Let’s Finish A Flower For Mara

Alright, let’s finish off A Flower For Mara. For those who haven’t, please read my previous part, as it sets everyone up. For those who want a quick skimmy, here you go:

Mara’s dead. The game would have been about people grieving for her had it not been for a few Oracle rolls telling me that her mom had a hand in the recent ‘hauntings’ (though they’re more like ghostly visits) and that I should investigate further. What this results in is Naomi being an evil mastermind and the group is banding together to talk about their feelings to make the ghost of their regrets go away.

We also discovered that Zoe isn’t Caleb’s father. It’s Ajax’s, my PC. And that Joshua just… gave up grieving. No. I’m not making this up. He just… gave up. Zoe’s took the whole truth of being Ajax’s daughter rather well, but only because Naomi is actively trying to tear the family apart. Why? Out of revenge for what everyone did to their daughter.

Now, in keeping with the tone of the RPG having a TV-show sort of feeling, I would probably do a Previously On segment, but that’ll be me splicing together different scenes together to replicate what I just gave above.

So far, Zoe and Joshua set down their flowers. The others are well aware of setting the flowers down. And now we’re going into Fall. It’s gonna be hard to figure out what to do, since everyone is now allied with each other. We also have to make sure Naomi doesn’t impede us. Though the real question is why we don’t just pull an intervention and shove her into the same room as us, hold her down, and pretty much settle everyone’s differences.

This… is a hard nut to crack. I really wanted to play the whole year out and finish this on the final act, but I think we’re gonna finish in the Fall. So, I’m gonna skip to the final confrontation with Naomi, since I assume that the next few scenes is everyone putting their flowers down and admitting their griefs as soon as possible.

So, Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Let’s Finish Fate Solo

Alright, so I have a laundry list of games I need to finish up before we move on to new RPGs. One of them is Paige’s Fate, a Fate RPG using the setting rules of Save Game yet in a new setting. Long story short: Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny have a war over who’s the better mascot and they’re dragging Nintendo and Sony IPs into the mix. One person is stuck in the middle, a rogue AI named Paige who is on the run, and has decided “screw the war, I fight for myself”. Now he has rallied the troops to take out Zarok from the game Medievil, including a member of Warner Brothers’ group, Foghorn Leghorn.

So, let’s begin. Continue reading

For The Upcoming Anniversery Of Solo RPG Voyages

In October, we will have reached one year as Solo RPG Voyages. I’m personally excited for this, and I think a couple of people would be as well. I decided to make it a bit special and thus, the Solo RPG Voyages Fan Quarter Quell will commence on October.

For those new, the Quarter Quells in Solo RPG Voyages are essentially milestone sessions where I take a new look at an old game with randomly selected engines, drivers, and even games. However, this time, things will be different. Why? Because now you are in control of what I play. There’s an added twist though. These games I have never played before on Solo RPG Voyages. I’m gonna lay down a list of the games that you can vote for:

  • Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition: The black sheep of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise aside from the movie, this game was actually the very first RPG book I had purchased and have played through the starter box, though I have yet to play a full on session on its own. Will it be as bad as people say it is?
  • Fate Accelerated: No joke, bought it for five bucks. This light-rules version of the popular Fate System is one I want to take an approach to… Because that’s what they call the stats in Fate Accelerated… Okay, moving to the next one on the list…
  • Fox Magic: Play as Kitsune, shape-shifting foxes known throughout all of Japan as tricksters. This is a storytelling game that can either be set in Japan’s history or in a fantastical version of Japan. Either way, expect lots of Japanese Folklore.
  • Heroine: Taking its cues from Labyrinth and The Wizard of Oz, Heroine allows you to play as such a character as she explores a strange and new realm, makes unlikely friends, and faces down powerful monsters and sorcerers and possibly learn a lesson or two.
  • Legend: A post-apocalyptic fantasy game. It’s D20 but with a massive twist: multi-classing is a main feature of the game and as a result, customizing your character’s class is not only easy, but practically essential to character creation.
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game: Cortex’s RPG for Marvel. Play as dashing superheroes and build up their dice pools to defeat the villains and save the day.
  • Smallville: Cortex’s RPG for DC. While not as superheroic as MHR, it casts superheroes and normal people in the same spotlight in terms of power, allowing for a cutthroat manipulating rich man to overpower the flying brick.

Along with these are the Engines, those you are most familiar with. As well as some drivers, though you may find some new ones added to the mix. There are many other options to pick from than just these, so head on over and start voting. Voting ends on September 21st.

The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #1

Hey, everyone. This is going to be a special Session. I figured, to celebrate 25 sessions, I’d go with a tradition that a fictional universe had for every quarter milestone. That’s right, I’m doing a Quarter Quell. For those who don’t know, a Quarter Quell is a special version of the traditional Hunger Games. Every twenty-five years, a gimmick for the games is drawn to spice up the Hunger Games. This can range from doubling the amount of Tributes in the games to even a nod to Survivor’s All Star seasons and have past winners return for a second round.

In keeping with the spirit of the Quarter Quell, I’m gonna be doing something reminiscent of the one featured in the second book of the series, Catching Fire, in which I’ll revisit an old game I played with new eyes. I’ll have a list of games, engines, and drivers on standby ready to be randomized. Whatever’s selected, I’ll use for the game. I’ve compiled the list from the past 24 sessions I’ve played. I’m not gonna bore you with the lists here, but if you’re curious, here’s a link to the lists I have.

So, without further to do, let’s do some quelling!

Our game we’ll be playing tonight is… Huh, Once Upon A Time. Not really a roleplaying game, but sure. I can shiggy dig. After all, I have come up with rules to make it an RPG. Maybe I can improve on them.

Our engine of choice is… Fate Solo! Huh, the first and last of their respective list.

And finally, the two drivers that will come hand in hand are… Covetous Poet and Tangent Zero! Well, here’s to a nice run of the mill game! Continue reading

Spies Glazing Over

Alright, now we can actually start playing Spark. If you missed last week’s post, the basic gist is that a businessman, a runaway shinobi, and a thief have all been attacked by ninjas and it results in the daughter of the businessman getting kidnapped. So, what shall happen now? Will they go rescue her? Will they try to rebuild? Well, let’s find out.

Our first step for this part of the session is to advance agendas from each of the different factions. However, you can also let their plans fail if you so choose. Normally, me and a couple of players would roll our Spark die to determine what order we pick the factions, but in this case, I’ll make this as simple as possible. Continue reading

Stat It: Spies Glazing Over

Alright, by now, most of you have noticed a trend these past few weeks. Well, for those who caught on, congrats. I was doing a marathon of all the Genesis of Legends associated games, including the exporting of Night Witches to Canada. We’re wrapping it on the RPG that gave me the inspiration to do this marathon in the first place: Spark.

I’ve mentioned it before during my Stat It on the game, so if you need some information regarding the game, click there. So, as you might have expected, I’m making this my Cold War RPG. Probably the least historically accurate game I’m gonna play. And that’s saying something when I played a game about Japanese warships being cute girls. They actually put research into the ships.

Alright, I’m gonna start by statting up my character. First off, I’ll need a concept… I’m gonna focus on one of the agendas that I set up before. In this case, Sherry Corporation’s “Create a community in a small town.” So I’m gonna have him be just a guy who is heading this creation. A former businessman… Um… His name is… George?

Anyways, the beliefs for this are a little briefer than the beliefs in the previous Stat It. Therefore, I’ll give him one from the list, and try to come up with other beliefs. Continue reading