The Fan-Voted Quarter Quell Part 1

Alright, today we’ll begin the two-part Fan-Voted Quarter Quell, in which I play Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. To recap, I have three characters: Spider-Man, Serikus, and Dr. Maggio. What will they do? How will they meet? Well, let’s use our most voted Driver to answer that: Location Crafter.

Unfortunately, this is going to be my first drive with it, so I’m not sure how well I’ll do this. To remedy this, I’ll test out the system with a prebuilt Location by virginian_john. The scenario is also a nice starting scenario for our guys before we have to get the ball rolling. Let’s do this. I’m gonna roll up a scene for the three of them and see how well they can mesh together.

[Roll: 3, 6, 5]

So, I’m guessing that Spider-Man, as Peter Parker, is out on a date with Mary Jane at the local theme park. He’s trying to win a stuffed animal for MJ by testing out a new ride. This ride’s pretty intense.

[Q: Are the others joining as well? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 4. No and Unexpectedly…]

[Roll: 10]

Pattern Change. Now, what this means is that the thread changed in some way, shape, or form. Rather than do what was suggested by CRGE and use a generator, we’ll pull a thread from the list of suggested threads.

[Roll: 9]

Our thread comes from Aleksandar:

A man wakes up in the morgue, not remembering anything from his past life. He left his mortality behind and is slowly turning into zombie, losing his humanity with every passing moment. He needs to stop the process one way or another, before he completely turns into mindless beast.

So while Peter Parker is trying to get onto the ride to impress MJ, this man, slowly decaying, comes up to the fair. Everyone panics as he pleads to them to help him. Help him before he becomes one of… them.

[Q: Is it too late for him? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 70. Yes, Surge Count: 1]

As he does, however, he falls over dead… only to rise up again as a mindless zombie. Naturally, MJ freaks.

[Q: Does this deal some Emotional Stress to Peter Parker, as this is a pretty traumatic moment for him? Purpose: To Knowledge. Roll: 7, Surge making it 5. No, and unexpectedly…]

[Roll: 2]

Tying off, which means closing the thread… even though it just started. So the conflict goes pretty normally as security guards come in and shoot the zombie down without any effort. Peter Parker realizes that something is afoot. As soon as he’s done the date with Mary-Jane, he’s off to explore the cause.

We end the scene there with a pretty good idea of what happened. Now to focus on the other two.

[Roll: 1, 3, 2]

Meanwhile, in the circus, a family has gathered to watch people preforming. This is probably where Serikus is.

[Q: Is this set right before she abandoned her circus family? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 65. Yes, Surge Count: 1]

Serikus, or rather, Serah, is getting ready to perform. I’m having this be the first skill test I do, because I’m really itching to do one right now. Let’s begin the breakdown:

  • Affiliations: She’s doing this by herself, so Solo D6.
  • Distinction: Most definitely a Circus Performer right now, so D8.
  • Powers: Hm… My idea is that she ran away shortly after she got her powers. Maybe D8 Senses to find a good place to land.
  • Talents: Oh yeah, D8 for Acrobatics.


My end result is a 10, with a D8 as an effect die. Now it’s the Doom Pool’s turn. Normally, the dice rolled will be 2d6 at first, but I’m gonna start with 3d6.


Five is beaten by ten. Serah easily aces the backflip she was supposed to perform.

[Q: Is Maggio in the tent? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 48, surge making it 46. No. Surge Count: 2]

No. So, I think this can be when she finds the shady dealings that have been going on. Tying back to the zombie that Peter met, once she’s done preforming, she takes a small break to the…

[Roll: 6, 7, 3]

Food Concession to have…. Well… food. There she sees a clown with gray skin. It’s unmoving and she even uses her telepathy to know that there’s literally no brainwaves inside him. She has no idea what it is, but then she sees the Ring Master come. She’ll go off to hide while the Ring Master berates the zombie for not following his orders, hitting him around with a cattle prod. In public. She’s pretty horrified by this.

And now I’m going to check to see if she gets spotted. The Ring Master, for now, is a Specialty character.

