Let’s Overdramatize A Flower For Mara

I can understand LARPs. I really do. Most people tend to refer to roleplaying as being in a play, but in reality, it’s more like playing a game, but you and your friends make up an epic story to justify why you have to get through your obstacles. LARPing, however, is the quintessential idea of roleplaying, at least with what people say about it. There’s no literal rules like in most RPGs, and even if there is, there’s usually a reason that makes it fair for everyone, like how you’re required to make weapons soft.

Most people make LARP scenarios. Some of you can recall me mentioning one where you have a final conversation with someone before they finally pass on. Seems grief is a popular topic, as there’s another LARP based around the death of a loved one: A Flower for Mara. The story’s simple: you have a cast of characters having four acts to voice out their grief, concerns, sorrows, and all that other stuff, all while Mara tries to have them cling onto their regrets.

Like Fiasco, the scenario sets up inter-character conflicts and ulterior motives of intrigue, which I like very much. Seeing Thomas wanting to get to reading the will ASAP much to Caleb’s chagrin due to it being too soon (and also because part of the will discusses what becomes of his house), only for Thomas to confess later that he’s more concerned with how Caleb would make use of the house that has been in their family for a long while and would rather have some of the heirlooms they have be put in the museum so that they’d be treasured in an attempt to get his father’s approval is a pretty sweet moment.

Though, A Flower for Mara’s tone is less comedic than Fiasco with the whole grieving storyline. One of the game’s main concept is each character having a grief that motivates them. Here’s the thing: the grief has to be a real thing that happened to the player. The game warns that playing A Flower For Mara will hit close to home for some players.

That said, there is room for comedic moments in the game, as the playtest shows and you don’t have to reveal your Grief if you don’t want to. So what am I going to do with this RPG, per se? Well, in celebration of GM Day (which I missed by so many miles) and the CRGE being released, I’m gonna do a double whammy. Using A Flower For Mara as a Driver, I will also use BOLD, UNE, and CRGE to play through a LARP. Before we begin though, there are a few things I wanna get clear.

The first being griefs. At the risk of shooting down the message A Flower For Mara is trying to convey, namely it being a story where people get to converse and act out feelings of sadness and grief, I’m gonna change up the nature of them. Although, considering that I’m playing only one character and everyone else, Mara included, are gonna be controlled by UNE, it’s probably gonna be a given.

Each character will have a grief that’s unique to them and will serve as a driving motivation for why they act that way during the grieving process. This ties into my second thing I want to settle. Zoe’s age. As stated in the game, Zoe’s age impacts everything because she is Mara’s daughter. I need to determine this before I determine griefs because Zoe’s grief might just be “this is the first loved one I lost”. With that, let’s get to our first CRGE question:

[Q: Is Zoe a kid? Purpose: To Knowing. A: 40] [Surge Counter: 1]

No, and we already have our first point in the Surge Counter. So, Zoe’s Grief will be determined at the same time as everyone else’s then. For this, we’ll use BOLD. We’re not going to use the Waylay Solution though, since these griefs have to be solved in RP.

  • Caleb: Abstract Trap
  • Zoe: Brusque Accusations
  • Naomi: Harsh Power Play
  • Joshua: Steady Relative
  • Ruth: Quietly Strange
  • Thomas: Altruistic Misunderstanding

It doesn’t tell much, but it helps drive a bit of what each person has as a grief. From what I’m seeing, only Joshua and probably Ruth had some good relation with Mara and I don’t trust Naomi one bit. However, now we also have to determine what sort of relation they had with her. While some of these Waylays might give a hint or downright confirm as to which relation they have, others aren’t as clear.

