The One Cube Challenge

Alright, I have another solo idea to present you all with, though it’s brief. It’s a challenge for people who want to test themselves as they play solo. The idea is to test how far your imagination can go.

I call it the One Cube (13) Challenge. The challenge is simple: No Engines. No Drivers. One Story Cube only. Any RPG you want. To expand in detail, you can play in any RPG you want, but you can’t use Engines like the GM Emulator or CRGE, or Drivers like the UNE or Location Crafter. Your only thing to rely on outside of the RPG itself is one Story Cube or Tangent Zero die (using the Roll 6 option and using those six images). You may only use one side/image once. Once you’ve used all sides/images, you’re left with nothing to fend for yourself.

You must decide yes/no on questions you’d normally ask the Emulator. You must flesh out the NPCs that you’d other use the Driver for. A simple challenge to learn, but I’m not sure if it’s easy to beat.

However, there is a way to try to make the challenge easier: Some RPGs, like D&D, Scarlet Heroes, or Maid RPG, have their own internal Drivers you can use. While it may help you, other than that and the cube, you’re left alone without help. Will you sink or will you swim? Have fun.