David Vs Golaith, Let’s Play Salvo

When I bought Battle over Britain, I ended up also getting Salvo put into the game as well. This will be a surprise play through of the game and I will learn the rules as I play. Much like Battle Over Britain, I have to pick 1) Britain or Germany and 2) what ship to pilot. I’ll pilot the Achilles while my opponent will be the Bismarck.

Our game begins with a roll to determine weather. We have pretty fair weather as determined by the rolls, and our initial range is pretty long. Unlike Battle over Britain, I don’t need Tabletop Simulator to keep track of the action, and instead just need to use a dice roller. After rolling the die to see who goes first (it’s me), I close in (reducing the length) while my opponent chooses to withdraw (bringing it back up to long). We fire at each other and miss.

Next turn. The opponent is next to go. He chooses to withdraw, while I choose to close the gap. Same range, we fire at each other again. This time, I managed to destroy damage Bismarck a bit (I hurt its floating ability, reducing it to 6). Turn three. I close in while Bismarck offers its broadside… Considering how there’s legit depictions of Bismarck as a human woman… I find this funny.

Anyways, now we’re in medium-long range. Despite this, we both miss. Next turn, we both close in, to the point where we’re now in short range. We fire and my speed is reduced to 8. My torpedo, however, manages to reduce Bismarck to a Floating value of 4 and a speed value of 7. Bismarck, however, destroyed a lot of my turrets. After a lot of firing, I managed to destroy Bismarck with a bunch of torpedoes that dealt tons of damage (the damage is basically roll one six-sided dice, and that’s how much damage they take in floating and speed) and sank the ship.

I really enjoy this game for how minimal it is (the entire game is explained on an index card) but the problem is keeping track of all the modifiers. The game allows combat to be resolved by rolling dice and having the dice be modified by stuff like how powerful the guns are, how many turrets are destroyed, what the armor is on the ship being fired upon, how bad the weather is, how close the ships are to one another, etc. Eventually, I just rolled until someone dropped dead.

I think for future gaming, I would need to have a separate file handy to keep track of the current modifiers when firing. That said, I really enjoyed the game. Minden Games really stated up the ships really well. Achilles may be a small ship, but it’s able to fire torpedoes to mess up Bismarck. I can totally see this be a two-player game, but understand why it’s only solitaire. Well, that’s two wargames down.

Next time… Well, needless to say, all hell will break loose.