Dungeon Crawling With Google Docs

Now, given how this is the last Monday of GM Month, I figured I’d do a GM-related thing. And what better way than to return to the artificial GM that kicked my solo roleplaying into overdrive: Mythic. As it stands, I played most of my games with this Emulator, since it’s the one I’m most familiar with. I’ve first played this with D&D 3rd Edition (as almost all the rules were online for free), but now I feel like I should do my first Solo RPG with Mythic and 5e. Well, sort of. I did a bit of a solo game with 5e, but that was more for writing a story than anything else.

There’s another reason I’m doing this: I’m testing out the new Mythic Addon and seeing how it plays out in game. Who knows? Maybe this will be the norm for how I write stuff. Let’s begin. I’ll grab myself a pregen from Tabletopping, with me being a level five Dragonborn Champion (Fighter). Let’s do the example scenario to get us started. Continue reading