The Fabletop Campaign (Session 1)

Hey everyone. I’m gonna begin another campaign. Today, we’re gonna take a voyage into something that’s not an RPG, an Engine, or a Driver. Rather, we’re taking a voyage to the virtual tabletop Fabletop. This is a free, virtual tabletop and I had just registered for it, only for it to land me not in a blank map, but rather a tavern filled with two soldiers, a drunk, and the bartender.

Not only that, but I discovered it had premade maps too. When I created a character to play as, I found it uses its own system too. With that, I decided to make a campaign for this site, though you may see scenes posted early on the Lone Wolf site. I’ll be using CRGE Kai and we’ll see how deep we can make this campaign.

So I fiddled with the settings a bit and I created myself a rogue named Red. Red has entered into the tavern and the first thing he spots are the two guards. Continue reading