Kan Colle Knights 2: The Standoff

Once again we’ll dive into the world of Kantai Collection, or rather, the noir setting that I have somehow made. It’s been a long while since I last went to Kantai Collection, but now I have more of a foothold into the lore to work with.

When we last left off our… er… thug, he bit off more than he can chew and is now licking his wounds as one of his Kongou class battleships was sunk. Not only that, but now he has to shore up for a police raid. Fortunately, he’s prepared. Realizing how Bauxite’s only use is to be food for the Carriers, he sold them to other Admirals for a bunch of money and used that to replenish his fleet.

Now he has a new Battleship to complement the Kongous. Replacing Kirishima is Hiei and added to the cast are two Destroyers, Kisaragi and Mutsuki. Continue reading