Creating an NPC using Tarokka Cards

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. I somehow got swamped with a massive amount of business in my real life so I had to take stuff down a notch. The next couple of posts will be filler posts until I end up getting back on track and working on more solo sessions.

To start this post off, I am in love with the current D&D Storyline: Curse of Strahd. While I wasn’t around when the Ravenloft setting was beloved back in the day, a D&D veteran’s summary on the setting had me sold on it and when Wizards of the Coast announced that the next series adventures would be set in Ravenloft, I immediately squeed.

So, I figured that, if I were to do any solo gaming on D&D 5e using an official adventure, it would either be the Tyranny of Dragons story line (the first) or Curse of Strahd. However, I decided to create a character based off the latter’s use of the Tarokka Deck, Ravenloft’s answer to the Tarot Deck. As such, the setting I have in mind is gothic and full of terrors.



  1. What is the NPC’s role in the world?: The Shepherd. His role is to protect the defenseless in the realm of Barovia.
  2. Where is the NPC’s current home or home-base?: The Anarchist. A village located just near Yester Hill, whose people have been worshiping Strahd as their god.
  3. What is the NPC’s signature/unique talent?: The Druid. It’s obvious that he is a druid.



  1. What is the NPC’s special knowledge about others? The Avenger. He has a list of people who have done a bunch of wrong doings.
  2. What is the NPC’s special item/tool/useful possession? The Trader. He has access to a trader in the black market who gives him weapons on special.
  3. What is the NPC’s true relationship to an ally or organization? The Executioner. His closest ally is also his closest target. Every day he is with this person, his need to kill him grows more and more



  1. What past experience has shaped the NPC’s current self?: The Hooded One. In a previous mission, he ended up rescuing a werewolf and trusting a Burgomaster by the name of Ivan Randovich to take care of her. Unfortunately, the Burgomaster’s xenophobia and impromptu execution of said werewolf helped cause the NPC to antagonize the Burgomaster and make him his target.
  2. In what present situation is the NPC embroiled?: The Mercenary. In order to get close to Ivan, he became his right hand man and preforms tasks for him.
  3. What future goal does the NPC hope to attain?: The Warrior. Obviously to kill Ivan.

And there you have it. A pretty good character for a Ravenloft campaign with a clear goal in mind. Who knows if I’ll play it.


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