The Fan-Voted Quarter Quell Part 2

Alright, when we last left off our superheroes, they discovered a zombie plot going down in Serah’s own circus. They took a while to get together, but now that they have, they’re going to investigate the abandoned funhouse that seems to have all the answers they need regarding the zombies.

I noticed that I have relied too heavily on Location Crafter. From this point on, the next few scenes will be created with the other Drivers.

First scene will be made by Covetous Poet.

  • Action: 990 = Watch
  • Thing: 224 = Divorce
  • Plot Device: 971 = You Can’t Trust Anyone
  • Opposition: (Q: More Guards? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 98, Surge making it 100.) Yes.
    • And unexpectedly: 20
  • Location: The Funhouse.

Alright, so for those who haven’t played with CRGE, there are three results for the Unexpectedly table that are for either re-rolls or reserved for something else, be it something exclusive to a game system or something you have in mind. In this case, especially with the “You Can’t Trust Anyone” angle, we can work with this.

While we do encounter guards, they are more than willing to talk. I’d say their relation to us is Peaceful.

  • Conversation Mood: 88 = Helpful
  • NPC Bearing: 3 from D10, 5 from D8 = Happiness
  • NPC Focus: 29 = Skills

Alright, so I guess they’re delighted to have us over, especially Serah (they know her from the circus acts), only to ask us to help them with regards to a strange haunting that’s been going on in the funhouse. Obviously, we accept and they let us in. Well, that was a quick scene.

Our next scene is inside the funhouse. Using Tangent Zero for this.

[Our results are a bullet and a wolf]

Spider-Man’s senses goes off and he grabs the heroes to safety while a gun fires out. … Oh God. Okay, originally I was gonna use Kraven the Hunter, but his distain to guns led me to this alternative. The group ends up confronting Sniper Wolf. Well, crap. Alright, Spidey’s going first. He’s gonna fire his webbing at Sniper Wolf.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wisecracker at D4 (He’s sidewinded by that attack), but he’ll use the aspect of the location’s Darkness for D8.
  • Powers: Wall-Crawling D6
  • Powers 2: Web-Slinging Weapon D8
  • Specialties: Covert Expert D8


The total will be 10 with a D8 effect die. Next will be Serah. She’s going to try to teleport and get Sniper Wolf from behind.

  • Affiliation: Team D10
  • Distinction: Dog Eat Dog at D8, Darkness at D4
  • Powers: Teleport D8
  • Specialties: Menace D8


And I rolled a 1 on by D4, which the GM will accept to add to his Die Pool. Her total is 9 with an effect of D10. Next is Maggio’s turn. He’s gonna try to use his Transmutation powers to evaporate the bullets.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wanna See A Trick? At D8, Darkness at D4
  • Powers: Transmutation D10
  • Specialties: Mystic D10


And he rolled two ones on his dice. The GM will buy it and add to the Doom Pool as a D8. His total is 7 with a D10 Effect Die. Alright, now to see if Sniper Wolf will be able to stop one of them.

  • Affiliation: Solo D8
  • Distinction: Cold-Blooded Sniper D8
  • Powers: Sniper Weapon D8
  • Talents: Combat Master D10


She gets a 1 on her D10. Spider-Man will spend a plot point to create a push/stunt for his next move. However, her totals 15, beating the highest. Her Effect Die is a D8 and she’ll hit Spiderman. She then invokes her SFX, which costs a die from the Doom Pool to cast. In this, a D8 to cause poison damage to Spiderman. However, he already has D8 Physical Stress, it gets stepped up to D10.

Now it’s Spider-Man’s turn. He’s going to actually do a reaction roll to this.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wisecracker D4, Darkness D8
  • Powers: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Second Powers: None useable
  • Talents: Acrobatic Master D10
  • Bonus: Push D8


His final total ties her bullet with 15. In events of a tie, the action wins. So Spidey is poisoned, so he’ll try to get away.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinction: Wisecracker D4, Darkness D8
  • Powers: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Second Powers: None useable
  • Talents: Acrobatic Master D10


And Spiderman rolled another 1. The Game Master adds a die to the doom pool and his total comes down to 12 with an Effect Die of D10. Meanwhile the other two will do what they did before and hope their actions succeed.


Another 1 and another Plot Point added to the Doom Pool. Serah also has a 12 with a D10 effect.


Meanwhile Maggio’s actually gonna take matters into his own hands and spend a plot point to add a die to the total. 19 with a D10. Wolf’s response is to add a D6 from the Doom Pool to her roll.


And Wolf rolled a 1, which Maggio will spend a plot point to take as a Stunt/Push for his next move. The bullets she fired turned into dust before her eyes and she’s inflicted some mental stress from it. Spider-Man and Serah, however, ended up going away from the fight and end up at the next scene, leaving Maggio alone with Sniper Wolf.

Being solo, however, is his specialty.

  • Affiliation: Team D10
  • Distinction: Smug Magician At D8, Darkness at D4
  • Powers: Sorcery D10
  • Specialties: Mystic D10


And he takes a 15 as his total with a D10 as an effect. Sniper Wolf’s not gonna have any of it and she decides to attack.


And she rolled a 1 on one of her dice. Maggio wins out the fight and stresses her out mentally. He gains an experience from that and he runs off to find the others. I’ll probably assume that Sniper Wolf is just freaking out at his magic powers. Alright, next scene will be further in. Tarot Card, if you may?

[Draw: Two of Swords (Peace), when reversed]

So among the many meanings, one of them, abuse of trust, caught my eye. I know what will obviously happen here. Further into the funhouse, they discover a secret lab. There, Serah’s father is seen experimenting on a corpse.

