Big Things Come In Small Packages (Torpedo Raiders)

Well, we had a Minden Game dealing with air combat and a Minden Game dealing with sea combat, but what about the battle in between? Today, I’m gonna be playing Torpedo Raiders. It’s a really simple and cheap game, and I figured, why not? I’ll play it.

Compared to Salvo or Battle over Britain, which was just dogfights between ships and planes respectively, this is more of a one-off torpedo plane vs. large ship. Reading through the game, I feel underwhelmed with this. The other two games were, although similarly small-scale, were still epic battles that can create moments of distress.

Torpedo Raiders, on the other hand, has you, as a torpedo plane, try to get close enough to an enemy ship as you possibly can before you detonate your torpedo. The game even states that it ends once the torpedo attack is resolved. I get the idea, but to me, it feels like if there was a baseball game where you only play as the pitcher, and then once you make that pitch, the game ends.

To get how light the game is, the book is literally two sheets of paper stapled together to make a booklet. It’s like one of those manuals in an EA Sports game. That said, I find this game incredibly interesting, especially with how it resolves card mechanics. So, of course, I’m playing it to see how fun it is in execution. The scenario is that I’m in the British Swordfish attacking an Italian ship out by Taranto. Continue reading

Replicating No Man’s Sky Through Engines, Systems, and Drivers

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game using procedural generation to create millions of different planets. Some people hyped it to be the space exploration game with how open world it was. Unfortunately, many people felt cheated with how empty the game feels. This video, while long, helps sum up the problems that No Man’s Sky had. It’s so bad, that Steam is offering refunds to people.

I saw this review and figured that most, if not all, of what No Man’s Sky promised could be easily replicated with RPGs given the plethora of random generators and stuff like that. That or playing Mount & Blade. Oh man, have I gotten addicted to the original Mount & Blade game.

But I digress. Today, we’ll look at some ways we can replicate or even improve No Man’s Sky with the help of RPGs. I’ll make some recommendations for a No Man’s Sky Replication toolbox. These are just recommendations, but if you have an idea in mind, feel free to put it in the comments. Continue reading

Sink the Bismarck, The Cry That Shook The Seven Seas

Alright, so this was inspired by a few things. First is my desire to take the game Salvo slowly and the other was because of a suggestion by Virginian John. I’m gonna play the Denmark Strait scenario where it pits Bismarck and Prinz Eugen vs. Hood and the Prince of Wales.

However, I will be using the Mythic GM Emulator to help run the battle and provide twists. This is also because I need help pacing out the battle, so the Mythic Emulator will help me with that. Every two rounds will count as a “Scene” for Mythic, as that is also how often you have to roll on the “End of Turn” table.

I’ve set up the Mythic List so as to include the ships on both NPCs and PCs list, as well as Winston Churchill on the NPC list (since I’m playing the ships, not their allied commanders). For threads, I added the sinking of the Bismarck and Hood, because as far as the game’s concerned, those will be the major moments in the Denmark Strait skirmish. To make it even more easier, I created a macro in Roll20 that allowed the system to add up the numbers so that I didn’t have to go through the math process. Continue reading

Creating an NPC using the Rouze Cards

I figured I’d make another NPC creation post thingy. This time, I’d use the fictional Rouze cards from Kamen Rider Blade. They’re basically like poker cards, though with motifs of animals and powers. For example, the Ace of Spades is Change Beetle. Change being a card used to transform one into Kamen Rider Blade and Beetle being based off, well, a beetle.

I figure that my theme this time around will be superhero themed. I’m also gonna limit the selection to have the 2-10 range only, as the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King all have the same motif of Change, Fusion, Absorb, and Evolution respectively.

So let’s draw some cards! Continue reading

I’m A Bad DM Towards Myself

This is another musing of mine. This time, it’s around the OSR and D20 systems. The overall theme is levelling. As you may have noticed in the times I’ve played an OSR or D20 game, I might have stacked the deck in the opponent’s favor. A good example is how I ended up killing off my entire party plus one late comer in my Swords and Six-Siders game because I insisted on having them fight a monster of a higher level, or even have them be out numbered seven to one.

If you notice my past games, the reason is pretty obvious: I play a lot of games on Solo RPG Voyages that don’t have a heavy focus on scale or even have a fixed scale. What I mean is that there’s no clear indicator of how strong one person is compared to another like in D&D. Either both parties have even grounds in terms of powers or in the case of a few games like Titan World, one party is guaranteed to be stronger than the other due to how mechanics are. Continue reading

My Thoughts On Salvo! Denmark Strait

Alright, so as it turns out, Salvo also has an expansion, though dealing with the Battle of Denmark Strait. However, I’m gonna go away from the norm of how I play games and instead tell you an experience that I had. For the first time, I played a solo game with a pencil and paper.

Playing without the trusty computer to do calculations and automated die rolls was extremely different, to a satisfying degree. It helped that the game I picked, Salvo, was a quick and easy game that I could play while waiting for my D&D session to begin. Though no one managed to ask me what I was playing so I could plug the game. Continue reading