  • Caleb: Bitter
  • Zoe: Bitter
  • Naomi: Bitter
  • Joshua: Devoted/Subordinate
  • Ruth: Detached
  • Thomas: Bitter

Yep, that confirms that we’re in for a dysfunctional family. Almost everyone is upset with Mara. The scary thought is that Mara wants everyone to be upset with her. In the commentary for the game, Mara’s name means bitter, so I can sort of see where this is going. I love it when randomness winds up making sense. Speaking of, we may need to find out how Mara died. It can’t be something inevitable like a long-term cancer or age. It has to be sudden, something no one sees coming… except for maybe Naomi. I’ll also roll the solution as well, since this is something resolved.

  • Mara’s cause of death: Inclusive Holdings and a weak attribute.

Oh God. I just thought of her death. And I just thought of what the accusation and misunderstanding might lead to… Oh crap. {sigh} Alright. Let’s get it under the way with one last question.

[Q: Is one of the cast members accused for killing Mara? Purpose: To Knowing. A: 7 (-2 from Surge making it 5)]

No, it doesn’t, and…

[Unexpectedly = 5: Key Grip]

Well, we don’t really have any scene to get to now, so ignoring that. Now… who to play as? Shall I play one of the six characters or play a seventh?

[Who To Play As: 3. Naomi.]

… Welp. Just… Welp. I’m actually gonna have her do her Flower Soliloquy right away, because from what I see of this, she’s not grieving in the slightest as soliloquies require the person doesn’t lie about their feelings. Oh, yeah, it’s all gonna be in script format to reflect the nature of the play. Skipping the Priest’s speech and Mara’s soliloquies…

Naomi: {Flower Soliloquy} To think… it was that easy. You know how many years I’ve spent planning for this moment? I was expecting some big celebration of my accomplishment. Instead, I’m by your grave, thinking if I missed that moment. I didn’t expect you to die so soon. I wanted a huge, elaborate death for you. Instead, you turn up dead in a motel. I hate you for dying so fast. However, this can work… There are so many people I hate. Your overprotective father… your stupid husband… your bitchy daughter… And of course, there are the other kids. They weren’t like you, dear. They weren’t pawns. They can never be pawns. But you… You are my pawn, and you have just been promoted to a queen. Now, let’s declare checkmate, honey.

{She leaves her flower on the tombstone and leaves. A few hours later, a man comes over and picks up the flower. He sighs, and takes it with him}

That man will be who will replace Naomi in the terms of “the six people who haven’t moved on”. Naomi will still be in the story, but because of her nature, she’s not gonna be grieving. In fact, she’s all for the others grieving. I already have his grief and relation figured out. Let’s begin with the funeral dinner scene.

{At the funeral dinner}

Naomi: Caleb, I know you might be going through a hard time with the loss, so I just want to remind you that you’re still part of the family.

Caleb: … Yeah…

{He gets up and does a brief soliloquy}

Caleb: I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place! It’s like I’m trapped with these people forever!

{He goes back}

Yeah, I’m gonna intervene here.

[Q: Is this a private dinner? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 28] [Surge Counter: 1]

{Ajax comes in}

Ajax: Sorry I’m late.

And now I’m gonna roll up some matrixes to see what their first impressions are of me.

  • Caleb: Neutral/Comforting/Campaign
  • Zoe: Sociable/Discourse/Current Story
  • Naomi: Sociable/Questions/Last Story
  • Joshua: Cautious/Comfort/Flaws
  • Ruth: Neutral/Agenda/Equipment
  • Thomas: Neutral/Illusion/Enemy

Alright, so we have a pretty good idea of what everyone’s thinking now. Just a quick question and we’re all set.

[Q: Does anyone recognize Ajax? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 2 (-2 from Surge = 0)]

No they don’t and…

[Unexpectedly: 14 = Montage]

Alright, so the entire dinner proceeds like so: Ajax introduces himself to the group as a close friend to Mara. He doesn’t reveal a lot, but his Soliloquy has him say that he was the last person Mara saw prior to her death. Caleb and Joshua want to comfort him, but for different reasons. Joshua’s the only one who seems more concerned with Ajax than anyone else, though.

Zoe wants to discuss about the will while the others talk with Ajax.

