Oculus Voyages

Alright, now let’s do something I had been talking about half-a-year ago: give Oculus a try. Just by itself. No other RPG system or Engine. Just Oculus and, like last week’s session, something that’s used for fortune telling as an Oracle. In this case: I Ching… Or iChing… Whatever.

When we last left off Jonny Indianapolis, he went off to face some thugs seeking to unearth a robot from Atlantis. With his mind-reading powers gifted to him by the Leviathan, the being responsible for sinking the powerful nation, can Jonny be able to thwart the bad guys? Let’s find out.


So we see that by delaying the fight, we just bought the group time to go over, unearth the robot, and bask in their victory. What I like about Oculus is that it has its own miniature character sheet. Not much, just a name and a list of four skills. I’m gonna roll a 1d100. 1-25, his stealth is ranked at +1. 26-50, +2, 51-75, +3. If it’s 76-100, I won’t count it because his mind-reading is ranked at +4.

[Skill Roll: 68]

Alright, so it’s a +3. Now to see what the risk would be. Since they’re basking in their victory, they might have brought some beer with them, so that would mean that they’re drunk. Too drunk to notice our friend here. I say the odds are Favourable.

[Roll: 18]

Alright, good. So I sneak by them. I’m gonna assume my melee’s a +2 because of his constant brawls… Though now I’m gonna switch that +2 with the +3 from Sneak, since it makes more sense like that. He’s gonna knock out the people without getting noticed. That’s gonna be Unfavourable.

[Roll: 19]

And he does this without fail. He knocks out at least a couple of dozen people before turning his attention to the Mech. Well, that settles it for that scene. As stated in the PDF, “The Oculus does not always show things in chronological order.” So this isn’t the end. Let’s use the second viewing to see what happened before this scene.


This… can mean many things right now. Rather than use the focus, let’s see if I Ching can help in some way.

[Question: What social activities are taking place? I Ching’s Response: Hex 36]

Reading a bit into Hex 36 reads it as “Eclipsing of the Light”. That will act as our lens. Our hero is sneaking, and he eavesdrops on two people talking about an eclipse. If the Robot is positioned like so, then when the eclipse comes on, it will come to life with enough energy to wipe out a continent. So obviously, the reason this is important is that our hero needs to know this so he could function his idea accordingly.

So now we go back to the present.

[Third Viewing: Assault]

So this obviously means ambush. Which means our hero has to fight his way out. I say the odds are Favourable.

[Roll: 23]

Natural 20 means he just wiped the floor with them and even gave one of the baddies a classic fall to your death moment. So now we need to figure out why that fight scene was necessary. I guess they just had a second wind and needed that robot badly. So, that was a small scuffle. I feel we can squeeze a little more out of the scene with a Lens.

[Lens: Task]

[Question: What is the task at hand? I Ching’s Response: Hex 64]

Simply reading the hex as “The End in Sight” is enough to tell me it’s a bad sign. Especially with the imagery of the top and bottom Trigrams being “Fire over Water”.

Naturally, the robot comes to life because the eclipses just so happens to appear and activate it. So now it’s gonna go on a rampage. I’m gonna dedicate my last skill slot to the Adventuring skill and try to go Shadow of the Colossus on it. I say these odds are Undeterminable. While Jonny is able to scale mountains, moving mountains are a challenge.

[Roll: 16]

He easily climbs it. Now he needs to cause it to come crashing down. This will be an Alarming difficulty, since… it’s a giant freaking robot.

[Roll: 5]

And he fails. The Robot flings him off itself and he plummets to his demise. I just gotta roll a death save ranked at a custom DC of 10.

[Roll: 12]

Just made it into the river. With that, the purpose of the scene, to show that there was a big struggle, is fulfilled and we go to the next scene.

[Fourth Viewing: Assistance]

Now here’s where we have a problem. Last time we touched upon Jonny’s adventures, he burnt his bridges with everyone he can find. So how would this work?

[I Ching’s response: Hexagram 8]

Bonding doesn’t really help enough. No, what helps is the imagery that the Trigrams give. Water over Earth. A wave, in other words. The Leviathan. The only ally I actually have. He sank Atlantis before, he’s gonna do it to one of their creations. And sink it he does.

What? I’m not gonna stat up a physical god here. He sunk Atlantis, I’m pretty sure he’d kick the robot’s ass. So now we’ll get to the final viewing before we retire Jonny for now.

[Final Viewing: Secrets]

And so, the adventures will continue as our intrepid explorer finds out that there are more secrets from Atlantis that he will have to hide from the world. This might expand into a bit of a quick campaign.

Well, I actually gotta say, Oculus is pretty quick and easy for me. Perhaps, as filler, I can go back to this. Especially with the sequel hook it brings. Bon Voyage, gamers.


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