Replicating No Man’s Sky Through Engines, Systems, and Drivers

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game using procedural generation to create millions of different planets. Some people hyped it to be the space exploration game with how open world it was. Unfortunately, many people felt cheated with how empty the game feels. This video, while long, helps sum up the problems that No Man’s Sky had. It’s so bad, that Steam is offering refunds to people.

I saw this review and figured that most, if not all, of what No Man’s Sky promised could be easily replicated with RPGs given the plethora of random generators and stuff like that. That or playing Mount & Blade. Oh man, have I gotten addicted to the original Mount & Blade game.

But I digress. Today, we’ll look at some ways we can replicate or even improve No Man’s Sky with the help of RPGs. I’ll make some recommendations for a No Man’s Sky Replication toolbox. These are just recommendations, but if you have an idea in mind, feel free to put it in the comments. Continue reading