Stay Alive: The Extra Life Inspired RPG

Inspired by the Extra Life fundraiser in which people play games for twenty-four hours straight, I figured to make a solo RPG using the Snakes on a Plane system. The basic premise? Survive twenty-four hours while fighting off zombies. To basically put, it’s Snakes on a Plane the RPG, but on a much, much longer scale. A Macro-Game, if you will.

Your stats are as follows:

  • Guts: How strong you are.
  • Nerve: How fast you are.
  • Cool: How unlikely are you at freaking out at zombies.
  • Wits: How smart you are.
  • Charm: How charismatic you are.

You have 25 points to distribute to each stat. You also have to decide on a goal, something short-term that you have to do before the 24 hours are up. If you fail to achieve your goal, you will be bitten by a zombie and die.

Task resolution is the same. Roll a number of dice equal to your chosen stat. 1s are fails, 5s and 6s are successes. If you don’t have any 1s, 5s, or 6s, it’s called a “misstep” and you must reroll until there are 1s, 5s, and 6s. Getting damaged is also the same thing.

Much like the game, there’s a Before Zombies phase and an After Zombies phase. The basic starting scenario is that you are holed up in a spot along with some other survivors. You decide whether this would be a farmhouse, a mall, a bunker, or practically anything. You have one hour in the Before Zombies phase to properly prepare for an oncoming zombie swarm, or twelve skill checks. These skill checks can be a variety of things, like putting up barricades to talking down some of the panicking survivors.

However, if you fail one of these checks, the zombie attacks and your fight for survival begins, thus beginning the After Zombies phase. Every check you make will now have a constant threat of a zombie attack. To help you in the beginning, every successful check made in the Before Zombies phase turn into a number of times you can reroll ones, leading up to twelve times you can reroll a single die with a one.

Getting damaged works practically the same, but flavor wise, it’s different in the sense that they attack certain parts of your body (arm for Guts, leg for Nerve, head for Wits, face for Charm) or if they just menace you (Cool). As usual, you die when one of your stats hits 0.

Time passes differently in this game compared to Snakes on a Plane. Every successful skill check takes five minutes away from the total time while every zombie attack takes away fifteen. The game lasts for approximately twenty four hours in game, as any remaining minutes you had in Before Zombies when you fail a check will be added to the remaining hours.

For every hour that passes, you gain one additional stat point to add. This includes the hour in the Before Zombies phase. Achieving your goal will net your two stat points. Well, happy trails, and good luck in your fight against the zombies.