Instant Galaxy: Just Add Polyhedrals

Alright, so my next session I’ll be playing is a game called Lasers and Feelings. It’s a free sci-fi game with very light rulings. As such, I figure I could flesh out the game with the help of Instant Universe and see where I can go from there, as I’ll be thrust into a space environment with no idea of where everything is. I like to thank Kenneth Norris for talking about this, and so I will give it a test run of my own, because this is Solo RPG Voyages, where I voyage into parts unknown.

And… Oh… Oh my. The chart seems intimidating, and this is the first chart to determine the galaxy. So… first, I gotta roll where the galaxy fits in… First, a D4 to tell me where the Galaxy is neighboured to.

[Roll: 4]

So it’d be in a cluster of [rolling 2d10] 14 Galaxies. Our galaxy shape is [Rolling a d20 followed by a d12 and a d8] A Common Lenticular Galaxy… Which is a fancy way of saying our galaxy is a disk shape. Our star system, the one we’re focusing on, is located in the Bulge, which is near dead center of the galaxy. Alright, one more roll.

[Roll: 41]

I rolled a d100 and got an extended halo. Which I guess means a larger outer region of the galaxy. And now, we get to roll the stars.

[Roll: 4]

So a mature (9 billion years old) [Roll… 2] subdwarf Star System is what we get. Okay, there’s gonna be a lot of rolling… We have a carbon rich orange star with 1.5 solar mass and will have a planet. From here, I just wound up getting lost. However, I will try to stave through as much as I can. So, our planet system is compacted, and it has a comet cloud and (I’m adding an extra planet just because) a metal dwarf that’s more denser than most other metal dwarfs.

By the point of determining civilization, I became a bit confused with what to roll. See, for one, in order to determine civilization, you must roll a bunch of dice based off the conditions of the planet, then hope they all roll 1 so as to emulate the chances of life actually growing on planets. Something I’ll actually give the creator of this credit for. At which point, I decided to salvage what I had:

We’re focusing on a small quadrant of the galaxy which has an orange star, a metal dwarf, and a comet cloud. That said, I enjoyed the product for what it had created for me. The beginning was easy, but as I continued into the generation, things became a bit harder. However, it’s not hard for you to get into it and get what you came for. I’m happy with the generation I have had and will be looking forward to using it in Lasers and Feelings. Well, bon voyage, gamers!