Stat It: JoJo’s Bizarre Masquerade

Alright, one last Stat It. And this time, it’s gonna be for something I haven’t made with cards. Now, for those who played the World of Darkness series, you’ll know there’s something called Crossovers. Because of how similar each of the game lines are, it can be assumed one can easily crossover one game line to another. For example, playing a Hunter in a Vampire game.

Couple this with the fact that White Wolf has done some licensed games that use almost the exact same system as the WoD series, it’s led me to consider doing a crossover myself. One crossing over Vampire (The Masquerade) and Street Fighter. Yes. I’m crossing these two over. To make it even more crazy? I’m basically gonna use Street Fighter mechanics to turn it into a wholly different feel all together.

The end result? I’m basically gonna play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s first part. I’m going to be using the fanmade 20th anniversary version of the game, as it’s more or less a remade version of the original. The concept for my player character, obviously, is going to be a base of Jonathan Joestar. A man robbed of his family lineage by vampires and seeks to end the tyranny of the vampire who killed his father. Or in this case, a womanContinue reading

Stat It: Simple Superheroes

So, third Stat It will be superhero related. I doubt I have said this before, but I have a thing for superhero RPGs. They’re practically the first genre of RPGs that I have played, even before the classical fantasy of D&D. And yes, it has gotten to a point where Superheroes are its own genre.

On the eve that I bought Headspace, I got a memo that another Kickstarter-funded game would be released over the weekend. This game being Simple Superheroes. As the name implies, the game plays very simple.

And making heroes is simple as well. Most other superhero games have a set array of powers for you to pick from. Simple Superheroes, however, allows you to create your own. How? Well, allow me to use the character I made using the Rouze Cards and I will show you! Continue reading

Stat It: Headspace

Okay, so there’s one RPG I hype about but never actually play on Solo Roleplay Voyages. This game is called Headspace and while I never played it solo, I have played it once with a group of people and it was amazing.

So, I shall rectify that “haven’t played it solo” bit by doing a stat it for Headspace, using the NPC I made with the Clow Cards as my template. I intended to use it for a game using the Snakes on a Plane system, but why not use it for Headspace?

So, let’s begin. The first step is to set it somewhere. I decided to set it in the pulpy setting I had in mind when I created the NPC. Perhaps the transitioning years between a pulp Indiana Jones style world and a cyberpunk Blade Runner style world in which mega corps and the Headspace, a device that allows one to meld their minds with other people to be an effective team, are born. Continue reading

I’m the King of Tokyo!

Alright, so today, I’m actually going to play King of Tokyo solo, as promised a while back. Why King of Tokyo? Well, it’s a very simplistic game and perfect to test out this Solo System. This was actually the key inspiration to why I even decided to spin off into Solo Boardgame and Solo Wargame Voyages, since there’s solitaire options for both that I needed to explore before I dive back into RPGs.

So, after a brief refresher of the rules from Wil Wheaton, I get the game ready with the assistance of the Solo System. I’ll play this game as the Space Penguin and I’ll face off the bonus characters that didn’t come with evolution cards, so that I could simplify the game. Time for me to flip over the dominant personalities of my opponents!

Unfortunately, most of them get “Same As Last”. Except for one, who rolled the Specialist. However, I am willing to interpret the two as best as I can. One of the opponents aims to obtain fan points by rolling instead of conquering Tokyo, while another will merely aim to take over Tokyo whenever they have the chance. The Specialist, however, will aim to obtain Energon Cubes (I like to call them these…). Continue reading

Stat It: Ravenloft

Alright, I’m gonna start getting back into solo roleplaying by doing several Stat Its. These will be for the characters I’ve created using the Nine Questions, and we’ll be starting off with the system I know off by heart, D&D 5E.

Assisting me is the Backstory Cards. I picked up the first expansion and figured that it could help me flesh out my druid a bit. To recap on what happened, my character is a druid who hails from a Strahd-worshipping village near Yester Hill. In his quest to protect the weak, he obtained a target in the form of a burgomaster who had lynched a werewolf. He currently is working under his hand to get closer and strike him when his defense is down.

But that’s just it. Other than that bit of backstory, nothing else is said about him. Well, it’s time for me to flesh him out. It’s a good thing that the player’s handbook has a third of its book devoted to step by step character creation.

First off, I gotta pick a race. I’m probably gonna pick human since that’s an easy one. Going with a human variant. And obviously, I’m going with Druid. Figuring out what to do for levels, I decided to stick for Level 3, on the assumption that my character went through the events of the adventure “The Beast”, getting away with fourteen thousand experience points.

After outfitting him with some of the items he starts off with (he traded in a Whip of Warning that he found for a Scimitar of Warning), I also give him the Circle of the Land. The circle he chose is naturally swamp to match the bleak nature of Barovia. My spell list is as follows: Continue reading