Putting a Spotlight on someone else’s Actual Play: Marvel Heroic Roleplay

Hey everyone. This isn’t gonna be a major update, just a recommendation for someone else’s Actual Play. This is a video Let’s Play of Marvel Heroic Roleplay with Mythic GM Emulator. I absolutely love the Cortex system and I hope to one day do a few of them solo. It also uses the Flash GM Emulator, which is essentially Mythic doing things automatically for you, which is always a benefit.

Part one shows off the GM Emulator while Part two shows off more of the MHR in progress. The nice part about this all is that at one point, the player actually asks the GM Emulator a GM-related question. In other words, he’s using the GM Emulator to emulate a GM. Give it a watch if you like Mythic. There’s at least two more parts to this series, so check them out as well.

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