[Q: Does anyone listen to Zoe? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 53] (Surge Counter: 1)

Ruth talks with Zoe about the will, ignoring Ajax. Naomi, meanwhile, is asking me questions about how good I was with Mara. I’ll answer truthfully. Given her mood, I say she is taking it rather well. Joshua is concerned with Ajax because he’s worried about what sort of flaws he has. Meanwhile, Thomas is freaking out a bit. Naomi brushes it off as stress.

We end the scene with that. I want to tackle either Thomas’ scene or Ruth and Zoe’s scene some more. On one hand, Thomas needs to be checked out. On the other, Zoe and Ruth seem suspicious. I’ll go with Thomas for now. I have about a year to crack down on the situation, find out what Naomi’s game is, and stop her.

[Q: Is it just me and Thomas? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 72 (+2 makes it 74)] (Surge Counter: 2)

Alright. One more question.

[Q: Is it Thomas’ Spotlight? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 80 (+4 makes it 84)]

Yes, it is Thomas’ Spotlight and he might give his Flower Soliloquy if I help him. Let’s meet him at the grave site.

{at the grave site, Thomas begins considering to drop his flower. That’s when Ajax came.}

Ajax: Hey Thomas.

[Q: Does Thomas’ NPC Mood change? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 53.] [Surge Counter: 1]

His mood is now peaceful, but he’s speaking in a guarded mood.

Thomas: H-hey. How are you?

Ajax: Nothing much. You visiting her grave too?

Thomas: Y-yeah. I can’t believe she’s gone, you know? Not a lot of people liked her, but still.

Ajax: Yeah. I know. During the dinner, your mom said something about you having stress… I just want to figure out more about it.

[Q: Does Ajax know about ghosts? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 22 (-2 from Surge makes it 20)]

No. He doesn’t know about ghosts and he is unlikely to conclude that it’s anything supernatural.

Thomas: Stress? Hah. No. You might call me crazy, but I can actually see Mara. See? She’s standing over there right now.

{Ajax turns to look. Nothing}

Ajax: I don’t see anything.

Thomas: Yep. You’re gonna call me crazy. Why don’t you just leave?

[Q: Does Thomas’ Mood go bad? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 72] [Surge Counter: 1]

So now he’s distrustful. However, he’s also now helpful.

Ajax: No. I’m not gonna call you crazy. I think your mom’s right. You’re upset. This is gonna take a long while to recover. I think that’s why I’m here. To help you guys.

{He shows Thomas his flower}

Ajax: My regrets and griefs are written on this flower. Only until I help everyone move on will I put this down. Maybe you have your own griefs to settle. So you wish to tell me them?

[Purpose: To Conflict. A: 26 (Surge Counter making it 24)] [Surge Counter: 2]

{Thomas stays silent, then speaks}

Thomas: No… Not right now, at least. I feel like this is something I want to help you with. Maybe if everyone else makes peace, so will I.

{Thomas shakes Ajax’s hand}

Ajax: Welcome to the team.

{The two leave as Mara glares at Thomas.}

So that was a good scene. Now, I have a good idea what will transpire for the other scenes. There’s just one question:

[Q: Does Joshua get involved with Naomi and Caleb? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 26 (Surge Counter making it 22)] [Surge Counter: 3]

Nope. Two other options then.

[Q: Does Joshua get a scene to himself? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 23 (Surge Counter making it 17) [Surge Counter: 4]

Alright, so he is getting himself involved with Ruth and Zoe’s discussion of the will. I highly doubt that he is gonna stand for them wanting to get into the Will so soon after Mara’s death, especially since there still needs to be time for grieving. As with Naomi and Caleb, I’ll presume she’s sowing the seeds of discord and getting Caleb to think it’s all his fault for getting into a one-night stand with a stranger. While Caleb hates Mara and her family, the regret of him doing a one-night stand at all is enough for Mara’s memories to come at him.

