Let’s Return To Greek Titan World

Titan World’s getting a return. What? It had sequel hooks. The recap is simple, assassin hired to kill Titan, gets a cop to help, they kill Titan, but wind up pissing off some people that they have no idea who they are… You know, let’s take a bit of a breather while I discuss something about Attack On Titan.

There’s a recurring theme: the theme of secrets. Now, I don’t mean the theme of keeping secrets or what secrets do to people, though that could apply, but I mean the very idea of there being so many secrets. A lot of characters have secrets that they hide. Some hide their true allegiance or hidden agenda, others hide information that could change the way people view things forever. One of the key goals for the players in Titan World to accomplish is “Uncover the secrets of the world.”

As such, I should follow in kind with a Secret system I have invented. See, solo games are easy when it comes to information. You’re always the first to find out what the big twists are so there’s no real point in guessing or being surprised. This can lead to a problem. However, there’s a way to fix that, at least in my mind.

I’m gonna test out my own system of mystery. It’s simple enough, but I’ll put up the rules in a separate post for those who want to know what it is. Basically, if I catch onto a piece of foreshadowing (like, “this guy conveniently disappeared when that Titan appeared”), I’ll make it a Mystery Thread (“X is a Titan Shifter and Y is his form”) and every other piece of information I gain leading to it has its odds be more and more probable. When the time comes for a twist, I can instead ask if the secret is true.

On top of this, I’ll also add in the Surprise Factor made by Kenneth of the Solo Roleplayer. This will help keep me on my toes. And since we survived a mission, that means the characters get an advancement. Powered By The Apocalypse Games, for those who don’t know, works off of a tick box system when it comes to levelling up. Want to increase a stat by one? Tick. Want to learn a new move? Tick. Want to learn a new technique from another class or ‘Playbook’? Tick.

So our characters gain the following buffs:

  • Leon gains the Critical Hit move, which allows him to instantly kill a Titan if his roll is 12 or over.
  • Meanwhile, Leon’s ally, now named Kenny, gains the Lightning Dispatch move, which allows him to use his Agility for his Strike To Kill move instead of his Execution.

Both of these will help make the Titan Slaying easier, especially since I’m counting the Cyclopses as mook-style Titans. And with that, let’s begin.

[Q: Is our hero out looking for clues regarding the Oceanus Cult? Odds: Even. A: 2, Yes]

[Q: Is it easy to find information on the cult? Odds: Even. A: 2, Yes]

So our duo’s finding some easy dirt on the cult. Now, I have no idea what this cult is outside of the fact that it worshipped Oceanus. You know what this means: generation time! Today’s guest generator is The Jester Dragon’s Random Cult Generator.

So far we already know the name, a possible symbol (something fish related), what they worship, but the rest we don’t. Since information on them is easy, our heroes will know 75% of what I’m about to tell you.


The Oceanus Cult’s leader is known as the Enlightened Prophet. His true identity is an Inquisitor. The cult’s favoured weapons are silver tridents, their place of worship is a cursed temple underneath the sea, their clothing is jackets made from fish scales, they have infiltrated the police, and their cherished relic is a twisted cauldron that can go backwards in time.

Our duo only knows of the Prophet, his identity of being a former Inquisitor before he joined up with the cult, their weapons, place of worship, and clothing. Since the base of operations is under the sea, I’m gonna have both Kenny and Leon make Awareness checks. On a 10+, they’ll find it without any hassle, on a 7-9, they’ll find just where it could be, but they’ll come across a bit of trouble, and 6 or less will just have them fail to find it.

[Roll: Leon got a 7 while Kenny got a 12.]

Thus, they easily make it to the location.

[Scenes without a Surprise: 1]

[Scene Roll: – and +, no Scene Twist]

Now they have to figure out how to get under the sea.

[Q: Is there a secret passage to the undersea encampment? Odds: Good A: 2, Yes.]

[Q: Is it Guarded? Odds: Great. A: -2, Yes –]

[Surprise Roll: 1 and 0 (They said if a — or ++ is rolled, roll twice), no Surprise]

So while they come across trouble, it turns out to be trouble that they can easily handle. I’m gonna ask for them to make agility checks to see if they’re able to knock them out effectively before they notice them sneaking in.