  • Affiliations: This is something he’s clearly doing by himself, and while they run the show, Ring Masters need the cooperation of others. So Solo ranked d4.
  • Others: He’ll be gaining a standard D6 from the Doom Pool for the rest for total and effect.


Total is a 6 with a D4 effect. Now it’s Serah’s turn.

  • Affiliations: She’s doing this by herself, so Solo D6.
  • Distinction: She’s going to use her Child Runaway for this in hiding. D8.
  • Powers: Invisibility, obvious. D8.
  • Talents: Acrobatics to try and jump away? D8.


And she rolled a 1. I’m gonna ask the CRGE if it’s gonna activate it?

[Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 56, Surge making it 60, Surge Count: 3]

Yes. Now is he going to step it up?

[Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 58, Surge making it 64, Surge Count: 4]

Oh yeah, so now the Doom Pool is 2d6 and 1d8. However, she managed to beat his total with a 14, and she easily gets away.

[Q: Does she bump into the other heroes? Purpose: To Knowledge. A: 70, Surge making it 78. Yes. Surge Counter: 5]

[Who? Roll… Peter Parker.]

So she bumps into Parker and proceeds to babble on about how she just witnessed her Ring Master batter and abuse a clown, not knowing just what it is. Peter consoles her and tells her to not worry about it. In truth, this just added a clue for Peter Parker. Whatever these zombies are, he has a good idea of where to start looking.


[Roll: 2, 3, 3]

Near the concession stand is where Dr. Maggio just finished doing his business at the porta-potty. There he sees the Ring Master beating up on the clown zombie. He goes over and tries to stop him, however, the Ring Master decides to beat him with the prod as well.

  • Affiliation: Solo D4
  • Distinction: He’s an average thug, so D6.
  • Powers: He’s using a Cattle prod, ranked D8.
  • Talents: Hm… Not really sure if they apply. So


He gets a 7 total with a D8 effect. Now it’s Maggio’s turn.

  • Affiliation: Solo D10.
  • Distinction: He’s probably just gonna pull a simple trick to fool him, so “Wanna See A Trick?” at D8.
  • Powers: Sorcery D10
  • Talents: Mystic D10


Oh yeah, a 19 easily beats 7 with D10 Effect Die. He force pushes the prod out of his hands and ends up scaring the poor guy. He’ll gain an XP for using stress from his Sorcery. He runs away calling for the guards, only for Maggio to state that he’ll just bring up the fact that he was abusing the zombie. He looks over to the zombie.

[Q: Does the zombie attack? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 38, Surge making it 28. No. Surge Counter 6]

It just lies there braindead. He’s going to try and see what’s wrong with him by rolling it out.

  • Affiliation: Solo D10.
  • Distinction: He’s obviously trying to be the one last hope for the zombie, so D8.
  • Powers: Senses D8
  • Talents: Psyche D8


Alright, I’ll do a 15 total with a D10 effect. Now it’s the Doom Pool’s turn, since this is an unopposed action.


The 10’s not gonna do anything to my 15, so he now gets a D10 Asset of knowing just what this is. A Zombie. Flat out zombie. He might have studied on zombies in his time of being a mystic, so he’s definitely looking into this.

And that’s the end of the circus scene. We have each of our characters intent on exploring the Circus to find out more about the mysterious zombies and where they came from. So far, Location Crafter’s doing good when the Region Sheet’s already filled out. It’s now later in the night. Peter Parker’s done his date with Mary Jane and has come back onto the scene as Spider-Man, Serah is already at the carnival because it’s her home, and Maggio is also there for a bit of investigating.

I’m using Covetous Poet’s scene twist for this one.

[Roll: 4]

No twist. So now I’m gonna roll up the Location for the three.

[Scene Roll: 9, 10, 10]

So I’ll have Serah be the first on scene because this place is the Animal Cages. Security there has doubled because of Maggio’s intimidation. However, one of them is pretty old and has to walk on a cane.

[Q: Do they know her? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 40, Surge making it 28. Surge Count: 7]

No. They don’t. So one of them pulls a gun on her and she has to do something to either dissuade them or explain the situation. I’m gonna see if she’ll try to use her status rather than her powers.