Unfortunately, I don’t know this or the will. One last question before we get to the dinner scene.

[Q: Does a lawyer pop up during dinner? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 26 (Surge Counter making it 18) [Surge Counter: 5]

Alright, so no. No lawyers for dinner.

So, we begin Easter dinner.

[Q: Was Ajax invited to the dinner? Purpose: To Conflict: A: 84 (Surge Counter making it 94)]

Yes, Ajax was invited and he’ll be invited for future dinners for the following year.

[Q: Did Naomi invite him? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 94]

Yes, she did and it’s for malicious reasons. Sadly, Ajax doesn’t know she wants me dead. Or whatever she’s planning.

Naomi: Ajax, we’re so glad you can come for Easter dinner.

Ajax: I thank you for inviting me.

Alright, rolling out the reactions from everyone. So far, Zoe and Naomi are peaceful to me, Thomas is friendly to me, and Joshua is distrustful of me.

  • Caleb: Neutral/Turmoil/Antagonist
  • Zoe: Helpful/Telling/Last Story
  • Naomi: Sociable/Plan/Contacts
  • Joshua: Neutral/Petition/Treasure
  • Ruth: Guarded/Confusion/Recent Scene
  • Thomas: Sociable/Request/Retainers

So something tells me we’ll get more into the will during this conversation.

Caleb: Hey, Ajax, did you have any problems? Like… seeing ghosts?

Ajax: No… But Thomas, I think you and him might be able to talk about the supernatural.

{Ajax winks as Thomas gets up and walks with Caleb into the other room}

Ruth: Wait, what the heck happened? Ghosts? This I gotta hear!

{Ruth gets up and leaves}

Well, I’m stuck in a pickle. I’m sitting on a ticking time bomb right now. Naomi just has to put her plan into action and I’m fried.

Zoe: So, Ajax, you said you were a friend to Mara, correct?

Ajax: Yes. I was.

Naomi: How close were you two?

Ajax: Close… but not as close as Caleb.

Joshua: Oh, don’t play coy. Caleb was never that close!

Zoe: Hey, you shut it about my dad! Stop trying to push my buttons!

Joshua: Well, maybe if you don’t disregard her mother and care more for her valuables, I might not take the easy pot shots.


{She gets up, slamming her hands on the table, and walks off}

Zoe: Why does everyone think I’m selfish? I only want to do what’s best for her!

{Mara appears}

Mara: Exactly. Everyone else just doesn’t see it like you and I do. Everyone needs to know what becomes of my material goods. If they don’t, they’ll just forget I even exist.

Zoe: Yes! Finally, you agree with me! How long had it been since we were on the same page?

Mara: I would never know…

Zoe: Well, I’m gonna give your father a piece of my mind!

Mara: Go ahead.

{Zoe gets back to the table and decks Joshua in the face. Naomi gives a smirk}

Ajax: You’re gonna sit there and take that? Jesus!

Naomi: I would, but pizza’s coming any minute now.

Joshua: P-pizza!?

Naomi: Yes. We were busy grieving, so I figured we couldn’t make the food in time. I called for pizza.

[Q: Does Joshua accept this? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 48] [Surge Counter: 1]

No, he be pissed. Also, guess I should check up on Thomas.

[Q: Does Thomas get Ruth and Caleb to realize about Mara? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 32 (Surge Counter making it 30)] [Surge Counter: 2]

And sadly no.

Joshua: No! I’m not going to have pizza! This is bullcrap!

Naomi: Our daughter is dead and we haven’t had the time to make food. Ajax, wouldn’t you agree?

Ajax: Yeah, I guess.

Joshua: I don’t have to stand for it!

{He leaves and does his monologue}

Joshua: It’s like they don’t even care for Mara! I expected us to bond closer after her death, but it seems we’re only splitting apart, like making food for Easter or…

{Mara appears}

Mara: Don’t get so worked up. You remembered what your wife said, right? We need some time to grieve about me.

