Seven Questions: Greek Titan World

Alright, so to help fuel my Greek Titan World campaign, I’ve decided to take on the seven questions that Kenny has asked that would start an unstoppable campaign. Let us begin.

Q1: What game are you going to play?

Titan World. An Attack on Titan themed game Powered By The Apocalypse. While the setting keeps some stuff intact, the setting of Greek Titan World is different in that the Titans that rule the world are the Titans from Greek Mythology.

Q2: Who’s your character?

Leonhard Cain, an assassin-for-hire who while cold has a loving daughter to protect and fund.

Q3: Where’s your character now?

He is continuing his business of assassination in his hometown of Sparda, but with the added coverage that any case that involves information about the Titan Oceanus is free.

Q4: What’s your character doing?

Investigating the Oceanus cult and trying to figure out just why people would be willing to lay their life for the monsters that lord over them.

Q5: What’s about to disrupt the character’s life?

He just killed one of the major Titans. That’s not gonna fly with a lot of people. Cultists, higher-ranked Titans, rival assassins, secret police, maybe even his own daughter can just turn up and stab Leon in the back considering the hard-cut lifestyle he leads.

Q6: Where’s the story going?

Basically it will lead to Leon taking on the Titans one at a time a la Shadow of the Colossus, ending with him taking the head honcho of the Titans, Chronos. Whether he wins or fails will be up to the game.

Q7: Why can’t the character quit?

Now this… This is what I have trouble with. He just chooses to dig deeper into the Oceanus thing. He could have just left it alone. He’s not one to care about freeing the world. Hell, his business thrives off the fact that the world’s ruled by giant monsters. He can, at least right now, just decide to stop. Yeah, he has pissed off quite a few people by killing the guardian of the ocean, but I’m not sure if “I already started, why should I stop?” isn’t a good reason for why he doesn’t quit.

So, I’ll say that, in the next session, he will be forced to dive deeper into the world he’s exploring. Either by old friends, new enemies, or, because I love it when family tensions are used, his own daughter, will drag him into a fight he barely wants to be involved in.

Man, I can’t wait to get back into Greek Titan World now. Though I have a bit of a backlog of RPGs I have to play, so it won’t be coming for a while.

2 thoughts on “Seven Questions: Greek Titan World

  1. Just a thought on number 7. What if Leon discovered through trade contacts that there was a contract out on him, and the only way he could have a chance of surviving was to pursue his investigation? Self-preservation would seem to be a good motivator for this type of character.

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    • That is great idea. Now to figure out who’s putting the hit. I’m thinking the Oceanus Cult hiring a member from the Police to whack Leon would work, especially since Leon has an ally in a Police member.


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