  • Affiliation: Solo D6
  • Distinctions: Circus Performer D8
  • Psychic Powers: Hm… None?
  • Talents: None.


And I took two ones. Oh crap.

[Q: Will we be adding 2d6 to the Doom Pool? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 43, Surge making it 29. Surge Count: 8]

No, it’ll instead take 1d6 and step up one of the D6s into a D8, for a grand total of 2d6, 2d8. No matter how I look at it, she’ll fail. The old guard will motion to arrest her. Now would be a good time to respond to this with activating her powers.

  • Affiliation: Solo D6
  • Distinctions: Runaway Child D8
  • Powers: Animal Control D10
  • Talents: Menace Expert D8


I rolled a 1.

[Q: Will the GM buy the opportunity? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 21, Surge making it 5.]

No, but he’s going to instead step up a die in trade for that plot point. So now it’s 1d6, 3d8.

My character’s total will be 13 with an effect of a D10. Now it’s the guard’s turn.

  • Affiliation: Buddy D6
  • Distinction: He’s a guard, but he’s pretty old so D4.
  • Powers: None
  • Talent: Crime Master: D10


And the GM rolls a 1, to which Serah decides to spend a plot point and exploit. Now she has a D6 Push Die, which is stepped up to a D8. However, she’s able to overwhelm the guards by psychically controlling lions from the cage to pounce at the guards and scare them. She pretty much stresses out the two of them as they run away.

Now would be a bad time for Spidey to show up.

[Q: Does Spider-Man assume that Serah is the villain here? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 75. Surge Counter: 1]

Oh yeah, he does. Spider-Man’s gonna try and do some better judgement, trying to console the girl, since he has seen her before. Maybe talk her out of taking matters into her own hands.

  • Affiliation: Solo D8
  • Distinction: Oh, he’s obviously going for With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. D8
  • Powers: None will help him in this situation.
  • Talents: Psyche Expert D8


Spider-Man rolled a 1.

[Q: Will the GM buy this opportunity? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 96, surge making it 98.]

Yes, that what he’d normally do, but because he sees this as a player vs player conflict, he’s not going to buy it, since he feels like it’s not directly related to the story. So Parker’s got 11 total with a D4 Effect Die. Serah’s go. She’s gonna start off by turning her Animal Control power into a complication for a plot point.

  • Affiliations: Solo D6
  • Distinctions: Runaway Child D8
  • Powers: Teleportation seems like a good way to respond to this. D8
  • Talents: Psychic Expert D8
  • Push: D8 from the last roll


She rolled a one, and the GM realizes just how this can be twisted. So he buys the opportunity (giving her four plot points so far) and says that she succeeds in the teleporting… right into the Lion cage with the out of control animals.

  • Affiliation: Team D8
  • Distinction: Lion D8
  • Powers: Claws D10
  • Talents: Menace Expert D8
  • Push: D10 from the Complication of Serah’s.


The GM’s gonna spend that Doom Die he got from creating this problem into adding another die to the total, resulting in a total of 21 with a D10 Effect Die. Now it’s Spidey’s turn.

  • Affiliation: Buddy D10
  • Distinction: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility D8
  • Powers: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Powers 2: Weapon D8
  • Talents: Combat Expert D8
  • Push: D6 From Grapple SFX


Parker gets an 8 total with a D10 Effect, stepped up to D12. It’s Serah’s turn to see if she’ll be able to get out of here.

  • Affiliation: Buddy D8
  • Distinction: Child Runaway D8
  • Psychic Powers: Invisibility D8
  • Talents: Psychic Expert


And Serah rolled yet another 1. GM’s gonna buy that and give Serah five plot points to play around with. Bottom line, no one can hope to take on the 27/d10… Except maybe…

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: The Last Hope D8
  • Transmutation: D10
  • Talents: Mystic D10


And Maggio rolls a 1 as well as the GM buys that too. So yeah, Serah’s getting a D10 Physical Stress. The Lions will have their go.


The lions rolled a one, which Serah will happily use as an opportunity to control them, thus eliminating the conflict. Thank God, they had rolled two 8s on their D8s so we’d be boned. She controls the lions into stopping her, and I’ll just say she’s able to teleport out of the cage. Now the three are united. Spider-Man still thinks Serah’s the villain and Maggio is just as lost as anyone stumbling into the scene.

