Stat It: Simple Superheroes

So, third Stat It will be superhero related. I doubt I have said this before, but I have a thing for superhero RPGs. They’re practically the first genre of RPGs that I have played, even before the classical fantasy of D&D. And yes, it has gotten to a point where Superheroes are its own genre.

On the eve that I bought Headspace, I got a memo that another Kickstarter-funded game would be released over the weekend. This game being Simple Superheroes. As the name implies, the game plays very simple.

And making heroes is simple as well. Most other superhero games have a set array of powers for you to pick from. Simple Superheroes, however, allows you to create your own. How? Well, allow me to use the character I made using the Rouze Cards and I will show you!

First off, I need to choose which array to use. Each Array focuses on a different niche. If you want an all-around character, the Well-Rounded Array is for you. If you feel like your character focuses on a specific thing, then you can use the Focused Array. Standard Array cuts it down the middle. Because our hero is mostly fire based, he gets the Focused Array.

We have six different categories to place these powers in. Accuracy, Mobility, Toughness, Might, Brains, and Senses. I think for Might, I’ll make my highest point value “Flaming Sword”. I also have to label its intent. In this case, I’ll make it Offensive. In Accuracy, I’ll put “Fireball” at level 4, also of an Offensive intent. Mobility, I’ll put in Fly at rank 3, with a Functional intent.

For my character’s defenses, I’ll put “Flame Body” and “Absorb Flames” in Toughness, ranked 3. Filling out the last of the abilities, I put a two in Brains, creating the “Control Fire” Functional talent, and for Senses, I also do a Functional Talent in the form of Thermal Vision.

Next, I give myself a Superpower Finesse. Basically this is a common theme that my powers have. In this case, I nearly have all my powers be flame-based, so I get Fire, ranked 5 (I can only have as high as the highest ranked power, hence why I have 5 instead of 6).

For relationships, I put him knowing a duke (Rank 2) the kingdom he presides over (Rank 1), and his crew (Rank 1). Obvious weakness is Water. And that’s it in terms of statting up. Now let’s get a backstory going for him. I’m going to use the Distant Worlds expansion for the Backstory cards, thus making the game more of a sci-fi Superhero game.

The first card I drew can definitely correlate to the dream controller he recovered. However, in order to fix it, he handed the device away to some space pirates in order for them to fix his out of control ship, as explained in card #2. Of course, because they’re Space Pirates, we had to run from their hostility (#3). During this attack, our hero found their pirate captain discovering a powerful artifact. Wanting to get an even trade, he tried to obtain the item and succeeded.

Afterwards, the hero left the space pirates to die at the planet they fought at. And with that, those are cards 4 and 5. Pretty easy, tying it all in one single event. So yeah, space faring adventures! That means that I might need to break out this baby again: Instant Universe. To save on rolling, I’ll have it set on one of the fourteen or so galaxies I made previously, setting it within the disk portion.

I managed to create a multi-star system. I still can’t get used to how massive and complex Instant Universe is, but I managed to make the most of it. I got enough information I need to play this game if and when it comes down to it, at least. Bon voyage, gamers.


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