Joshua: But I want to grieve by getting together with the family.

Mara: Some people grieve differently. You just got to accept that.

Joshua: I know… but if only there was some way to work with it…

{Joshua walks back}

Joshua: Sorry I got upset… Guess this is getting to me too. Yes, pizza would do nicely for now.

Naomi: I’m glad to hear that.


Zoe: I’ll go get it.

[Q: Does Zoe come across the other group right as something bad happens? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 94 (Surge Counter making it 98)]

Yes, but

Thomas: Look, you gotta believe me! We all have some reason to be upset, but if we were to converse them, we’d be able to move on a lot quicker!

Caleb: Look, Tommy, I know you’re a good kid, but I don’t think it’s that simple.

{Caleb opens the door and gets the pizza. Naomi comes over and pays for it.}

Zoe: Wait… Thomas… If… If we move on, would…

{She pulls him to the side}

[Q: Does Naomi listen in? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 92]

Yes, she is, and she’s not pleased.

Zoe: Would everyone be less assholish?

Thomas: I… I’m not sure. But if clinging onto our sadness is why we’re rude, then yeah!

Zoe: Alright… I’ll make some amends then. I think this might help us grow… as a family.

End of scene. Now I’m a bit curious if Naomi’s plan at the dinner went off, if I somehow forgot about it, or if I didn’t trigger her trap. Probably the former, since my conversation triggered Zoe’s punching of Joshua. However, I think I have a good idea what Naomi’s plan is out of character. She wants the entire family to grieve for Mara and in the process, be unable to cooperate with each other and have the sadness break them apart more than they are already.

Caleb hates his life because he feels like he’s trapped to this family and I doubt he likes them all that much. Zoe and Mara’s relation ended in a rather bitter note and Mara accused her of something she didn’t do. Ruth and Mara also broke apart, but it could be more to different tastes than downright maliciousness. Meanwhile Thomas has a similar story to Zoe, but it was more of a misunderstanding than an accusation.

The only person who is truly grieving is Joshua, which as far as Naomi is concerned, works with whatever plan she has. Everyone else could care less about Mara, which would probably make Joshua feel insulted, thus adding his anger to the pot. Of course, my character hasn’t pieced this together, but at least I know that Naomi, and by extension Mara, is planning on turning everyone against each other. I just need to figure out why she’s doing this and how I can stop her.

Alright, now it’s time for the summer spotlight scene. I’m gonna do two scenes for this. One for Thomas and one for Ajax. Thomas is gonna try and have Zoe make amends. I’ll figure out what everyone else is doing soon.

[Q: Is it just Zoe and Thomas? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 27.] [Surge Counter: 1]


[Q: Is Naomi there? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 39 (Surge Counter turns it to 37)] [Surge Counter: 2]

Alright, Naomi’s not there. There’s four possible people: Ajax, Caleb, Ruth, and Joshua. Let’s roll to see who’s with them.

[Roll: 3: Ruth]


[Q: Did Ruth come along with Zoe? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 42. (Surge Counter turns it to 38)] [Surge Counter: 3]

So she’s coming later.

[Q: Is this Zoe’s Spotlight Scene? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 76 (Surge Counter turns it to 82)] [Surge Counter: 4]


{the graveyard}

Thomas: Well, here we are.

Zoe: I can’t believe it’s only been a month.

{She holds the flower. As she does, Mara comes up next to her}

Mara: Yes. Take your time with processing this.

Thomas: Let’s start with you, Zoe. You and your mother have been close, correct?

Zoe: … No. Not really. A few years ago, we had a falling out.

Time to break out BOLD, this time with Waylay Solution.


Righteous Army overcome by a Favoured Ability. Huh… Not sure how to spin this… From what I know about Zoe, she does a lot of filing, as we see with her wanting to get to the will. My other idea was simply flirting with a soldier, but I’m not gonna get that far ahead.

