Stat It: Ravenloft

Alright, I’m gonna start getting back into solo roleplaying by doing several Stat Its. These will be for the characters I’ve created using the Nine Questions, and we’ll be starting off with the system I know off by heart, D&D 5E.

Assisting me is the Backstory Cards. I picked up the first expansion and figured that it could help me flesh out my druid a bit. To recap on what happened, my character is a druid who hails from a Strahd-worshipping village near Yester Hill. In his quest to protect the weak, he obtained a target in the form of a burgomaster who had lynched a werewolf. He currently is working under his hand to get closer and strike him when his defense is down.

But that’s just it. Other than that bit of backstory, nothing else is said about him. Well, it’s time for me to flesh him out. It’s a good thing that the player’s handbook has a third of its book devoted to step by step character creation.

First off, I gotta pick a race. I’m probably gonna pick human since that’s an easy one. Going with a human variant. And obviously, I’m going with Druid. Figuring out what to do for levels, I decided to stick for Level 3, on the assumption that my character went through the events of the adventure “The Beast”, getting away with fourteen thousand experience points.

After outfitting him with some of the items he starts off with (he traded in a Whip of Warning that he found for a Scimitar of Warning), I also give him the Circle of the Land. The circle he chose is naturally swamp to match the bleak nature of Barovia. My spell list is as follows: Continue reading