The Solo RPG Voyages Quarter Quell #1

Hey, everyone. This is going to be a special Session. I figured, to celebrate 25 sessions, I’d go with a tradition that a fictional universe had for every quarter milestone. That’s right, I’m doing a Quarter Quell. For those who don’t know, a Quarter Quell is a special version of the traditional Hunger Games. Every twenty-five years, a gimmick for the games is drawn to spice up the Hunger Games. This can range from doubling the amount of Tributes in the games to even a nod to Survivor’s All Star seasons and have past winners return for a second round.

In keeping with the spirit of the Quarter Quell, I’m gonna be doing something reminiscent of the one featured in the second book of the series, Catching Fire, in which I’ll revisit an old game I played with new eyes. I’ll have a list of games, engines, and drivers on standby ready to be randomized. Whatever’s selected, I’ll use for the game. I’ve compiled the list from the past 24 sessions I’ve played. I’m not gonna bore you with the lists here, but if you’re curious, here’s a link to the lists I have.

So, without further to do, let’s do some quelling!

Our game we’ll be playing tonight is… Huh, Once Upon A Time. Not really a roleplaying game, but sure. I can shiggy dig. After all, I have come up with rules to make it an RPG. Maybe I can improve on them.

Our engine of choice is… Fate Solo! Huh, the first and last of their respective list.

And finally, the two drivers that will come hand in hand are… Covetous Poet and Tangent Zero! Well, here’s to a nice run of the mill game!

Now, normally I’ll get out my decks, shuffle them, and lay them on my table, but in the interest of time, I will have the card lists up and randomly generate a number every time I need to draw. The question being whether I’ll play this with one deck, three decks, or all six. For this, I’ll use the Fate dice. Minuses will be one deck, blanks will be three decks, and pluses will be all six.

[Roll: +]

All six it is. Alright, now , for those who don’t know, I essentially turned Once Upon A Time into a solo Roleplaying Game. You can read the rules here, but be warned, it’s been stuck in perpetual beta. The idea is to aim for the ending on your card. This will be your objective. It can be vague, yes, but in time you will realize what exactly the ending is. So, let’s draw.

[Roll: 46]

“The flames rose higher and the wicked place was destroyed.”

That seems pretty good. We just need to burn a wicked place. Next, we draw our character. Now, normally we’d draw five, pick one, and return the rest to the deck, but I’m just gonna pick one for now.

[Roll: 2]

I’m a prince. That seems pretty good. But what kind of Prince? That’s where the Aspect comes in.

[Roll: 47]

A Dishonoured Prince. Already, I’m getting some Prince Hans vibes. The funny thing about it is that Dishonoured is an interrupt. Interrupts work differently in this game than they do in OUAT. Drawing an Interrupt triggers a scene interrupt/random event, but if you have one in your hand or in play, you can discard it to disregard it. The downside is that discarding it is represented in game as losing that item. So if your character is an interrupt and you discard it, your character is essentially dead or otherwise leaving the game.

However, discarding a Dishonoured card does have its perks. Discarding it could mean that the Prince has found is honour again or maybe is accepted back to his family lineage. Next we get some items. Three of them to be exact.

[Roll: 18, 19, 20]

A spell, a well, and a gift. The gift is also an interrupt. This has me a bit curious as to what’s going on with the Prince. He has a spell, so…

[Q: Is he a wizard? Odds: Even. A: -1. No +]

Okay, so he just has a spell. The plus could mean that it’s a good thing, so I’m guessing we’re going for the “all magic comes with a price” rule of magic. We still have to figure out what the spell is though. It might have something to do with the well, so it could be a conjuration spell or something that can affect water. I’ll investigate this further soon.

Next are the places and events. This is how our story will begin.

[Roll: 29]

So he’s on an island and happening on the island is…

[Roll: 28]

He’s Making Friends with someone. Well, who is he making friends with?

[Character Roll: 39]

[Aspect Roll: 4]

A Hidden Sailor…

[Q: Scout? Odds: Even. A: 2. Yes]

We Sailor Moon now. Let’s do this. Oh, right, before we continue, I will be also trying out Kenny’s new Surprise Factor system that he made for Fate Solo. You can read all about it here. Since we rolled a +, we might as well give the Surprise Factor a kick.

[Surprise Factor: 0. No Surprises]

Alright. Let’s begin. I’m not gonna do a narrative for this in keeping with the tone of the previous time I did this.

So my character’s on an island chilling with this random girl. I’m assuming he’s on this island because he was exiled to it. Time to use Poet’s conversation emulator.

[Conversation Mood: 2]

She is disagreeable towards me. While this would trigger an interrupt, we’re not using the Poet as an engine. Now, what is she disagreeable towards?

[Tangent Zero: A speeding bullet and a destroyed flag]

She and our prince are chattering on about how going to war with the kingdom that exiled him wouldn’t be the best of ideas. So I ask what she would do.

[Tangent Zero: A pickaxe and a mask]

An outright war isn’t gonna fix anything. In order to destroy the kingdom, it must be destroyed in the inside. Well, at least we have an easy point a to point b. Alright, so we’re gonna spend some time getting our disguises ready.

[Q: Is there a boat? Odds: Even. A: 1. Yes -]

Yes, but the boat isn’t stable enough. It will fall apart somewhere.

[Surprise Roll: 2]

No surprises yet. So we take off for the kingdom of… Pringles. Because why not. We end the scene there and we bump our Surprise Factor by one, which means we roll five Fate die to determine a surprise. Speaking of, I will do a scene roll from my own Random Event System, but I’ll add in the surprise to my two dice.

