Stat It: Swords & Six-Siders

Alright, so before I get to work on the Valentine’s Day Special, I figured to do Stat Its for the next few RPGs, including the special itself. I’ll go in the order of importance. The first game I’ll tackle is a really nice game that I actually got in the mail. Most other games I got were either in PDF format or I went over to a Friendly Local Game Store to buy.

This was different though. Long story short, over on dieheart, Sophia held a contest and the winner would be given a copy of the game Swords & Six-Siders in a physical version. I ended up being one of the two winners and received the game a few weeks later. I figured I owe it to Sophia to do a Solo RPG Voyage to S&SS.

So what is Swords & Six Siders? Well, it’s an old-school-styled fantasy RPG where the concept is that everything is solved with a six sided die. It’s really simple, and I can see myself playing it. As much as I like D&D 5E for being simple and Pathfinder for having a huge depth of options, I was in love with D&D Basic’s surprisingly simple system.

Skimming the Player’s Book, done in a pretty nice old-school feel (I say that despite me not being around in the 70’s-80’s), there’s a simple enough crunch for one to get into. The Gamemaster’s Book is also a nice treat, similarly basic, yet with having a lot more to offer. All and all, as I read the books, I became more and more enthralled and interested in wanting to play the game.

And so, I’m going to stat up my character. I start with picking out a race. After weighing the options, I feel bad for going for the simplistic human race. However, their selling point is that they don’t get a lot of benefits, which means they don’t get a lot of drawbacks as well (for example, Elves are immune to magic, but they must reroll 6’s when rolling health) and thus, I only get benefits in the form of a wildcard language that I can pick during gameplay and two bonus points for attribute adjustment (all other races just get negatives).

For classes, this is where things go different. There’s no Cleric class, instead, it’s replaced with the Myrmidon. A Myrmidon is basically a spell casting swordsman, or to put in 5e terms, Eldritch Fighter. The class is unique and interesting enough for me to pick as the class. And simple as that, our Human Myrmidon, Bartholomew, is ready to go.

Rolling attributes is pretty different. You roll three dice. From there, you cross reference them with their opposite number (1s to 6s, 2s to 5s, 3s to 4s, and vice versa) and get your six stats that way.


The numbers I rolled are 3, 5, and 4, which means, along with those numbers, I also got 4, 2, and 3. Pretty average stats. I’ll use the two points I got to increase my five to a six and one of the threes to a four. Thus, I get pretty average stats.

  • STR: 6
  • INT: 4
  • WIS: 4
  • DEX: 4
  • CON: 3
  • CHA: 2

I feel like not putting the extra point on CON will bite me in the ass somehow. Though, rolling for health is simple. You just… roll. Yeah. {picks up D6} Observe.


I got a 2, but according to the rules, anything below 3 is bumped up to a 3. Speaking of, now to pick a spell. I’ll choose Magic Eyebeam, since that seems to be the equivalent of Magic Missile. As for equipment… They just told me to be sensible and grab what he would normally have. No funds or anything. There is money in the game, but it’s mostly used for services, like training or magic spells.

And other than setting up the rest of my stats, that’s it. The rest of what I need to set up is meta stuff like my Engine and all that. So let’s do that right now.

I think it’s fairly obvious to say that we’ll use Tiny Universal for this one as a nod/thanks to Sophia for giving me S&SS. The twist system will be utilizing TSS’ twists system, and will occur any time I roll doubles on the dice. And obviously, I’ll use the UNE in case of any NPC interactions. For miscellaneous stuff, I’ll be using Wizardawn, a site that’s basically a generator for old school games like S&SS.

And I guess that’s it. No real need to roll up a plot since it seems to be that we’ll be sticking to a pretty simple dungeon crawl, much like my run with D&D 5E. However, I do have a semblance of an idea though.

As it turns out, this is an actual legit dungeon, and Bartholomew has to rescue his friends from it and the deadly clutches of the Orcs. There, I say that was a pretty nice way to both create a plot and create new PCs. The creation of the other PCs won’t be recorded here, but to give you an idea of who his friends are:

  • Girno, the Dwarven Fighter.
  • Alfred, the Halfling Thief.
  • And Bregimon, the Elf Wizard.
  • For fun, I’ll also name the Orc leader: Furbog.

And that’s it. Well, bon voyage gamers.Bartholomew

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