[Roll: 4 for Leon, 11 for Kenny]

Leon wound up missing his target while Kenny took out his. This leads to one last minute fight with Kenny and the remaining guard.

[Roll: 11]

And he knocks him out without any fuss.

[Q: Do they get any attention? Odds: Poor. A: -1, No +]

[Surprise? A: 0, no Surprise]

So they are able to sneak in without any hassle.

[Scenes without a Surprise: 2]

[Scene Roll: + and +]

Well, something happens.

Something negative happens to either an NPC or a thread.

I’m gonna pick NPC for this. + will be an evil NPC, blank will be a neutral NPC, and – will be a good NPC.

[Roll: Blank]

Gore warning, y’all.

As Leon and Kenny entered, they bore witness to desecrated bodies of police officers. On the wall by their corpses is words written in blood: BLOODY TRAITORS.

I’m gonna have Kenny roll ‘Keep Your Cool’, a move featured in the game that is quite appropriate to Attack On Titan.

[Roll: 9]

He actually fails and ends up panicking. The guards enter the room and ready their weapons. Now Leon has to fight them hand-to-hand.

[Roll: 9]

Alright, so that means I can choose one of two things. One, I could have my character take an ongoing -1 to all my Executions (meaning that I’ll have a constant -1 penalty until he stops to rest), or I can let him get away and alert more people. I’ll do the latter while Kenny will attempt to take the shot. He’s scared, so he’s at disadvantage, which means that either he’ll have a 10+ roll be reduced to a 7-9 result or he’ll be unable to fire because he’s too scared.

[Q: Is he unable to fire? Odds: Even. A: -3, No -]

[Surprise? -2, no Surprise]

Alright, but this does mean he has the disadvantage in which his successes will be downgraded. I’m figuring that this will be a variant Strike to Kill move.

[Roll: 10]

Using Disadvantage, his result is now a 7-9 result. Yes, he just shot a cultist dead, but he also just saw bloody police corpses. So he’s gonna take a -1 to all Execution Rolls until this is over.

[Q: Does his panicked disadvantage go away? Odds: Terrible. A: No -]

[Surprise? -3… I’m not sure if this counts as No Surprise. So I’m gonna play it safe and say no, it isn’t]

Unfortunately, Kenny is too traumatized to fight anymore and now Leon has to escort him. It’s at this point that I’ll need to generate a map for these guys.

[Q: Is the main part of the cult lair, where the time machine relic is, very close to them? Odds: Even. A: -1. No +]

[Surprise? 2. No Surprise]

So it turns out that, as far as I, the GM, is concerned, there’s one more room before we get to the main lair. But… I do like asking questions.

[Q: Did Kenny’s gunshot alert any guards? Odds: Great. A: 0, yes]

Welp, time to skedaddle. Agility time.

[Roll: 4 for Leon, 10 for Kenny.]

While I’d invoke the disadvantage, his panickedness winds up being beneficial to him running away. So, I’ll invoke it in the second most manner.

I will do the forbidden splitting of the party. Kenny’s ditching Leon to fend for himself. So now Leon has to take out the new guard.

[Hand to Hand Roll: 7]

And he gets injured and tries to run away. I’ll have Leon try a Strike to Kill blow now.

[Roll: 8]

And with that kill, he ends up in an ambush with two more guards.

[Hand to Hand: 9 and 8]

While he manages to handle the threat, he ends up getting injured in the progress, taking an ongoing -2 to his Execution. We’ll say that takes about five rounds. Now to focus on our scared cop.

[Scenes without a Surprise: 3]

[Scene Roll: – and Blank, no interrupt]

{pulls out the 5e DMG to generate a dungeon}

[Roll: 20]

Kenny wound up at a small temple that is used for usual rituals.

[Q: Are there any corpses there? Odds: Even. A: 0, No ++]

[Surprise? -3 and 3. One minor surprise.]

The room is actually spotless and it seemed to be a temple devoted to Rhea.

[Q: Would he know who Rhea is? Odds: Terrible. A: 0, no]

He doesn’t, so he just presumes that it’s just a shrine to just a regular Titan. However, I’ll add that to the mystery thread, since I think I know what’s going on. He stops to rest while Leon catches up.

