Swords, Six-Siders, and Suicude Squads

Alright, so we’re going to begin playing Swords & Six-Siders. I have my character sheet ready to go and my dungeon is made from Wizardawn. So, without further to do, let’s just go ahead with this dungeon delve!

So, allow me to bring up the basic idea of this game: Orcs kidnapped party members, it’s up to Bartholomew to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

We begin in Room 1, where we find some writing in ancient dwarven. I’ll take advantage of my character’s wildcard language ability and have him read it. It says that there’s a treasure hidden somewhere.

[Roll: 4, plus 2 from my Wisdom is 6]

He finds a sack containing 50 gold pieces. After that, he moves onto the next room, ending the scene.

[Scene Roll: 4 & 1, no Scene Twist]

[Roll: 1]

He tries to find some other treasure, but he couldn’t find any. With that, he proceeds to go further down into the dungeon.

[Scene Roll: 2 & 3, no Scene]

He enters the prison and encounters an orc.

[Q: Is he sleeping? A: 6]

Not yet, not until the next scene. I’m rolling the Orc’s perception to see if he notices.

[Roll: 3]

[Dex Check: 5]

The Orc manages not to see him. So Bart will wait it out. Next scene will take place an hour later…

[Scene Roll: 5 & 3, no Scene Event]

An hour passes and the orc is now asleep. Bart will fire a magic eyebeam at him to kill him.

[Roll: 3]

He hits him for half his health, but he wakes up and we must begin combat. After rolling, Bart goes first. The battle this is taking place at is over a large chasm, with Bart on one side and the orc on the other. Bart will do a running jump and leap over.

[Q: Will this be an athletics check? A: 7]

Yes, but the monster will get an attack of opportunity.

[Roll: 6]

So my character critically jumps over the chasm as the orc tries to attack me. While he hits, his damage is cancelled out by the damage reduction. I attack next.

[Roll: 1]

I miss. The Orc tries again. He hits and crits so hard, it kills my character.

No. I’m not making that up. He rolled a 7. I can only tank 2 (though I still take one damage regardless). My max health is 3. In short, he killed Bart. He is knocked down very hard right into the chasm beneath, taking even more damage. However, I’m not willing to let this be the end of the session. I’m gonna generate a character to heal Bart and get back in the game.

Time for our Dwarven Fighter to make his debut. After statting him up, Girno throws a healing potion at Bart’s direction and heals him. However, now they have no way of getting up. Bart’s going to try and crack open the lock.

[Roll: 3]

He fails. Girno is just gonna bash his way out.

[Roll: 4]

He manages to do so, with a large bang and alerting the guard to his location.

[Q: Does the orc call for backup? Advantage. Roll: 11]

Yes, he does, and they’re already on their way. The orc makes his way down.

[Q: Are the others in prison too? Advantage. Roll: 10]

Ten nails a yes and a random event (since both die rolled were 5s).

[Plot Twist: Physical Event Hinders The Heroes]

It’s obviously the orcs on their way. They brought a troll. Hang on, I’ll stat out the others.

[Q: Do they have time to bust them out before the orcs get there? Disadvantage. Roll: 5]

No, but they manage to bust out only one of them in time… Which will be Alfred, their rogue. So, by the time the heroes bust out, the other orc, Furbog, arrives with their troll. The guard goes first and descends down upon them. However, Alfred will hide from him.

[Roll: 6 vs. 3]

Alfred successfully hides from him and while he does his attack, he critically fails. Girno’s turn, but he too fails. While Bart manages to roll higher, he still doesn’t match the orc’s AC. The Orc, meanwhile, attacks Bart again, but misses. Alfred tries to attack again, but manages to miss. Meanwhile, Furbog leads the troll into the chasm, intending for him to fall on top of everyone in the chasm.

He pushes him off and everyone below must make a Dexterity saving throw, save for Bregimon, who is far and away from the troll’s fall. While Alfred and Bart make their saves, Girno and the Orc Guard don’t. The Troll falls down. Only Alfred survives because of his high health of five. The damage was six, halved would be three.

And the troll survives his fall.

[Q: Is the troll dazed? Advantage. A: 7]

Yes, but only for one round. Alfred must make it count.

[Roll: 5]

Ooooooh, just barely able to hit his AC. The Troll now attacks. He succeeds and kills Alfred. This leaves only Bregimon, the Elf Wizard who can’t attack or break out of jail. He can, however, cast Arcane Portal, which allows him to open the lock. He’ll wait for Furbog to get the troll out, then try to escape under nightfall. Scene ends and we do a new scene.

[Scene Roll: 4 & 5, no new scene event]

Night falls.

[Q: Do they get a new guard? Advantage. A: 10]

Yes, they do. However, Bregimon has some tricks up his sleeve. First, he’ll cast Arcane Portal to open the lock. Then he’ll cast Darkness to blind the guard. He’ll work his way up, and since Darkness lasts at most a week, he gets up okay, though he’ll need to do a Dex check to carefully get out.

[Roll: 2]

He stumbles and now he needs to do an acrobatics.

[Roll: 4]

Thankfully he makes it and lands on the other side. He gets out of there and the scene ends there.

[Scene Roll: 4 & 3, no scene event.]

I’m going to roll up someone for Bregimon to encounter.


So Bregimon encounters a bounty hunter named Pendrick, who was exploring the dungeon. He agrees to help, so long as Bregimon gives him at least a treasure before he gets out. Bregimon agrees and the two go on their merry way.

[Scene Roll: 4 & 5, no Scene Interrupt]

So our heroes find a treasure and discover a gas trap, though they both endure the paralyzing gasses it emitted. As the trap gets disabled, the two discover an aquamarine gem that Bregimon gives to Pendrick before continuing on, thus ending the scene.

[Scene Roll: 4 & 1, no scene interrupt]

So they enter a room where there’s a poison antidote. Pendrick grabs it, expecting there to be a poisonous creature waiting for them. With nothing else to get, they leave the room.

[Scene Roll: 5 & 6, no such interrupt]

As they enter the exit, they hear giggling as a trap is sprung. The middle of the room explodes. Bregimon dies in a fiery explosion, but Pendrick survives to confront two goblins. He easily kills them and takes roughly fifty gold that they had. He continues to head out, leaving the dead party behind. However, before he exits, Furbog comes out, Troll in tow. However, Pendrick easily kills the orc and disables the troll (he regenerates, yes, but he’ll take a while to heal) and runs out of there.

[Scene Roll: 1 & 5, no scene interrupt]

With several gold in tow, he runs out… only to encounter seven dwarves who were going to bail out their brother Girno. Unfortunately, Girno’s dead and they presume that Pendrick had killed them. While he mowed through two of them, they unfortunately cut him down and proceed to make the dungeon their own.

And that ends Swords & Six-Siders. The lesson is one I know from the other D20 RPGs. While a higher level does decrease the difficulty of dungeons, never underestimate low-level characters. I liked this game, it’s a really fun dungeon crawling game and it can flesh out to give it a roleplaying feel. I like to thank Sophie for giving me this game. Alright, that’s 49 games in tow. Now to do the second Quarter Quell. See you all soon.

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