[SGAM 2015] Let’s Play Braunstein! Part 2 – Cleaning Out The Rats

Alright, let’s begin playing some more Braunstein. When we last left off the game, Drake and Skyla ended up having their own problems to face. Drake ended up with a box of Paopu Fruit that can make a killing in the market. Meanwhile Skyla has a huge rat problem. Oh yeah, and the mayor’s dead…

Alright, I’m gonna roll up who moves out of their hiding hole and who doesn’t. Skyla and Drake will automatically exit.


So the following people who will come out are:

  • The Head of the Secret Police, who is on the trail of who killed the mayor.
    • [Q: Does it have anything to do with the rats? A: No, and it’s shown that the Mayor had been shot]
  • The Captain of the Army, who was about to go on an expedition but he got attacked by rats.
  • The Factory Owner, however he’s delayed with a factory delay.
  • And the Financer, who knows there’ll be some sucker to fool.

And with that, let’s begin.

[Scene Roll for Drake: 4, Quiet Scene]

However, before he could make it to the market place, he triggers an event placed on the map.

[Event: Heart, Thunder Strike, Aliens]

Suddenly, an alien bolt strikes at Drake.

[Q: Does he get out of the way? A: 5]

Yes he does.

Drake IconWhat in the blue blazes was that!?

[Q: Does he know? A: 2]

Drake IconI have no idea what the hell that was! I better go investigate.

So he’s gonna enter into where the alien bolt came from, ending that scene. Next scene, Skyla.

[Scene Roll: 4]

It’s also a quiet scene.

[Q: Is the Minister of Information in the Radio Tower? A: 5]

Straight up yes, so Skyla would see him, as she’s flying a helicopter. Which means we get to encounter another player.

What? You can't expect ALL of them to be Pokemon characters.

Alright, let’s fire up the good ol’ NPC Emulator.

  • [Q: Does the DJ and Skyla have a rivalry? A: 4. Yes, but they are just distrustful]
  • NPC Mood: 99 = Forthcoming
  • NPC Bearing: 3 on D8, 9 on D10 = Shelter
  • NPC Focus: 43 = Friends

[Q: Does he know about the rats? A: 4]

Yes he does, but he’s not aware that Skyla was affected.

Sagara IconHeeeeeelllllllllllllooooo, Skyla!

Skyla IconOh… Hey there.

Sagara IconSo, I heard there was a rat problem.

Skyla IconYeah. Two of my men got killed trying to eradicate them.

Sagara IconAh… Word on the street’s that there’s gonna be a rat infestation.

Skyla IconOh God…

Sagara IconGiven how good you are with the skies, we could traverse across the skies and stop some rats.

Skyla Icon What could a DJ do to help a pilot stop rats?

Sagara IconYou’d be surprised with how words can drive people to insanity. I’ll spread a lie, say that the rats have a sort of… plague. They’ll over react and drive out the rats, leaving us to easily exterminate them.

Skyla IconWell… that idea can work.

Sagara IconSo, shall we team up?

Skyla IconI guess so.

And so they get in their plane and fly off to the Market Place.

Back to Drake.

[Scene Roll: 1]

[Twist? 3]

No twist, but regardless, it’s a dramatic scene. Think it’s time to employ this week’s ingredient. A news article showing… Well…

As Drake steps into the tower, he sees a stair case leading upwards. He goes up them. There, in the highest room of the tower, he meets… him.v icon Greetings, good gentleman.

Drake IconDid you have anything to do with that… bolt you fired at me?

v iconYes.

  • NPC Relationship: 78 = Neutral.
  • NPC Bearing: 5 on D8, 6 on D10 = Request.
  • NPC Focus: 42 = Future Action

v iconI presume that you’re aware of the mayor’s assassination?

Drake IconWho isn’t aware of the ass- Wait, assassination?

v iconDid you think that his death was a coincidence? I have a belief that whoever killed the mayor was close to him.

Drake IconWhy should I trust you? You nearly killed me!

v iconOh trust me, if I was out to kill you, I would have done so hours ago when you were examining those Paopu fruits.

Drake IconYou knew about that?

v iconYes. I was the one who sent it to you, after all. Think of it as my calling card.

Drake IconYou’re a Banannian?

v iconOnly for today. Now… what say you? I’ll give you twice the amount of Paopu fruits you currently have if you help me expose the killer of the mayor.

Drake Icon… Alright, but only because you had me at doubled the Paopus.

And those two will go forth to do their work. Back to Skyla and the DJ.

[Scene Roll: 5, quiet scene]

So the duo arrive at the Market Place where they see that there’s the Treasurer there.

[Q: Have the Wolf and Skyla have a rivalry? A: 4, much like DJ, Skyla and Wolf are bitter and distrustful at best.]

This is gonna be a chaotic mess as I discern the different sequence of Story Cubes for this.

First, I’ll discern the Market Place’s cubes, since that’s the setting of the game.

[Market Place Cubes: Squid, Tap, Brainwaves]

These are the new imports from a town up north that the Wolf is selling. It’s a kind of squid that latches onto people’s heads and seemingly takes all the stress they have away. Next up, the cubes that the Wolf got from departing from his starting location.

[Wolf’s Cubes: Syringe, Cloud Thingy, Fungal Growth]

Meanwhile the Wolf is busy selling a sort of chemical device. Now for this week’s ingredients.

[Ingredients: Man caught in Spiral, Something falling from the sky behind someone, A Circus Tent]

And in the middle of all this is a circus tent. The spiral could represent chaos and behind someone could mean it happens right under their noses.

Hence, that circus tent is full of rats. But… do they know?

[A: 3]

No, but they have a pretty good clue that there’s rats in the area. The DJ announces that the rats have the plague in the hopes that it scares the crowd away.

[Q: Does the Wolf manage to get them to stay? A: 1]

No, and they start panicking. The rats, recognizing the fear and terror, rush out. Well, time to clear the area. Now, while Braunstein notes that the helicopters are unarmed, I… sort of want that Apache feel. So here we go. Attack Helicopter on Circus action.

[Roll to hit (two dice for twin machine guns): 2 hits, 2 kills]

So the Apache just fires into the circus tent and kills about twenty or so of the rats and caused the Circus Tent to collapse. The crowd is obviously running away from this. The Helicopter then lands on the rest of the rats, crushing them under its weight. Obviously, the Assassin and Drake also hear the news and they rush in. The Wolf, upset with this, readies himself for the calling out of a lifetime.

Something that we’ll resume on Monday.

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