Putting a Spotlight on the One Shot Podcast

So, I was deciding on doing a two-parter for the Quarter Quell and I noticed that there’s one free week for me to make a post for something. So, I decided to shed a spotlight on a podcast I’ve been listening to for a while. While this isn’t a podcast regarding playing RPGs solo, it does something that I have been doing for a while: One Shots.

If you ever noticed, the only game I ever attempted to make a campaign out of is Greek Titan World with the fleshing out of lore and continuing it. Every other game I played so far was either a one-shot or a two-part one shot. The reason it’s like this is because One Shots are how I first played RPGs. It didn’t take until about another year afterwards that I began joining campaigns, and even then, the only one that wasn’t D&D or a variant of it was Vampire: The Requiem.

One Shots are a great way to learn how to play the game and get a feel of how the game works. Some One Shots are done better in person with a group of people (they don’t have to be friends, just random people) and you may even find a new RPG to adore. This is how I came across Spark, one of my favorite RPGs that demonstrates world building and character development in ways no other RPG can before.

This podcast, aptly named the One Shot Podcast, is a series of podcasts devoted to doing one shots of various RPGs. They are pretty funny and they’re all done by the same host, James D’Amato, who GMs all of the RPGs (save for, obviously, the GMless RPGs like Fiasco) and the scenarios he comes up with are hilarious. My personal favorites are the Feng Shui RPG where Jackie Chan and a magical girl take out the Cobra terrorist group from G.I. Joe, the Everybody is John RPG set in around Miskatonic University, and my personal favorite so far, the Scooby Doo/Cthulhu Mythos crossover using Call of Cthulhu.

I never have time for podcasts until recently when I began playing League of Legends. Podcasts helps you get through the dead silence that only gets broken up by fighting sounds and the voices of your champion. You can grab yourself some oneshots here. And if you don’t know which ones to listen to, I wrote up a small episode guide of them going up to their 115th episode which you can find here.

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