. He moves back and does a rapid shot towards Chesnaught and Greninja.

[Rapid Shot Attack: 30, 29]

Crap… both hit, and one of them’s a crit.

[Damage to Chesnaught: 14. Damage to Greninja: 4]

Daryl’s roll.

[Attack Roll: 12]

He missed. Next round. How’s the battle between the mercs and the goblin’s goin’?

[Goblin Attacks: 1 Crit]

[Merc Attacks: 8 Hits, 1 Crit]

So one Merc is killed, 11 Goblins are killed. Next round they will assist us in fighting the Raider. Delphox is gonna inflict some wounds.

[Will Save: 10. Fail]

[Damage: 9]

Another dual attack.

[Attack: 12]

[Attack: 13 and 13]

Both Greninja and Chesnaught missed. Now the Grizzled Raider will attack Daryl and Delphox.

[Attack: 25, 22]

[Damage: 5 and 4]

Daryl’s turn to fight.

[Attack: 28]


[Damage: 28]

And he’s dead… Is it sad that I remembered during this battle that in Pathfinder you have to confirm it’s a crit? Well, we killed the Raider and-

Crap, we forgot his animal.

[Goblin Attacks: All Missed]

So The Mercs kill the Goblins and are on their way to join the battle. Delphox is going to try and daze the mount, a giant gecko, so that it won’t move.

[Will Save: 14]

It makes it. Greninja and Chesnaught attack next.

[Attack: 19]

[Attack: -2 and 4]

Greninja missed, but Chesnaught hit.

[Damage: 11]

And the shy but highly defensive and possibly trained to kill Gecko is killed by the righteous paladin. Well, I found my path: breaking the law, breaking the law. And see kids, this is what happens when someone who played 5E a lot returns to 3.75. I figured that the three get a level up.

So we return to Hob, hailed as heroes, saviours of Vermogen. For that day, many people relished in victory. Such is the quest in the lands of Avalon. And that is the end of the session.

I will admit, I skimmed a bit of Avalon Quests and streamlined heavily. That massive fight the mercs had was supposed to be our fight, but I decided this would be a fitting climax. There is literally so much with Avalon Quests that you can play around with. If you play with it enough, you could create your own campaign playing solo.

I admit, my experience with Pathfinder is rusty at best. That said, the fact that there are five Avalon Quest books has me confident that product will satisfy people with their solo Pathfinder fix. Me? I had my fill. I recommend Avalon Quests though if you’re a big fan of Pathfinder. It’s pretty fun to play. What I played through was barely a quarter of what this book has to offer you in terms of quests. If you’re interested, give it a try.

Well, we liberated one town from the clutches of evil. Can we do it again? Find out next time on Solo RPG Voyages!

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