For The Upcoming Anniversery Of Solo RPG Voyages

In October, we will have reached one year as Solo RPG Voyages. I’m personally excited for this, and I think a couple of people would be as well. I decided to make it a bit special and thus, the Solo RPG Voyages Fan Quarter Quell will commence on October.

For those new, the Quarter Quells in Solo RPG Voyages are essentially milestone sessions where I take a new look at an old game with randomly selected engines, drivers, and even games. However, this time, things will be different. Why? Because now you are in control of what I play. There’s an added twist though. These games I have never played before on Solo RPG Voyages. I’m gonna lay down a list of the games that you can vote for:

  • Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition: The black sheep of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise aside from the movie, this game was actually the very first RPG book I had purchased and have played through the starter box, though I have yet to play a full on session on its own. Will it be as bad as people say it is?
  • Fate Accelerated: No joke, bought it for five bucks. This light-rules version of the popular Fate System is one I want to take an approach to… Because that’s what they call the stats in Fate Accelerated… Okay, moving to the next one on the list…
  • Fox Magic: Play as Kitsune, shape-shifting foxes known throughout all of Japan as tricksters. This is a storytelling game that can either be set in Japan’s history or in a fantastical version of Japan. Either way, expect lots of Japanese Folklore.
  • Heroine: Taking its cues from Labyrinth and The Wizard of Oz, Heroine allows you to play as such a character as she explores a strange and new realm, makes unlikely friends, and faces down powerful monsters and sorcerers and possibly learn a lesson or two.
  • Legend: A post-apocalyptic fantasy game. It’s D20 but with a massive twist: multi-classing is a main feature of the game and as a result, customizing your character’s class is not only easy, but practically essential to character creation.
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game: Cortex’s RPG for Marvel. Play as dashing superheroes and build up their dice pools to defeat the villains and save the day.
  • Smallville: Cortex’s RPG for DC. While not as superheroic as MHR, it casts superheroes and normal people in the same spotlight in terms of power, allowing for a cutthroat manipulating rich man to overpower the flying brick.

Along with these are the Engines, those you are most familiar with. As well as some drivers, though you may find some new ones added to the mix. There are many other options to pick from than just these, so head on over and start voting. Voting ends on September 21st.

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