Let’s Try Hope Inhumanity Again

So I figured that the reason I got a total party kill in Hope Inhumanity was because I had too many characters. The game’s pacing is dictated by how many characters are in the game. The fewer characters, the faster the game goes. I even tested this out by playing with one character and after five turns, I won, albeit starved and crippled.

So, I decided to play with the minimum count of characters, which is three. Like with the other game, I’ll keep track of them via a chart that’ll update each round. Scenario will switch to Zombie Apocalypse that the party has the cure for. Our characters will be a family. A couple of newlyweds and their son, who has a secret to share with the wife.

The cast is:

  • Magnus, the Father.
  • Cyrus, the Son.
  • Yvonne, the Wife.

And with that, let’s begin. Traits will be recognized in bold text.

Our game begins with Magnus and the group surviving the outbreak at Ground Zero. Here, they might gain medicine and food, as well as an experimental drug. However, Magnus reveals that he had rationalized with the locals to help him find it, though his loss of humanity suggests that something isn’t right. He gains the Oxycodone, which allows automatic success to one of your dice, but at the cost of being unable to regain Humanity and losing humanity in order to fix it.

The next turn has Cyrus and the others finding a storm cellar, but it’s occupied by two women. He refuses to kick them out and so they take a harm surviving the storm, save for Magnus who is pretty resilient, but they gain humanity in the process. Yvonne lost her food pouch in the tornado, but Magnus and Cyrus give her their food. Thus, Round 1 ends.

Round 2 begins with Magnus finding some horseback riders. He’s thinking of committing Grand Theft Horse. He puts two Humanity into the pool, as does everyone else. For further measure, he puts in a hope die into the roll as well.

[Roll: Five Successes]

They succeed and gain their horse, as well as recover their hunger. The horse can help them for two scenes before it dies. At which point, it can also be used as emergency rations. Next scene has Cyrus encounter the crazy cat lady again. As before, he refuses to eat the cats and while they starve, they regain a humanity. Next scene has Yvonne get attacked by Mosquitoes. She organizes a raid to steal medicine. She puts three humanity die on the line, while Magnus and Cyrus put in two. For good measure, she throws in the horse as well to help them sneak in and out.

[Roll: Four Successes]

That’s enough for the hardness of four (2 initial + 1 from hunger + 1 from harm) and so she and the others don’t suffer a harm. She then reveals her Utilitarian nature and recovers the one humanity from her three that was a success (the other two were failures). And thus ends round 2.

Round three begins with Magnus finding a prison where convicts have over taken the prison, using the guards and even innocent civilians as slaves. Almost everyone agrees that they must pay and put in nearly all their humanity into the roll, plus the horse to ride in and attack.

[Roll: Six Successes]

They manage to overcome the convicts and free the prison. This inspiring moment will help Magnus in future scenes when he puts humanity into the roll. With the horse used twice, it died and everyone recovered hunger from eating him. They recover two humanity from the fight.

Next scene has Cyrus finding another fortress held by those very same criminals. He chips in two of his humanity while everyone else could only chip in one each, plus one from Magnus’ inspiration. Cyrus decided to take an extra die from the hope bin.

[Roll: Three Successes]

While that meets the difficulty, unfortunately, Cyrus’ current health adds one difficulty to the roll, which means that it’s a failure. The condition for failing results in everyone taking two harm, crippling Magnus and killing both Cyrus and Yvonne (you can only take three harm before dying and they just had one). It gets worse. The relation between Cyrus and Magnus states that if one dies, the other loses two humanity. Magnus only had one left and thus he loses his last humanity then goes insane.

Total. Party. Kill.

I think this game isn’t meant to be played solo. Two or more heads are better than one trying to operate three to six people. While it’s quick and easy to play the game solo, I highly wouldn’t recommend it. It ruins the fun of playing the game in the first place. Well, now with that excursion out of the way, I’m gonna go back to working on Greek Titan World.

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