Shining A Spotlight On Two Solo Flash Games

Hey everyone. I will shine a spotlight on two free fantasy online games that are both solo and addictive as hell. The first game is Dungeon Robber, a roguelike that uses the original Dungeon Generator to create dungeons for you to explore and monsters to fight. The game does leveling up through loot. You cash in your gold pieces at the bank and it becomes 1 experience point per gold piece and as you grow in level, so too would your game, as retiring at certain levels allows you to unlock new stuff to use.

The downside being that the game can feel monotonous at times. Like, you will be exploring a dungeon and you’ll just go through crossroads and passages finding nothing but empty space. Not to mention that there’s a lack of music. However, the game gives you quite a bit to do and you can pick it up at any time. So play it if you are interested.

The next game is also a bit of an addictive game, but one you can beat in one sitting: Dark Tower, based off the board game of the same name. The idea is to go across four quadrants, take out some brigands and take their keys, then storm their titular tower. It was originally a multiplayer game, but the game is coded to be for one player. It’s a game about strategically counting your numbers. A game of knowing when to hold and when to fold. The best part is that you can see other people play the official game before you consider playing it.

While the game is more strategic than Dungeon Robber, the screechy audio (from the original game) might make you want to wish for the silence of Dungeon Robber. Though if you grew up with Dark Tower, you may find it nostalgic. Just note that there’s no grinding of gears like in the original. Both games are enjoyable. If you want a game to enjoy in one sitting, play Dark Tower, if you want a game to be played across multiple sessions, then Dungeon Robber will be your best bet.

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