Stat It: D20 Testament

Hey everyone. I’m still on a hiatus. The next few weeks will be a bit bumpy, so no big sessions will come for a while. That said, I am working on finishing the Fate session and the Flower For Mara session, as well as possibly sequels to RPGs like Kancolle or Titan World.

Given how it’s Easter, I decided to look at Testament, a D20 RPG set during biblical times. That said, it doesn’t highlight the New Testament where Jesus comes in, but rather the Old Testament, where there had been several centuries of conflict and strife.

Honest to God, I thought this was a joke RPG. However, the RPG takes itself very seriously and goes into a lot of depth with the history of the world and the conflicts between nations like Egypt and Israel. It allows for interesting stories to come up, such as taking part in a time where Egypt is faced with several plagues or the last few days before the Flood.

I’m not gonna play a session of this. Instead, I’m gonna create a character for future play. I call this segment: Stat It. The system Testament runs on should be no surprise to anyone: D20. It’ll be interesting to create a character in a D20 game that isn’t D&D or Pathfinder.

For inspiration, I tend to look at the options I have and see what character to make from that. Looking at the classes, I figured a Magus of the Starry Host prestiging into a Royal Astrologer would work. Because the Magus is a Babylonian Class, naturally my character’s a Babylonian. A lot of the action is set in Israel, but the time where the Babylonians get involved is when the people of Judah, once a proud nation, is reduced to nothing more than an impoverished nation with its denizens being slaves.

For stat generation, I’ll go with the Heroic system, since this is a pretty high-powered game revolving around mythical beings and God playing a huge role. For those who don’t know, basically Heroic is rolling 2d6 and adding 6. This leads into a more balanced stat generation, since the lowest you can go is 8. Continue reading