Zoe: There were a couple of college graduates over at where I worked. Obviously, I flirted with one of them. He was running low on funds though. I had some experience in financing, so I tried to help him. Unfortunately, he only used me to get my banking information. I had my identity stolen, and my mom refused to listen to my side of the story. She insisted I stole from her and blew money on cheap stuff. We never spoke to each other since. I bet she’ll still be angry at me… Right?


[Purpose: To Conflict. A: 90 (Surge Counter making it 98)]

Mara: Yes, I am… but you never did tell me your side… I’m still mad at you for letting your guard down.

Zoe: And you have every right to.

{Thomas notices Zoe talking to herself}

Thomas: You hear her too, right?

Zoe: Yes. I don’t think Mara can ever forgive me. But at the very least, I’ll forgive myself.

{She sets the flower down, and Mara disappears. Ruth pops up}

Ruth: Hey, what’s going on?

Thomas: Nothing much.

Ruth: I got the lawyer to come and discuss the will.

Zoe: Oh, that can wait. We may need to have a bit more time to come to terms.

[Q: Does Ruth take this well? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 99]

Yes, and unexpectedly…

[Roll… 12]

Entering the red? Oh shi-

Ruth: Oh, okay then. Hey, Mara’s birthday is coming soon… We should have some sort of dinner. For her sake.

Zoe: Yeah… That can work.

Thomas: Sure. I’m game for it.

{The three converse, all while Naomi is watching from her car parked far from the grave. She has a scowl on her face.}

End of scene and holy crap. So, I’m starting to think Mara’s not all that bad. I mean, she didn’t throw a hissy fit when Zoe was about to let go of her grief. Something tells me she’s a pawn in Naomi’s schemes… We got one Grief down. Only five more to go.

Now for Ajax’s scene. Who am I meeting with, Joshua or Caleb?

[Roll… 1 for Caleb]

Caleb it is! I’ll call him over for coffee.

[Q: Is it Caleb’s Spotlight Scene? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 49.] (Surge Counter: 1)

Nope. It’s mine.

{The coffee shop. Ajax sips his cup of frappuccino as Caleb walks over and sits down.}

Caleb: It should have been you.

Ajax: Huh?

Caleb: The wife. The kid. The family. Should’ve been you.

Ajax: Don’t talk that nonsense! You’re perfect for Mara.

Caleb: Don’t give me that crap!

{he slams his hands on the table}

Caleb: I’m not meant to be a married man! I always had cold feet ever since she proposed to me. I couldn’t back out though, since she was pregnant with my child. So I was forced into it, you know?

Ajax: I understand.

Caleb: That is until recently… I cheated on Mara. One time. Just one time.

Ajax: And?

Caleb: … On that night, I discovered something. Zoe wasn’t my child. She was someone else’s. …

Ajax: … Mine.

Caleb: Should have been you mourning for her. Not me.

Ajax: … Why didn’t she tell me?

{Mara appears}

Mara: By the time I found out I was pregnant with your child, I was in the middle of dating Caleb. I didn’t expect us to have a deeper connection than just a simple fling. I didn’t want to involve you into the matter.

Ajax: But you involved someone else.

Mara: I thought he would be happy!

Caleb: Yo, Ajax. Who are you talkin’ to?

Ajax: Look. I didn’t expect to know about my daughter like this.

Caleb: How do you think it makes me feel?

Ajax: This is a massive bombshell. If anyone knows about this, there’s no telling what will happen.

[Q: Is anyone related there to hear it? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 97 (Surge Counter making it 99)]

Yes, and unexpectedly…

[Roll… 15]

[Enter Naomi, Stage Right.]

Naomi: Well… That’s quite the turnout.

{Mara disappears}

Naomi: This is splendid news. We should probably inform Zoe about this right away.

Ajax: Are you crazy? This news would devastate her!

Naomi: I know my granddaughter. She’ll take it. Much like how Mara took the news of your affair.

{Naomi glares at Caleb}

Naomi: Well, I’ll see myself out now.

