E.P.I.C.: Greek Titan World

Hey everyone. This is going to be different from my previous posts. This is me envisioning a campaign based around Kenneth Norris’ E.P.I.C. system, which helps people create a campaign with a few simple steps. I’ve decided to take a game I played in and expand it as if this would be a campaign. For this, I choose Greek Titan World, the Titan World/Fate Solo game I have played, since it has the makings of a nice campaign, but I feel like I need fleshing out.

External Factors


Inspiration’s easy. When I saw the opening of Attack on Titan, I had no idea what was going on. I attribute it to what I considered the worst cold in my recent memory. In this feverish sickness, I had no grasp of the plot or premise of the show (mainly because I only watched the opening) before I decided to look up its Tropes page, so I figured out a plot of my own.

For one, I thought that it was going for a Metal Gear Rising sort of vibe with the gears and swords, with the soldiers being part of a private military company. It was back in the day where that game was popular, so I just drew conclusions.

Next, the titling helped with the inspirations. See, there had been a debate over whether or not they should have used Titan as the name when the word Kyojin (from the Japanese name Shingeki no Kyojin) translates more to giant. However, as I mentioned, the opening was all I saw of the show before looking it up, so I think I managed to imagine some of the Titans as… well… Greek Titans from myth.

And thus, the mashup of Clash of the Titans meets a steampunk Metal Gear Rising was born. And it was all thanks to an opening.


Of course, once I looked it up, I realized that it wasn’t as epic as I have imagined. I practically overshot my estimations. For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan is more survival horror than slash-‘em-up. Though there are the occasional giant men punching each other… Sort of like if The Walking Dead met Godzilla or Ultraman. After reading up a bit on it, I decided to give the manga a shot. Read through the first volume.

I could probably blame it on me wanting to skip to the climax of the volume, but I felt like it wasn’t my cup of coffee. There were some moments I liked, but for the most part, I never found myself thinking “I’d read more of this.” I guess that’s why I went through with the idea of Greek Titan World, to go with the idea I had in mind and write out an over-the-top Rules of Nature playing in the background style action story.


The pitch I have in mind is:

Hired Assassin (Genre: Action. Mood: Intense Action): set in a world where the gods before gods ruled over all, one person takes advantage of the chaos stewing from their tyranny and becomes a sellsword, killing anyone for the highest bidder, including those gods themselves: Titans.

I always find myself playing the hired work. It’s always easy to start missions like that. The Campaign name is easy: Greek Titan World. It clarifies that this World belongs to the Greek Titans.


If it wasn’t obvious enough: Titan World. Fate Solo was decided on a random roll, but it manages to mesh well with Titan World given Fate and Titan World’s shared Advantage/Disadvantage system.

As for random content generators, not sure what to decide upon. My Random Event System for Fate, Fate/res, helps with spicing up the campaign (I’m a fan of random events) and the Tangent Zero dice helps with deciding on what the events would be, if I don’t figure them out myself. If NPCs are what I need, the UNE has me covered.

The power level’s already decided by the game itself. My character’s good when taking on humans, but when it comes to fighting Titans, he has to be careful, lest he’d be eaten. Even if there’s more of a fighting chance in Greek Titan World, death by a Titan is still a likelier chance.


This is where I’m gonna use my noodle, since a lot of this isn’t fleshed out. So here we go:

World Hook

The world hook has presented itself in Titan World’s own preface: the world belongs to the Titans. I imagine it being in more of a sense of a ‘bandits harass the townsfolk and it’s up to this merry band of seven to stop them’ rather than ‘humanity lives in a cage that they call walls’.

So the World Hook is: While humanity is freer in this world, they are ruled by the gods known as Titans, who can at any point destroy the entire race if they chose to rebel.

Setting Specific Details

All of this is pre-decided by Titan World’s setting, though with a bit of adjustments.

  • The gaspunk gear is still kept, with the occasional inconvenience of running out of gas. On top of that, one can also have giant swords to cleave the nape of a Titan’s neck, or guns to dispatch humans.
  • No magic exists, at least no magic in human hands. The Gods and Titans possess that kind of magic in this world.
  • Hm… This might be interesting. Because of the tech, I can presume that this is an alternate history where the Greek Gods were ultimately defeated by recently released Titans. Sort of like what happened in Disney’s Hercules… except Hades got screwed over too. So in that regard, the artifacts found in this world are more related to Greek artifacts, like the Trojan Horse or the Shield of Leonidas.
  • As mentioned countless times, the supernatural element comes in the form of the Gods and Titans. And that’s basically it.
  • Non-Human races will be creatures from Greek Mythology. More appropriately, Cyclopes due to their giant size.
  • Horror: Titans. Again. However, there’s also the notion of Titan Shifters, who are more Titans taking human form than humans able to be Titans.


