Lasers, Feelings, and Trade Deals

Right, so to contrast Cactus’ solo RPG, I’m gonna play a simple RPG to show that you can solo just about any game. This game is called Lasers and Feelings, a game so simple; the rules are all on one page. Lasers and Feelings is a sci-fi game about a group of ragtag sci-fi archetypes fending for themselves after their captain is taken out by a cosmic entity and is recovering in their medbay.

It, like Hope Inhumanity, is a far better game with friends than solo, as the game is made for humor in mind. An example is that one game had my character, a spherical robot, end up sliding into a hole made just for him (Yes, nods to Amigara Fault were made by yours truly) only for it to be revealed to be a time portal in a space ship that housed the three Great Scotts, of them including Scott Pilgrim.

So yeah, it’s one of those crazy RPGs you play with friends over beer. But, this is Solo RPG Voyages, not Group RPG Hangovers. This path is a path that only one may go. This is the path of the Voyager.

With that said, let’s make our easy to create character. We have two sets of six options, which leads to a pretty wide array of character options. The first set has four descriptors and two races, so while you could play a human being, you could also play an android or alien. You also have a role your character plays. Most of them are stuff people do on the ship, like be a doctor or a scientist… but then you have the Envoy.

You can play as someone that would normally be an NPC. A diplomat. Now, it could be because I’ve seen lots of sci-fi movies like this, but usually an envoy is more akin to someone that the heroes escort. Yeah, you have envoys that kick ass like Princess Leia, but I find it a bit odd. Eh, I’ll bite. I’ll be an Alien Envoy. If only because I just watched Ghidora, the Three-Headed Monster a while ago and so I wanna play up my character like Selina Salno and be possessed by a Martian (or Venusian if you want to go to the Japanese version), warning people of the dangers to come.

Next, I’ll choose a number from 2-5. A high number meaning that I’m good at Lasers (logical thinking) and a low number means I’m good at Feelings (emotional thinking). I’ll go with 2 for the best chances of succeeding at Feelings checks. And for my character name… Vena Venice. Her goal is to explore new worlds.

Now we’ll make the ship by picking two features it has and one weak point that it has. I’ve decided on the ship being fast and nimble, but with the problem being that Captain Darcy is in the only medpod. And now, we begin… Although, before we begin, let’s decide on our Engine. Continue reading