[Q: Would they have time to rest? Odds: Poor. A: -1. No +]

[Surprise? (I roll 4dF instead of the 7dF I was asked to roll because it said that the additional dice drop straight away) 1. No Surprise]

So while they don’t have enough time to rest and clear Kenny’s Panicked condition, they do have time to clear one of the -1s from the Ongoing effect on Leon. They decide to kick the door down to the lair.

[Scene had surprise, so no upkeep]

[Scene Roll: Blank and Minus, no random event]

So we enter the lair.

[Q: Is there a ritual in progress? Odds: Even. A: 0. No ++]

[Surprise? 0 and 0. No Surprise]

Fortunately, no ritual was happening. Probably because the cult was too busy dealing with Leon and Kenny.

[Q: Do they find the cauldron? Odds: Good. A: Yes -]

[Surprise? 0. No Surprise]

They do but…

[Q: Do they get ambushed? Odds: Great. A: -1. Yes -]

They get ambushed by at least one guard.

[Hand to Hand roll from Leon: 8]

And with that, the guard is overwhelmed, though Leon takes that -1 back.

[Q: Is the Cauldron used? Odds: Even. A: -1. No +]

No, but that’s okay, because remember, time travelling cauldron. Who knows what they could have done with it.

… I sort of have an idea. But I’m not gonna say. Well, I’m pretty sure Leon and Kenny know just how bad this will be so they’ll destroy it.

[Q: Does anyone come in to stop them? Odds: Even. A: 0 Yes –]

[Surprise? (I forgot to roll for the other two as well) 3, and three -3s. One minor surprise]

[Q: Is it the secret? Odds: Good. A: 0. Yes -]

It turns out to be the inquisitor and he tries so hard to stop them from wrecking the cauldron, but he arrives too late. He angrily calls out the two.

“You fools! You doomed this world to the Titans!”

To which the two are massively confused.

[Q: Does the inquisitor explain himself? Odds: Poor. A: 1. No ++]

He doesn’t, but it doesn’t turn fatal as the two quickly figure out that there’s more to this than meets the eye, and so they have a little two on one with him. After a bit, they get through to the inquisitor that the Oceanus Cult was meant to save humanity from the Titans. The Cauldron, a gift from Chronos, was going to be secretly used to turn back time and prevent the Titans from getting unleashed in the first place.

See, Rhea, the Titan they worship besides Oceanus, gave birth to half of the Twelve Olympians and when Chronos began munching on her children, protected her youngest child, Zeus. Oceanus himself was not sided with the Titans during the Titan War. These two Titans that the cult worships are either neutral or good. So, it makes sense that the worshipper of the good Titans would try to prevent Chronos from winning.

Unfortunately, we just busted the reset button. And so, now they are just bummed out.

Then the cursed part of the cursed temple begins. Chronos’ booming voice echoes through the caves as he says that those who abuse or destroy his gifts shall be executed. … What? He made the cauldron and he’s an omnipotent god. I think he’ll be able to identify when his stuff gets wrecked.

So the temple begins to flood. I’m just gonna quickly stat up the inquisitor here… Alright. Now they have to outrun the temple flood and avoid harm.

[Roll: 4 for Leon (spending a luck to make that 12.), 6 for Kenny (he spends luck to make it 12.) and 4 for- you know how this goes.]

So, as if by luck, the heroes escape the collapsing temple.

[Q: Is anyone else as lucky as them? Odds: Terrible. A: 1. No.]

So the temple sinks into the ocean as the people trapped inside are killed. The inquisitor is at a loss for words. Leon and Kenny take their time to explain that they were just investigating them, while the inquisitor tells them that they shouldn’t have interfered.

[Q: Does the inquisitor leave? Odds: Great. A: 1]

With that, he leaves, though not without telling Leon and Kenny that he’ll avenge his fallen cult and his failure to save the world. And so our session ends with Leon and Kenny having no idea where to go from here now that the Oceanus Cult is no more.

I actually like this game. It’s nice. This has been a long time in the making… It’s to the point where I wound up either forgetting a bit of what was happening or wound up doing my own thing. But in the end, I think this works out to be a nice installment. Who knows? Maybe I’ll visit it again one day. But for now, I’ll leave it here. Bon Voyage, gamers.

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