Considering how the world is under Titan control, I figured that the world will be the main location. However, I’m gonna stick to the local locations:

  • Sparda, the town where the PC lives and has as a base of operations.
  • Azens, a neighbouring town struggling against a power vacuum now that Athena had been over thrown as their patron Goddess.
  • Troy, the ruined city where it tried to take the smart route and created walls to hold the Titans back… It didn’t work.
  • The City of Thieves, formerly Thebes, the town is going through rough times, crime rampant.
  • Argo, a devastated city that was the first to rebel against the Titan rule. Word lies that a resistance group, the Argonauts, are still there…


There’s about two I can think of:

  • The Argonauts: a resistance group who are built on the remnants of Pantheon-worshippers and vowed to rebel against the Titans. Their goal is obvious, over throw them.
  • The Police: a military group devoted to keeping the peace and preventing illegal activity from happening. Most of the members are directly under the Titan’s thumb. One of them might even be a Shifter.
  • The Oceanus Cult: A cult of worshippers of the Titan Oceanus. Their goal is to ensure that the seas are protected from humans who wish to poach upon the marine life.


  • Jason: Yes, that Jason. He had taught Leon all he knew about sword fighting before the Titans took over everything. He’s too old to fight, but he makes up for it by leading others into battle.
  • Leon has multiple employers due to his nature of being an assassin for hire. Most of them will be power-hungry people who will do anything to get someone out of the way.
  • Kenny: A member of the police, though one of the few who isn’t directly acting under Titan orders. He met Leon when he took on a case regarding Oceanus.
  • Leon has no lovers to speak of. He had one in the past, but she mysteriously vanished, presumed dead at a Titan’s hands.
  • All Leon has left is his daughter Lena. She’s one of those daughters who has no idea what her father does for a living and has an innocent yet tragically fragile mindset regarding him.
  • As for rivals, the market of assassins is pretty high. There’s a good chance for Leon to encounter another assassin fighting for the same price… or maybe for a price on Leon’s head.



Two major conflicts are happening. The first is more uniform, in that 1 group, Leon, wants to assassinate his targets, group 2, who obviously don’t want that.

The second one is a campaign long conflict. You have the Argonauts who want to free the land from the Titans and then you have the Titans who still insist on having their rule. Obviously, a third conflict will arise if Leon is involved.


  1. The historical story is that during the height of Ancient Greece, a rare astronomical event occurred in which all the planets aligned. In this brief moment, the earth quaked and opened up a hole straight to Tartarus. From there, someone took advantage and opened it, freeing the Titans and bringing the world, or at least the land of Greece, under Titan control. From there, technology was advanced slightly thanks to inventors like Archimedes.
  2. The ongoing story is that Oceanus, one of the Titans, had just been killed. The death of a Titan, at least one of the godly Titans is heard throughout all of Greece, pumping everyone up. The Argonauts believe this to be a crippling blow to the Titans and the Titans believe this to be a great dishonour that they must avenge.
  3. The ongoing story, at least for Leon, is that he is curious as to what exactly the deal was with Oceanus and why he had a cult. This will drag him into the ongoing conflict with the Titans and the rest of the world.


Leon has ties to most of the things affecting Greek Titan World without realizing it. His relation to the leader of the Argonauts could help him pick a side in the conflict to come if Jason decides to pop up or if a member of the Argonauts came by. On the other hand, his investigations might tick off some of the police and the cult and thus lead into some conflicts as well.

Lena is a favoured target for people who want their job done for free… only to wind up paying double or with their life. However, as the conflict gets more involved, she might become more and more involved into Leon’s professional life.

Character: Leonhard Cain

  • Big Picture: An assassin for hire who winds up picking out a job that tickles his curiosity. He is well educated in combat and do whatever it takes to either get his paycheck or get to the truth.
  • Internal: “The war against the Titans is a business, and humanity’s primary export is murder.” His goal, right now at least, is to discover if the war is more than just a business, especially since his leads revolve around a cult of Titan worshippers and the death of a Titan concerned with the ocean’s safety.
  • External: He has a scarred face and a rugged demeanour. He carries a 3DMG on his person and swords on his waist. His nature as an assassin has him be able to view his surroundings and his bloodlust can get to levels of pure rage, but all this makes him a rather slow person in terms of agility.
  • Mechanics: I picked the Warrior archetype for Leon, though more that I based Leon around the first line for the archetype. Next, I picked out the stats which best suited him.
  • Intrigue: I mentioned the intrigue with Leon and his connections throughout the Intrigue chapter of this post. He was trained by Jason and has been raised to kill for money. While he has a friend in the force, his involvement with the Oceanus case might wind up with him being in hot water. He also accepts missions involving Oceanus or his cult for free, which means that he’ll wind up crossing paths with the cult and maybe other Titans.

And that’s it. Overall, I liked it and it helps straighten out the idea I had for the campaign. I can definitely hope to use this for future campaigns and to flesh out campaigns I played in previous session that I wish to play more of. Well, I hope you enjoyed this building of the Greek Titan World campaign.

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