Creating an NPC using the Rouze Cards

I figured I’d make another NPC creation post thingy. This time, I’d use the fictional Rouze cards from Kamen Rider Blade. They’re basically like poker cards, though with motifs of animals and powers. For example, the Ace of Spades is Change Beetle. Change being a card used to transform one into Kamen Rider Blade and Beetle being based off, well, a beetle.

I figure that my theme this time around will be superhero themed. I’m also gonna limit the selection to have the 2-10 range only, as the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King all have the same motif of Change, Fusion, Absorb, and Evolution respectively.

So let’s draw some cards!


  1. What is the NPC’s role in the world? Beat Lion (♠3). He’s the king of the thugs who beats on people and fights constantly.
  2. Where is the NPC’s current home or home-base? Blizzard Polar (♣6). His home is out in the frigid cold Arctic as a way to get away from the police after a heist gone wrong.
  3. What is the NPC’s signature/unique talent? Fire Fly (♦6). He is able to turn his body into fire and, because fire is lighter than air, is able to fly with this power as well.


  1. What is the NPC’s special knowledge about others? Thunder Deer (♠6), He knows some of the nobility in a country that he hires out mercenaries from.
  2. What is the NPC’s special item/tool/useful possession? Slash Lizard (♠2). A sword he has that can be lit on fire.
  3. What is the NPC’s true relationship to an ally or organization? Gemini Zebra (♦9), He is a two-faced kind of guy. A double agent, so to speak. While he helps out the heroes from time to time, his true relationship is that the heroes are in the way of his schemes.


  1. What past experience has shaped the NPC’s current self? Tornado Hawk (♥6), A tornado wrecked his home and separated him from his family, now presumed dead. This ends up having him getting in a bad crowd which led to him being the baddest of the bad.
  2. In what present situation is the NPC embroiled? Remote Tapir (♣10). His group has taken an item that would allow them to control the dreams of people. They’re planning to use this on the king of a foreign country.
  3. What future goal does the NPC hope to attain? Scope Bat (♦8). He sets his sights on taking over an entire kingdom and rule over it with an iron fist.

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