{She leaves}

Ajax: … We’re screwed.

Scene end. Okay, now I think I got every piece of the puzzle. Well, every major piece. You can’t finish the puzzle without gathering the similar colors and matching the edges, now can you? What the heck is Joshua doing by his lonesome?

[Q: Did he resolve and move on? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 42] [Surge Counter: 1]

No. Okay then.


Proficient Ascetic on Accident. … Did he just… give up on accident? Like, he’s so skilled at giving up that he didn’t even know about giving up? O… okay… Let’s just skip to the birthday. Let’s watch that cake hit the fan.

So, Joshua is neutral to me. Caleb is at least peaceful to me, Naomi is trying to win my trust and is thus friendly, Thomas is my closest ally, Ruth is also neutral, and Zoe’s friendly.

  • Caleb: Neutral/Enigma/Relics
  • Zoe: Neutral/Combat/Community
  • Naomi: Neutral/Rumour/Knowledge
  • Joshua: Cautious/Alliance/Skills
  • Ruth: Cautious/Effects/Relics
  • Thomas: Forthcoming/Comfort/Power

Oh… Crap. I actually like how everyone has my back except for Naomi and probably Zoe. Caleb and Ruth share an NPC focus and Joshua and Thomas are friendly to me. So I’m guessing I know how well this ends. There’s just one question…

Zoe: So glad you can make it.

{Zoe greets Ajax as he gets in. He waves over to Caleb who is talking with Ruth. As he goes to them, Naomi comes by.}

Naomi: Zoe, a word.

{The two scoot aside. Caleb rolls his eyes.}

Caleb: Oh boy…

[Q: Does Zoe take her anger out on Ajax. Purpose: To Conflict. A: 97 (Surge Counter makes it 99)]

Yes, and unexpectedly…

[Roll… 11]

Limelit. The rest of the scene goes great for the PC’s. The estranged daughter of my character’s old flame just found out he’s her real father after all these years, is about to beat the snot out of him, and the rest of the scene goes perfectly for him.

Let me repeat that. My character’s about to get beaten up by his own daughter. And yet it goes great.

… How can I spin this?

{Zoe pulls Ajax by the arm and tosses him off his char. She proceeds to poke at his chest and punch him. Though Ajax notices the punches are rather light. All while she’s screaming at him for not being there for her life. She pushes Ajax into a room… then locks the door.}

Zoe: I think I know Naomi is trying to do.

Ajax: Huh?

{Zoe nods as Ajax turns to see Joshua and Thomas}

Thomas: Don’t worry. We have some more support now.

{Ajax notices that Joshua lacks his flower}

Ajax: So… You gained your resolve?

Joshua: No… I’m a little shocked over everything that happened, but I’m not gonna let my grief get in the way of my family.

Zoe: After I set my flower down, my dad called me and told me everything about the affair and what led up to it. From there I put two and two together and told the others.

Thomas: Seems Naomi wanted revenge for the wrong doings we inflicted on her daughter. Namely Caleb and Zoe.

Ajax: So… what? She waited for her to die then began turning us against each other?

Zoe: Exactly! We all did something to Mara and now Naomi’s taking her chance to guilt trip us!

Thomas: And I think it has something to do with Mara’s appearance. Caleb and Ruth are in the other room discussing about possibilities of how Mara is able to manifest, though keeping it hush hush to prevent Naomi from getting the upper hand.

Joshua: … My own wife hates us. We shouldn’t be like this…

{Joshua gets up and puts his hand forward}

Joshua: From now on, we’ll dedicate our time to putting our griefs behind us.

Zoe: Which will also mean getting Naomi to forgive us.

Thomas: I know Mara. She’s the type to be all forgiving… It’s Naomi we need to worry about.

Ajax: Alright… Let’s do this.

{The three put their hands forward, forming a pact that will last for the rest of the year}

In short.

Yes, complete with intermission. Bon voyage, Gamers, the climax will happen soon.

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