Stat It: Spark

Alright, so I’m gonna be slowly but surely head back into solo RPing after a few weeks hiatus. But I figure at least one more Stat It should work before I begin. I’ll focus on the Stat It first. Now, instead of statting a character, I’m gonna stat an entire setting. Now, it’s not much of a new thing. Game Masters homebrew settings all the time, and heck, a lot of my games take place in homebrew settings.

But there are games where it teaches you how to make and stat your own setting. The Strange is a good example of this with the Recursions, alternate planes of reality. However, we are instead looking at Spark, which also has a Fate compatible version for fans of the system. For this, we’ll look at the former.

Spark has a unique feel to it. It’s less a role-playing game and more a collaborative storytelling game, not unlike Fiasco or A Flower for Mara. However, it does have RPG stats and more trimmings from RPGs than its storytelling brethren. It has everyone chip in to make a great experience. Part of that is being able to make your own setting with your friends. It’s actually the driving feature of the game, being able to create your own setting with ease.

So, how does it work? Well, that’s gonna be tricky, given how Spark is meant to be played with other people and thus allow people to spitball ideas. However, I managed to make other games solo, so this would be an easy job. Continue reading