Putting A Spotlight on FATAL & Friends

Alright, so I figured I’d put a spotlight on a website that I found remarkably hilarious. This is akin to the Let’s Play archive site, except instead of playing through video games, they instead read through RPGs and give their review on it. I found the one I came across hilarious, albeit really sad.

See, during my writing of the Bliss Stage session, I ran into a bit of confusion over what to do regarding the distribution of my rolled dice. So, I decided to go read an actual play or some sort of replay to figure out how they did it and see if they explained the rules. That’s when I came across the Fatal & Friends take on it.

The reason it’s sad is because it was criticizing the game. I said before how I loved the game, so seeing what essentially is a review of it lambasting the game is was… A slap across the face sounds too strong for what I felt. It felt more like being told a very sensitive joke, but rather than being offended, you instead laugh because it was funny. I found some parts that I laughed and agreed with. Overall, I enjoyed it despite the backlash it dealt Bliss Stage.

So yeah, check the site out if you’re ever curious about an RPG and want to have someone give a brief skim of how the rules work. You might laugh at a few of them.

I’ll provide a list of RPGs that have been featured on Solo RPG Voyages that people have taken the time to review if you’re interested.
1. Bliss Stage
2. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
3. Pathfinder
4. Titan World

The Valentine’s Day Special (Part 1)

Alright, so let’s begin playing Bliss Stage. I personally can’t wait to play it right now. The only problem is trying to figure out how to start it off. I have the setup, yes, but not a starting scenario. And I have an idea of what to do, but I feel like it’s more of an endgame scenario and not something for me to start off the session with but something to close it out on.

Fortunately, Bliss Stage has that covered with a section of the RPG called “The First Action”, which basically describes how the game begins. We start with a scenario in which it’s discovered that alien remotes are located outside the base. I can see a scene where the Authority Figure, a person who owns the farm that the base is situated on, approaching Shun lying on a pile of hay and telling him that he has to fight. Continue reading

An Update In Posting Schedules

So, as you might have noticed, my scheduled games have changed. The reason why is very simple: I find that I’m not having a lot of free time to do these as I had thought. As such, I figured that, at most, I’d do sessions once a month. Maybe two if the games I play are quick and easy.

The timing of when they come up depends on what I’m doing. If I’m playing a completely new game, then I might take a while to get the session out while I understand the rules and get around to posting it. If it’s a familiar game or a game with lite rules, I could be able to squeeze it out in a week and have room for one more.

And who knows? Maybe when life gets less hectic, I’ll be able to do more sessions. But as it stands right now, sessions will come once a month.

Stat It: Bliss Stage

Finally, we get to the RPG I’ve been wanting to play for Valentine’s Day. While I have hinted towards the game in my previous Valentine’s Day special, I figured I’d draw the suspense before my inevitable unveiling. When I first discovered this game, I fell in love with the premise and how the setting could set up to be a nice Evangelion-esqe story.

The plot? Right now, aliens have invaded Earth with a force that has put a huge chunk of the human population to eternal sleep. The survivors were unable to keep the economy, society, or any remote stability afloat, and so everything on Earth fell into chaos. To make matters worse, the aliens usually sent out robotic drones to pick off survivors.

However, a small band of survivors managed to grab one of these drones and reverse engineer them to create their own mechs. To put simply: to fight the monsters, they have created a monster, ANIMa. And so, they wage war against the aliens. Now is the time to fight back. This game’s story alone makes me want to play it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Bliss Stage. Continue reading