Creating a Deep PC in the form of Leon

Hey, everyone. In response to Solo Roleplayer’s guide to creating deep PCs, I decided to flesh out a bit of my protagonist for Greek Titan World, as that’s usually my guinea pig when it comes to using advice from Solo Roleplayer.

Naming the Character

I’m not gonna lie. I always have some sort of cute naming scheme for characters. If you noticed, my protagonist for the Oculus Pathways/Voyages two-parter is Jonny Indianapolis. Definitely just Indiana Jones’ name flipped around. The naming schemes I tend to have for these solo RPGs are references to similar characters and/or archetypes. For example, for my professional assassin, I named him Leonhard Cain. Now, the name list for Titan World helped me a bit with this, but the fact remains that I named him after the movie where Gary Oldman shouts “EVERYONE!” Cain is also a dead giveaway. First killer in history.

Leon’s Flaw

This is a difficult topic to handle, since I always thought of Leon as the badass “don’t mess with me” sort of guy. But then I look at his shortcoming when confronting the police. He’s headstrong, but when push comes to shove, he can get his ass handed to. I also want to add that his curiosity can get him killed too. I stated in a couple of the world building posts that he is looking into the Oceanus Cult, but he’s also attracting the attention of corrupt police members who want to kill him and hide the evidence. But looking at Kenny’s post and how he mentions how these superheroes have these human sides to them, it makes me realize… Leon has no human side. He’s an emotionless, cold-blooded killer. He makes a living murdering people. He then uses that blood money to support his daughter. Leon, as much as he wants to say he isn’t, is a horrible parent. Yes, he protects Lena, but eventually, he will be the product of her nightmares. And he’s gonna accept that he’s just not parent material.

Leon’s Gifts

His killing skills are his greatest gifts. There’s no denying it. He’s also skilled with the 3DMG. Whereas most people tend to use the 3D Maneuver Gear to get higher ground when fighting Titans, Leon uses his to scale buildings, dash across streets, and even use them like a hook shot or even Scorpion’s Spear to pursue his targets. In that sense, his lack of emotions helps him be able to stand up to threats like Titans. Whereas most would run from them, especially after seeing one of them eat a man’s lower half, Leon doesn’t run. He fights.

Leon’s Inner Life

Now… why is Leon coldblooded? Why is Leon so good with his swords? Well, a lot of that comes from his old mentor, Jason. During the time before the Titans attacked, he was a part of the Argonauts and had some adventures with them. He was taken under Jason’s wing and taught how to fight and kill. Pay was good. Everything was great. Then the Titans broke free and the Greek Gods were overthrown. Many Greek Heroes either went into hiding or died at the hands of the Titans. Jason and Leon were separated. Maybe he had a lover in his life before this happened and he got Lena out of that relationship. The Titan situation got him out of a job and he decided to take what he had learned to use. Leonhard died with the Titan invasion. All that’s left now is Leon.

Leon’s Core Values

From what I can see, he cares about his daughter. It’s the only thing in his life worth killing for now. This in turn has other core values: his value for money, his value for honourable contracts, etc. etc. It can also explain his tendencies to screw over anyone who’d threaten his daughter. And that’s Leon’s character profile in a nutshell.

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