[Surprise Scene Roll: All Blanks]

Alright, scene interrupt from the Fate/res system.

[Roll: All minuses]

So I get to pick between a bad thing happening to my character, an NPC, or a thread, which will lead into further detriment. Joy. I can, however, ditch a card to save me this trouble. So I’ll say he gives up his gift as payment for a ferry to take him to the kingdom in his disguise.

[Q: Are we at the kingdom? Odds: Good. A: Yes –]

The Sailor and I arrive at the kingdom, but we get inspected by the guards. I roll Surprise with one extra Fate Die.

[Surprise: 5]

Okay, so it was already going in a new direction with the guards… But…

They let us in. They want to overthrow the king as much as we want to burn the castle to the ground. Well, we already have our infiltrators to compromise the kingdom. Now all we do is wait.

[Q: Will a card be drawn? Odds: Even. A: Yes –]

This is a meta question so the minuses won’t count.

[The Deck to be drawn from: 3 = Things]

One of the guards hands me a Potion. Like the spell, I have no idea what it is and when the time comes, I will randomly determine it. We end the scene with us entering the castle. Scene ends, and our Surprise Factor drops to 0 because we had a surprise.

[Scene Roll: – and blank]

Okay, no scene interrupt.

[Q: Are we in the castle? Odds: Great. A: Yes]

The reason I ask this is that there may be a time where we go somewhere different (what with the scene cards) and I always like random events. Alright, we’re in the castle. Who sees us?

[Draw: 22]

A monster emerges. Alright, battle time! Combat is gonna be a bit messy because I’m using a new engine for this when I had intended for it to be with Mythic. But, let’s do this… Actually…

[Q: Does the monster know the Sailor? Odds: Even. A: -2. No]

Okay, so it’s a random monster in the castle. Initiative time.

  1. Monster: 1
  2. Guard: 0
  3. Sailor: -1
  4. Prince: -2

Alright, so the monster goes first. It attacks…

[Roll: Blank]

The Sailor.

[Q: Does he hit? Odds: Even. A: Yes -]

Yes, but he does minor damage, which will be D4.

[Damage: 4]

[Q: Does this kill her? Odds: Terrible. A: No ++]

No, it doesn’t, and it triggers her transformation into a Sailor Scout, removing her Hidden Aspect and gaining…

[Draw: Far Away*]

And we get an interrupt. I’m going to employ Covetous Poet’s system for this.

  • Action: Contact
  • Thing: Unusual Phenomena
  • Plot Device: Score One For the Home Team – The PCs must partake in some competition.

… Okay then. So I can only assume that the Scout is from a faraway place who challenges the monster to a one on one match of an unusual contest of some strength or wits or whatever. And that she teleports the monster far away.

[Q: Will it take her long? Odds: Even. A: Yes -]

Yeah, but only for an hour.

[Surprise Roll: 1, no Surprise]

I’ll draw an aspect for one of the guards so that we can distinct him.

[Draw: Wise]

Alright, so we head further to where we can drop something to make the castle burn. And I absolutely forgot to see if a new event takes place after the making friends event.

[Q: Does that happen? Odds: Even. A: No ++]


[Surprise Roll: 1, no Surprise]

End scene, bump Surprise by one, Scene roll.

[Roll: 2 plusses but a blank]

No interrupt.

[Q: Do we find a good place to place our burning material? Odds: (I say we’re good, since we have a guard) Good. A: Yes +]

Yes, we do and it’s a place we can place the material without being seen. Alright, I’m gonna say it right now, the potion’s Alchemist’s Fire. For those who haven’t played D&D, it’s essentially a Molotov cocktail… or Wild Fire if you want a fantasy literature reference.

Most likely the latter, since now we just have to ignite it from afar. Most likely with a burning arrow. But first, Surprise.

[Surprise Roll: 1]

Nope. Alright. So, we get out of there, and try to sneak out.

[Q: Do we get caught? Odds: Poor (we have the guard who can lead us to shortcuts). A: 2. Yes -]

Yes, we do, but it’s one of our fellow guards who are in on the sabotage.

[Surprise: 0]

Nope, no surprises. Scene ends and we add another Fate Die.

[Scene Roll: Two Minuses and two blanks]

So we’re out of the castle and I’ll assume the Sailor is with us after dealing with the monster. Now we need someone to fire the arrow at the Wild Fire.

[Q: Is the Sailor good at it? Odds: Good. A: 2. Yes]

She gets out a bow and arrow…

[Q: Do we HAVE a bow and arrow? Odds: Great. A: 1. Yes]

And fires.

[Q: Does she hit? Odds: Even (It was terrible, but she’s a pretty good shot so…) A: -3]

No! She missed and got people to know…

[Surprise: 5]

And then… It hits the king.

[Q: Fatally? Odds: Good. A: 2. Yes]

And the King is assassinated. Quick, hit the puddle before we’re spotted!

[Q: Does she hit? Odds: Even. A: 0 Yes –]

She manages to hit the puddle of Wild Fire, but we’re spotted and we must go on the run.

[Surprise: 2]

However, because the Ending requires we burn something to the ground, we effectively win. So I’m just gonna say we run away and end the game there. Well, that was a good game. What do I think of it? Well, It’s more streamlined now that I have some more experience of playing games under the belt. And now I’m considering if I should axe the narratives and just give you guys basic summaries.

But I’m probably gonna think otherwise. Well, we’re done this sudden detour of games and we’re gonna finally go back to what I have originally scheduled: the closure to Fate Solo and A Flower For Mara, as well as the continuation of Greek Titan World and the first session of D20 Testament.

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