[Q: Does anyone recognize the corpse? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 14]

No, and… Hm… What is there to “and” about?

[Tarot: Nine of Pentacles (Gain), when reversed]

The thing I’m taking from this is elitism and snobbishness. So, no. No one recognizes the corpse he’s working on, nor is the scientist recognizing that his own daughter is in his secret lab. He’s just “LAWL, I’M EVIL!”. I guess Spider-Man will try to interrupt the cadaver experimenting.

  • Affiliations: Team D6
  • Wisecracker: D8
  • Power-Set 1: Superhuman Reflexes D10
  • Power-Set 2: Web-Slinging Weapon D8
  • Talents: Combat Expert D8


His total will be fifteen with a D8 Effect.

[Q: Is the scientist too enamoured with his work to even care? Purpose: Conflict. A: 84. Surge Counter: 1]

Alright, so now the Doom Pool will decide if his web-fluid chooses to run out.


The two highest numbers would match 15, and ties goes to the attacker, so no. He catches the scientist’s attention with his webbing and gives a pretty good quip while he’s at it. So I guess I’ll roll up what he says beyond “MUWAHAHAHAHA! MY ZOMBIES WILL WORK WONDERS!” Perhaps figure out why he’s making zombies.

  • NPC Mood: Cautious
  • NPC Bearing: Shadows
  • NPC Focus: Relics

Hm… I guess he could be jumpy about something. I think I now know what this is all about. He raves on about how they must be here for the stone he has in his hands.

[Q: Does Serah know about the stone? Purpose: To Conflict. A: (+10 for family history) 17. Surge Counter: 1]

No she does not.

[Q: Does Spiderman recognize the stone? Purpose: To Conflict. A: (+20 due to the stone being pretty famous) 92, +2 makes it 94.]

Yes, he does know, and he’s gonna immediately grab the stone using the same rolling method, but spending a plot point for a push die.


He rolled two opportunities. A fresh, shiny D8 for the Doom Pool. His result is a 14 with a D8 Effect. Response will be…

  • Affiliation: Solo D4
  • Distinction: Mad Scientist D6
  • Specialty: Reflexes D6
  • Doom Pool: D8


[Q: Will the GM spend a Doom Die to add to the total? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 86]

Yes. He will. His grand total is a… 14… You know what, never mind. Forget that. Spider-Man snatches the Soul Gem from him and berates him for toying around with an Infinity Stone. Maggio is marvelling at the idea of the zombie and Serah is feeling very betrayed that her own father had pretty much betrayed her by creating zombies behind her back.

Our villain’s… easily defeated. I wanna end this on a high note though. The zombie gets up and now they have to fight it, especially since this zombie just happens to be a buff muscleman. Spider-Man’s first.


Spider-Man’s total is a 15 (he had to add another die to the total with a Plot Point) and a D10 for Effect. Hulking zombie’s response?

  • Affiliation: Buddy D8
  • Distinction: Hulking Zombie D8
  • Powers: Godlike Durability D12
  • Specialty: Combat Expert D8
  • Bonuses: Spider-Man’s Poison Complication D10


[Q: Will the GM spend a Doom Die to add to the total? Purpose: To Conflict. A: 84. Surge Counter: 1]

Yes he will. He will add another D8 to the total, making it 16 with a D12 Effect Die. Dr. Maggio gets a go.

  • Affiliation: Team D6
  • Distinctions: Smug Magician D8
  • Power Set: Sorcery D10
  • Talents: Mystic Master D10


Total is 9. Rolled for the zombie. Even with the 1 opportunity (which Maggio buys), he manages to overcome it with a 10 total.

Next up is Serah’s turn.

  • Affiliation: Team D10
  • Distinctions: Dog Eat Dog D8
  • Power Set: Animal Control D10
  • Talents: Psyche D8
  • Opportunity Stunt: D8


Her total is a 15 with a D10 Effect. Hulking Zombie’s response.


The Hulking Zombie rolled a 1 on his D12, which Serah buys out. With no dice to win out her total, Serah calls forth a pack of raccoons to go ravage the zombie and wreck up the lab. The group exit with Serah’s father in tow, but not before Pete takes a few pictures of the lab as evidence… or maybe for the Daily Bugle.

[Q: Does Serah see Spiderman take photos? Purpose: To Endings. A: (+D8 from Senses) 21 (D8 was 2, making it 23) – 2 = 21. Surge Counter: 2]

No she does not. So the night ends like so:

  • Maggio turns over his research of his findings of zombies to his pile of research for further study.
  • Serah runs away after realizing how much of a monster her father is for making zombies and Dr. Maggio takes her under his wing as she renames herself Serikus.
  • Spiderman turns over his photos to the Daily Bugle and somehow this correlates to Spider-Man (Jameson saw the webs and concluded that this was Spider-Man’s doing).
  • Sniper Wolf ends up leaving and assassinating the father after he got arrested for zombie making. To this day she had no idea why the mad scientist hired her.

And that’s basically the story. I realize just how rusty I am with a game I thought I knew the rules of. There were a lot of things I forgot and a lot of things I couldn’t implement properly. But overall, it was a good experience to have. I still love the dice pool mechanic, however.

One of the biggest challenges I had was using the Location Crafter for the first time. It works fine, though it may be a while before I decide to create my own location. Perhaps my first one will be for a large scale one, akin to an encounter system for Hexcrawling. With that all said and done, I hope you guys enjoyed the Fan-Voted Quarter Quell. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do this again next year.

But for now, I’ll start working on the Solo Appreciation Month now. Let’s just say the game I’m gonna be playing is gonna be a huge blast from the past. Bon Voyage, gamers. As for the unused suggestions… Let’s say they’ll find a use in some way, shape, or form.

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