Stat It: Simple Superheroes

So, third Stat It will be superhero related. I doubt I have said this before, but I have a thing for superhero RPGs. They’re practically the first genre of RPGs that I have played, even before the classical fantasy of D&D. And yes, it has gotten to a point where Superheroes are its own genre.

On the eve that I bought Headspace, I got a memo that another Kickstarter-funded game would be released over the weekend. This game being Simple Superheroes. As the name implies, the game plays very simple.

And making heroes is simple as well. Most other superhero games have a set array of powers for you to pick from. Simple Superheroes, however, allows you to create your own. How? Well, allow me to use the character I made using the Rouze Cards and I will show you! Continue reading