However, Peter Parker might be able to recognize when someone is unable to control their powers, especially since he might know a couple of people with that problem already. Because of this, I’ll ask the CRGE the question, but with a -10 modifier.

[Q: Does Parker still think of Serah as a villain? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 51, minus the 10 is a 41. Surge Count: 1]

No, he stops thinking that. So I presume the discussion goes a little something like this:

Spider-Man: Hey, so what’s the deal with everyone visiting the circus during after hours?

Maggio: Zombies.

Serah: Dirty dealings.

Spider-Man: Ah. Well, I was going to investigate those anyways. Wanna team up?

Serah: Yeah, sure, why not.

Maggio: Okay.

And that’s how they assembled. Alright, I’m gonna ask the CRGE a question of if Serah, who has connections to the circus, has any idea of where this zombie thing is. The question will be modified by her roll of a D8 (her Acrobatics talent) doubled.

[Q: Does she know where the zombies are being made? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 90, her talent making it 98, Surge making it 100]

Yes, and unexpectedly…

[Roll… 12]

Entering the red. The most logical conclusion is that more guards show up. I can try to have Spider-Man defuse the situation, but there’s that whole “hero or menace” thing, Maggio had that using sorcerer powers trick and Serah had just controlled the animals to do her bidding. Now they’re gonna shoot to kill. Spider-Man’s gonna try and take their guns out with his webbing.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Friendly Neighbourhood Hero? (I’m not sure if it fits, but the question mark sort of puts things into question, so I’ll accept it) D8
  • Powers: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Powers 2: Web Weapon D8
  • Talents: Combat Expert D8
  • Others: Grapple D6


So total is 13 and the effect die is a d12 (because of Grapple stepping up the effect die).

It’s the guards’ turn.

  • Affiliation: Team D8
  • Distinction: These are normal Guards, so D8
  • Powers: Gun D6
  • Talents: Combat Novice D6


And the guards rolled a 1, which Spidey will take with his Plot Point.

As such, they’re no match for their complication. Now the team has to figure out how to get away. Serah will go next.

  • Affiliation: Team D10
  • Distinction: Child Runaway D8
  • Powers: Teleport D8
  • Talents: Acrobatics D8
  • Others: The d12 webbing complication


And Serah rolls a one. I think the GM will let this one slide for now, since the idea would be to have her teleport back to the cage. Her total is 12 with a D12 Effect. Maggio’s turn.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wanna See A Trick D8
  • Powers: Teleport D8
  • Talents: Mystic D10
  • Others: D12 Webbing


Well, his total’s an 18 with a D12 as an effect die. Spider-Man’s turn. He’s probably gonna give a quip about leaving the guards in a sticky situation.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wisecracker D8
  • Powers: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Powers 2: Swingline D8
  • Specialties: Acrobatics D10
  • Others: D12 Webbing


And he rolled a 1. The GM will probably like to create an opportunity. The question is if he wants to.

[Purpose: To Conflict. A: 84. Surge Count: 1]

Yes. He will buy that 1 and create an opportunity. Mid-swing, Spider-Man’s webbing breaks up and he falls right into the cops. Spider-Man will accept that and have a total of 14 with an Effect Die of D12 It’s now the cops turn to respond. However, because they are busy with Spidey, they might be lucky.

  • Affiliation: Team D8
  • Distinction: Guards D8
  • Powers: Reflexes D6
  • Talents: Acrobatics Novice D6


Their total is an eleven with a D8 Effect. However, everyone else is higher than them, so unfortunately, they get unintentionally frog splashed by Spider-Man, stressing them out due to the D12 effects. Now that they’re done with them, Serah will point to them into the direction of where the zombies might be coming from.

She points to an old, abandoned fun house and says how there used to be an old scientist that lived there. There may be a chance that he is connected to this somehow. However, I won’t ask the CRGE this. It’s too much of a leading question. With that, the group heads into the Fun House, where we will end our session.

Who is responsible for the Zombies? How will our heroes stop them? Find out next time, True Believers!

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