Stat It: Quill

It had occurred to me a while back when I was creating my stats for Swords & Six-Siders that what I’m playing is akin to a roguelike, a genre of videogames that feature procedurally generated levels and a pretty hard difficulty. In a way, it makes me feel like I’m actually playing a game on Steam. By that point, I began to think of RPGs more akin to PC games, only, instead of a story for you to play through, you’re instead playing in an open sandbox game where the story is entirely up to you. Far more freedom than most games offer nowadays.

That isn’t to say that I’m shifting gears and I’m going to start putting buckets over peoples’ heads while I loot them or start driving around the country side and scaling tall towers to get an achievement, but rather I just felt like I’m seeing RPGs in a new light. This, in turn, makes me more excited to play the RPGs I will be playing soon. Here’s another Stat It for one such game: Quill.

This game was made for a single player to play. The game is basically you writing letters to impress someone. It is up to you to find the best words to use and write it as elegantly as you can. For this, we need three things: Penmanship, to make the letter stand out from the rest, Language, to ensure the letter has the most superior wording, and Heart, to put all my passion into the letter. It’s not really a Stat It per se, as I just simply need to pick a character from the list of six to play as.

I’ll select The Courtier for her good stats in Heart and Penmanship. I do however, pick a skill. However, the skills are mainly “get a one-time boost to your dice”. I’ll pick Augmentation, which gives me the one-time + for Heart. And that’s basically it. It’s a pretty easy game to just pick up and play. I created a character in less time than it took for me to stat up my S&SS character.

It’s practically to the point where I could wind up playing the game right now, but I’m going to instead devote my time to reading up on the game I’m going to play for Valentine’s Day. You people will know what it is soon enough. Until then, Bon Voyage, gamers.

Stat It: Swords & Six-Siders

Alright, so before I get to work on the Valentine’s Day Special, I figured to do Stat Its for the next few RPGs, including the special itself. I’ll go in the order of importance. The first game I’ll tackle is a really nice game that I actually got in the mail. Most other games I got were either in PDF format or I went over to a Friendly Local Game Store to buy.

This was different though. Long story short, over on dieheart, Sophia held a contest and the winner would be given a copy of the game Swords & Six-Siders in a physical version. I ended up being one of the two winners and received the game a few weeks later. I figured I owe it to Sophia to do a Solo RPG Voyage to S&SS. Continue reading

My Chosen Engine

I have struggled with picking a personal favorite Engine. Out of the emulators I playtested, I ranked three on the top of my list, Covetous Poet, Mythic GM Emulator, and the Conjectural Roleplaying Gamemaster Emulator. I adored these three for various reasons… but… At some point, when I have no idea what Engine to use, I need to decide on one.

However, this is where things get… spicy. Over on the Solo Roleplayer’s site, Kenneth Norris had an interview with Zach Best, the creator of the CRGE. Originally, CRGE was to be a framework to put over Mythic GM Emulator in an attempt to condense the Engine and make things less hectic.

This is the plus to CRGE. The answering is very solid, straightforward, and has an addictive system regarding keeping track of how many straight yes/no answers you have, so that when you roll again, you can get a better chance of an And, But, or Unexpectedly (CRGE’s plot twist option).

However, while I enjoy CRGE’s plot twist resolution system, sometimes I still hold a torch for Mythic’s plot twist resolution system. That’s when I realized… I could basically import that into CRGE without any fuss. I basically curb a rule or two by making all doubles, regardless of Chaos Factor, triggers for a Random Event.

So why not cut the middle man and import that (and Scene Rolls) over to CRGE? And so I will. Thus, I dub this Engine… Well, it’s not really worthy enough, since it’s just CRGE with two extra things imported from Mythic. I’m not even sure if it’ll work. Gotta give it a test run soon.

But anyways, I’m personally calling it CRGE Kai (bonus points to whoever gets the reference) but for all rights, intents, and purposes, (or TL;DR) CRGE wins the Enginebowl for me and unless I decide otherwise, it’ll be my go to Engine.

[SGAM 2105] Let’s Play Braunstein! Part 5 – Tiro Finale

Alright, I figured I’d stop beating around the bush and finish up this Braunstein story. The headlines for this game read “And The World Dies In ‘Freak Accident’”, which, coupled with the rats that are happening, pretty much mean that we bubonic plague now.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. This game has gone so far off the rails now from what was meant to be a simple wargame where people were given roles of civilians. Now I’ve turned it into Game of Thrones set in a banana republic with proto-Skaven replacing the White Walkers and Pokemon characters as my players.

Where the hell did I go wrong? Continue reading