Fate Dread

A new month, another new batch of Solo Rules. Because it’s the month of Halloween, I figured to revisit Dread. I showed you all how to use the Jenga Tower for Mythic, where you use the table to simulate the Jenga Tower, and now I’ll do it again for Fate Solo. I personally like Fate Solo, though mainly I play Fate games with it. Seems only fair.

But, if you ever wanted to play Dread with the Fate Oracle, then be my guest. Here’s how to read it. You will basically do the same thing with classic Mythic-driven Dread, but instead of stepping the odds up every three pulls, step the odds up every nine. The reason for this is that the odds in Fate are different compared to the ones in Mythic. Whereas Mythic has eleven different odds, Fate Solo only has the five.

This also extends to when people die too. If they die, count only three pulls when “rebuilding” the tower, but don’t step up until you have nine total pulls. Exceptionals are different now.

  • No– means that the tower doesn’t fall and manages to become sturdy enough. Step down the odds and reset the number of pulls until Odds Shift. (Example, Poor to Terrible)
  • No- means that the pull you made it sturdy enough. For the next three pulls, don’t count it towards the number of pulls until Odds Shift.
  • Yes+ means that the person pushes down the tower.
  • Yes++ means that the tower has become rickety after you rebuild it. When rebuilding the tower, automatically shift the odds to the next one over (Example, Terrible to Poor).
  • No+ means that, while it doesn’t fall, something happened to cause the tower to be wobbly, and thus add three pulls to the pulls needed to shift odds.
  • No++ means that the tower, while sturdy, is obvious that one mistake could spell the end for the next person to pull it. On the next pull, temporarily shift the odds to one higher for the roll.
  • Yes- means the tower slightly falls, but the person made the pull in a way that causes a bit of a debate on whether it counted. You can decide for yourself if the tower truly fell.
  • Yes– means that while the tower did indeed fall, the rebuilding of it ended up making it slightly sturdy. When you rebuild the tower, reset the number of pulls needed until odds shift.

And that’s basically it. The biggest curveball has to be the new Exceptionals. I might try to better explain stuff if people find them confusing. Until then though, Bon Voyage gamers, and see you at the Fan-Voted Quarter Quell.

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