Maybe I’m A Lion

So, I like to call this month the Month of Origins, since the next few RPGs I’ll be playing will have something to do with the origins of Solo RPG Voyages. Bliss Stage unintentionally became part of it, since the major idea was to get around to playing Bliss Stage to get an idea of how to play it and maybe even write a story by writing up how I played the game. Hence why a good chunk of my early stuff was done in written prose.

Today, we’ll look at one of the very first sessions I made for this blog: Once Upon A Mythic Time. A brief recap. A while back, I wanted to make a solo RPG based entirely around using the plot devices from the Once Upon A Time card game and through some trial and error, I ended up creating a system doing exactly that.

I’ll be doing this system for the newly released Animal Tales expansion and only the expansion. I’ll be playing the game out of the box without shuffling. Let us begin.

My ending card is “With the beast’s true identity known, the family could live peacefully.”, so I need to reveal the true identity of a beast and protect a family. I don’t know if I’m the beast, but this is a question I wish to solve as I play. I will draw five cards and of those cards, I’ll play a lion. The Aspect Card reveals that I’m a lazy lion and that my items are my tail, paw, and fur. What makes it dark is that my fur and tail can be removed because they can interrupt/veto events.

My beginning scenario is that he’s riding inside of a nest. Both of these are interrupts as well.

[Q: Is the nest my home? Odds: Very Unlikely. A: 6]

Yes, it is my home. As for ride, maybe I’m at an African Lion Safari, where a family is taking pictures at me. Because I’m a lazy lion, I just don’t exactly mind. Chances are that I’m not the beast that the ending is telling me of.

How is the family dealing with me?

[Q: Are they upset that I am lethargic? Odds: Very Likely. A: 48]

Yeah, they don’t like me. The car they’re on just drives off and I take a nap. Scene ends, with Chaos Factor being decreased. Things went our way since I are lazy.

[Scene Roll: 8, no interrupt]

I presume the ride is extending past the place I’m in, so it’s discarded.

[Q: Does a new event take place? Odds: 50/50. A: 6]

Exceptional Yes. The new event takes place actually thirty five minutes ago. It’s a hunt. And also a scene interrupt.

  • Event Focus: (57) PC Negative
  • Event Meaning: 59 and 98, Agree Fame

Alright, here’s our beast! He wants to hunt down the family for the thrill of the hunt! And it’s…

… A cow. A cow is hunting them down. Mad Cow? Yeah, let’s go with that.

[Q: Is he important enough to have an aspect? Odds: Likely. A: 14]

The answer’s yes.  And obviously, it’s a hungry cow, triggering an interrupt.

  • Event Focus: (48) Move away from a thread (our only thread is the ending)
  • Event Meaning: 29 & 27, Take a project.

Alright, so what happens is that the hungry cow takes the project of the African Lion Safari and herds a car over towards me. I decide to negate this by discarding my Lazy aspect. Now I am fierce! Oh snap!

[Q: Does the cow get away? Odds: Near Sure Thing. A: 28]

Oh yeah he did. A chase ensues! Scene ends, Chaos increases.

[Scene Roll: 3, altered scene. It’s a Farm, scene interrupt]

  • Event Focus: 14, NPC Action
    • NPC Focus: 2, the Hungry Cow.
  • Event Meaning: Kill Benefits

So during the chase, the cow makes it look like I’m chasing him, so now some guards are hunting me down, thus killing the benefit of my speed, since now I have to incapacitate the guards.

[Roll To Hit (50/50): 64]

Doh I missed!

[They Roll To Hit: 63]

And they missed too.

[Roll To Hit: 33]

Alright, I’m gonna resolve combat first. Now, I decided to change up how to do the damage dice. I’m gonna roll a d12. Depending on how much it is, that’s how I’ll count my columns, with 12 being an instakill.

[Roll: 6]

[Is it enough to kill them? Odds: Somewhat Likely. A: 53]

Yep, they die. Now the event.

  • Event Focus: 42, Move towards a Thread.
    • Thread Focus: 1, The Ending Thread
  • Event Meaning: Adversity Military

Ah crap. The military arrives… Maybe this is it. I am the beast all along. And with my true identity known, the family can live in peace.


[Roll To Hit: 33]

[Damage: 2]

[Q: Killing Wound? Odds: No Way. A: 27]

  • Event Focus: 85, NPC Negative.
    • NPC Focus: 1, The Family
  • Event Meaning: 86 & 5, Passion Inside

In the thrill of the hunt, I end up causing the family to get caught in the cross fire.

[Q: Does the military hit the family? Odds: Likely. A: 76]

But they make it very clear that they shouldn’t hit the target and instead aim to take me out at a disadvantage.

[Q: Do they hit me? Odds: Unlikely. A: 22]

[Damage: 4]

[Q: Do they kill me? Odds: Unlikely. A: 53]

  • Event Focus: 17, NPC Action
    • NPC Focus: 3, Guards
  • Event Meaning: 73 & 19, Propose New Ideas


[Q: Do I attack the family in a pounce? Odds: Likely. A: 14]

Exceptional Yes. I kill and eat them, laughing as I do so.

[Q: Do the military take me out? Odds: Likely. A: 40]

[Damage: 5]

[Q: Do they kill me? Odds: Near Sure Thing. A: 24]

I died, but I won. My true identity is known, but the family will not be at peace…

Wow that was sadistic! I apologize for that. I knew this entire time that my character would be the beast, but I didn’t expect my character to get that blood thirsty. I think that was my most violent character in the history of Solo RPG Voyages…

I gotta wash this taste of villainy off with a superhero game. Next week is Capes.

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