Stat It: JoJo’s Bizarre Masquerade

Alright, one last Stat It. And this time, it’s gonna be for something I haven’t made with cards. Now, for those who played the World of Darkness series, you’ll know there’s something called Crossovers. Because of how similar each of the game lines are, it can be assumed one can easily crossover one game line to another. For example, playing a Hunter in a Vampire game.

Couple this with the fact that White Wolf has done some licensed games that use almost the exact same system as the WoD series, it’s led me to consider doing a crossover myself. One crossing over Vampire (The Masquerade) and Street Fighter. Yes. I’m crossing these two over. To make it even more crazy? I’m basically gonna use Street Fighter mechanics to turn it into a wholly different feel all together.

The end result? I’m basically gonna play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s first part. I’m going to be using the fanmade 20th anniversary version of the game, as it’s more or less a remade version of the original. The concept for my player character, obviously, is going to be a base of Jonathan Joestar. A man robbed of his family lineage by vampires and seeks to end the tyranny of the vampire who killed his father. Or in this case, a woman

For my character’s three major stats, I’ll put a seven for Physical, five for social, and three for mental. I maxed out strength, with appearance and stamina being my second highest stat. For abilities, I picked nine for skills, seven for knowledges, four for talents. Blind Fighting becomes my highest skill out of the abilities.

For backgrounds, I chose Elemental at Rank 2 (themed around the sun) and Sensei, Friends, and Wealth at Rank 1. For techniques, I had punch take up most of the points while I spread the rest to the others. After picking out Joanna’s techniques (because the Ripple has some base in Tai Chi, she’ll go with that), I go with the finishing touches of increasing her stamina and focus, as those are pretty vital to tai chi as a whole. She also has honor at rank three.

Now that we have finished her sheet, it’s time to write up her backstory using the basic, vanilla Backstory cards. As always, any PC will be regulated to an NPC. The first card drawn is the ever classic “caught in a love triangle”. If I’m basing Joanna off Jonathan, I might as well just go with the classic “asswipe stole the first kiss from her beloved”.

However, Joanna may have done some dirty, underground dealings with a crowd of people that can easily be the equivalents to Ogre Street (card #2). Said asswipe found out about this and ratted Joanna out, causing her to lose ties to family fortune. The asswipe and Joanna then experimented with a study that Joanna’s father was working on and ended up causing a random drunkard to become a vampire via an artifact called the Mask of Embracing. Card #3 was Joanna regretting what she did at the streets.

Card #4, however, causes Joanna to reveal that she and her step-sister were dabbling in vampirism to her father, which causes him to be even more furious. Unfortunately, the step-sister had other ideas of what to do with the newfound discovery and ends up having herself Embraced via the mask. This in turn causes Card #5, in which Joanna vows to stop her step-sister, Ono, no matter what lengths.

And after her fight, she ends up learning about the Ripple from her mentor, who I may or may not stat out. With that, we’re done statting her up. Ain’t she a beaut? Well, I’m done statting up people. Now it’s time to actually play some games.


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