Big Things Come In Small Packages (Torpedo Raiders)

Well, we had a Minden Game dealing with air combat and a Minden Game dealing with sea combat, but what about the battle in between? Today, I’m gonna be playing Torpedo Raiders. It’s a really simple and cheap game, and I figured, why not? I’ll play it.

Compared to Salvo or Battle over Britain, which was just dogfights between ships and planes respectively, this is more of a one-off torpedo plane vs. large ship. Reading through the game, I feel underwhelmed with this. The other two games were, although similarly small-scale, were still epic battles that can create moments of distress.

Torpedo Raiders, on the other hand, has you, as a torpedo plane, try to get close enough to an enemy ship as you possibly can before you detonate your torpedo. The game even states that it ends once the torpedo attack is resolved. I get the idea, but to me, it feels like if there was a baseball game where you only play as the pitcher, and then once you make that pitch, the game ends.

To get how light the game is, the book is literally two sheets of paper stapled together to make a booklet. It’s like one of those manuals in an EA Sports game. That said, I find this game incredibly interesting, especially with how it resolves card mechanics. So, of course, I’m playing it to see how fun it is in execution. The scenario is that I’m in the British Swordfish attacking an Italian ship out by Taranto. Continue reading