I’m the King of Tokyo!

Alright, so today, I’m actually going to play King of Tokyo solo, as promised a while back. Why King of Tokyo? Well, it’s a very simplistic game and perfect to test out this Solo System. This was actually the key inspiration to why I even decided to spin off into Solo Boardgame and Solo Wargame Voyages, since there’s solitaire options for both that I needed to explore before I dive back into RPGs.

So, after a brief refresher of the rules from Wil Wheaton, I get the game ready with the assistance of the Solo System. I’ll play this game as the Space Penguin and I’ll face off the bonus characters that didn’t come with evolution cards, so that I could simplify the game. Time for me to flip over the dominant personalities of my opponents!

Unfortunately, most of them get “Same As Last”. Except for one, who rolled the Specialist. However, I am willing to interpret the two as best as I can. One of the opponents aims to obtain fan points by rolling instead of conquering Tokyo, while another will merely aim to take over Tokyo whenever they have the chance. The Specialist, however, will aim to obtain Energon Cubes (I like to call them these…).

So yeah, now I have my basic opponent layout. It’s time to play. My turn begins by rolling up some points and smacking all the monsters around for one damage. Some of the other monsters begin to copy my tactic and gained points that way, one of them hit me, and another one purchased a card that allows them to gain points each time they buy a card.

On Brokenbear’s turn, he managed to damage me for four points, thus I retreat from Tokyo to avoid more damage. He steps in and takes over. However, I manage to take it over next turn. The way I did the AI deciding whether or not to stay in Tokyo is by drawing from the Probability Deck. If the monster’s health is under 5, then it’ll be probably, but if it’s over, probably not.

Then Draccus managed to knock me out of Tokyo by accidentally rolling two claws (he’s the guy who’s supposed to score points by rolling numbers instead of taking over Tokyo), while Brokenbear’s trying to bust in. Meanwhile, Alpha Zombie gains a big brain, which means he can get four rerolls.

Finally, I managed to get Draccus out of Tokyo by dealing three damage to him. Though Brokenbear took over, tanking a hit from Alpha Zombie. However, I hit him and he ran off, scoring me a point and Tokyo. Alpha Zombie purchases a heal to boost himself back to full. I decided to stay inside Tokyo, but thankfully Draccus bailed me out by playing Death From Above, knocking me out and taking my spot for Brokenbear to damage him.

Brokenbear, however, plays a card that dealt two damage to all monsters. However, Draccus made the fatal mistake of not leaving Tokyo and so I killed him. I’m inching towards victory. All I have to do is endure Brokenbear’s hits…

He doesn’t and instead he gets a shrink ray. And because Alpha Zombie is a pacifist and aims only to buy stuff, that means I managed to stay in Tokyo long enough to win the game, amassing the twenty points I need for victory.

I gotta say, using the Solo System was pretty easy to do. All I had to do was give the players roles and go with the flow. I did admit that, towards the end, it was very easy… Alpha Zombie rolled three claws, but opted to go with more energy instead. The only player who gave me a serious challenge was Brokenbear’s, and that’s only because he was the aggressive one of the bunch.

Perhaps next time, I’ll give the players more things, like the Strategy deck or even Tactics. That said, I really enjoyed playing King of Tokyo using this very simple system, and I can’t wait to play more. Well, Bon Voyage, Gamers!


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